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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Robsten Ridiculous

I don't have much to say today.
So much Robsten drama...
So much.
It makes my head spin.
I'm dizzy with Robsten.

I was discussing Robsten with some friends
Yeah... I actually have a couple.
One of them said they wouldn't believe Robsten
unless there was photographic evidence they were together.
And I told her...
It doesn't matter what 'evidence' there is...

It really doesn't.

Rob and Kristen could hold a press conference
stating that they are in love with each other...
and people would still shoot that shit down.

"Summit is making them say that."

"Kristen is gay, Rob is just being her beard."

You know what I mean?

Its a no fucking win situation.
No matter how you look at it.

There are always going to be 2 sides to this story.
There is always going to be controversy.
And I'm OK with that.
I don't take this bullshit seriously.
Its not the end of the world if
Rob and Kristen are together...
Or if they aren't.

Its supposed to be fun to speculate...
This shit should make you laugh...
and shake your head in disbelief.
But it shouldn't make you cry...
or get angry and defensive.

Because when its not fun anymore?
It's time to get the fuck outta Dodge.

Bye for now


Laura said...

I agree. It isn't fun anymore when you have to defend yourself for things you know in your heart you did NOT do. And when you actually cry about it? Yeah, NOT FUN.

I love you Rose. I really do. :)

Anonymous said...

When "Robsten" makes people really angry, I think they need to look inside themselves and be honest. Figure out why something wonderful like love makes them so angry.

Vampsus said...

I've read lengthth threads of posts on message boards that have a positive bent on the RP/KS breaking news and photos, sooooo I have decided to live in a fantasy world where all threads are that way - just encouragin' them to eff like bunnies and blissfully glow and sparkle afterwards. I'm now blind to the negative and I expect you, Rose, to return to pre-r'stn dialog (more sarcastic, bitchy, spot on-ness regarding the Pattinson). Did I mention sex talk? :) *heartyou*