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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Robsten Alert!

On Sunday, August 9, 2009
At The Teen Choice Awards.
Robert and Kristen
Will be together... Again.
I can see the sharks circling already.
There is blood in the water...
And they will be in a frenzy.
All of the Twilight fandom will be watching...
Will Rob gaze lovingly at Kristen?
Will Kristen lean into Rob?
Will they still have on their black 'relationship' bracelets?
So many questions...
So many different answers...
Depending on what you want to see.
I can guarantee one thing.
If Rob and Kristen are near each other?
They will be smiling.
Big time.
Rob hasn't been seen much since arriving
back in NYC.
I'm so happy for him.
I can't say I really 'miss' him...
Obviously there are a bazillion pictures and videos
of Rob all over the place.
And even though I find my thoughts
wandering to where Rob is...
What he is doing...
I'm so glad that I don't know.
I'm deliriously happy that
NO ONE knows.
And what really thrills me?
Rob is capable of staying the hell
out of public view.
I love it.
(I love Rob)
There was a story online a few days ago...
A few fans had managed to meet Rob
and get their pictures taken with him.
It was a nice story.
These fans treated Robert like a human being.
They didn't screech at him.
They didn't demand attention.
They were patient...
They were polite...
And they were rewarded with
a shy, humble Robert...
Willing to take pictures for these people.
I really like this.
A lot.
It's always wonderful to hear
about the GOOD fans.
I know they are out there.
I would like to think I am one.
Bye for now

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