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Monday, August 24, 2009

Do Dollmakers Hate Robsten?

Ah Yes.
The first... the original...
Pocket Edward.
Do you remember when this doll came out?
Everyone fucking hated it.
"It's strange looking"
"It doesn't look like Rob at all"
"They fucked up this doll!"
Yeah, yeah.
Now everyone including my cat owns one.
(To be honest, I don't own a cat,
but my dog wants to chew on him, does that count?)
PE is a star in his own right.
He has his own blogs, fansites, videos...
PE is in pockets everywhere!
I will admit that I wasn't all that keen on him at first...
But that didn't stop me from buying one immediately.
He's staring at me right now, in fact.

Um. OK.
A new PE.
This one with sunglasses.
That's cool.
They don't come off... but he looks more like Edward!
But Bella?
WhatTheFuck did they do to Bella?
It's like they beat the shit outta her
with a major ugly stick.
There's no way that doll resembles
in any remote way... Kristen Stewart.
It's like these guys really...
Fucking REALLY hate Bella/Kristen.
Yes, I own these dolls too...
But I tend to keep the Bella doll
out of sight (and blissfully out of mind).
The Tonner Dolls.
Did these people even see the movie?
Is that supposed to be Rob and Kristen?
The clothes they are wearing are fuck cool.
But... While Edward/Robert is odd...
Bella/Kristen is scary.
It's like they made her face out of Silly Putty...
and pulled and stretched the shit out of it.
And then put that on the doll...
So not cool.
And I don't have these dolls...
I wasn't going to pay $160 (each)
for ugly.

The Barbie version.
What's with Edwards hair line?
And although Bella isn't fuck ugly...
She's just...
She looks like a fucking Barbie doll.
No personality... no distinction.
Blah. Vanilla. Boring.
I suppose that's a step up from ugly.
The clothes look kinda cool...
And yeah...
I'm so buying these.

Look at this.
Someone (and I don't know who
I got this pic from Google)
finally likes Robsten.
These dolls actually look more like
Rob and Kristen.
The hair is fantastic...
The eyes... the lips...
They took the blah Tonner dolls...
and made them into
Edward and Bella.
These dolls I would gladly buy.
A real representation
of Robsten.
Bye for now


Trixie said...


What a fun post! Love it!

You know what else I love about PE? His body shape really is more like Rob's. The hips and legs on the Barbie and Tonner versions are too thin (in my opinion, anyway).

And yeah, I'm getting the Barbies for Christmas... I already asked Santa - hahahaha!!!

<3 you BFT!!!

Tess said...

I love the last Bella doll. It's not a bad representation..

and come on Rose... you know you'll come to love the PB doll. Think of all the pictures you can take for your next video..

imloco2 said...

I read somewhere where the scary shower curtains with a huge pic of Rob's head on it has sold out.

People really will buy anything with Rob on it won't they? ROTFL

But the barbie dolls are kick ass. I'd get one. If I wasn't about to become a great aunt. Maybe in a few years, if it's a girl...hell maybe if it's a boy too.