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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Revealing Robsten



The post you are about to read might offend you.
Because it is about...


Yes... it has become a powerful word.
It ranks right up there with religion and politics
as a topic guaranteed to cause arguments.

Why is that?
Why do people feel so strongly about
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart?
1. Well, anything connected to Rob brings strong emotions.
People love him.

For the record?
I love Robert Pattinson.

2. Kristen also brings strong emotions...
but not for the same reasons.
Kristen seems to be the villain in this drama.
She's not good enough for Rob.
She's too dark.
She can't make up her mind.
What does he see in her.
She's cold and distant.
She's rude.
Well, I could go on and on.
(and I usually do, so don't push it)

For the record?
I love Kristen Stewart.

3. The movie franchise will be ruined
by Rob and Kristen getting together.
If they 'break up' it will ruin their chemistry...
AND the movies.

For the record?
Rob and Kristen saved Twilight.
And their chemistry is fucking hot.

4. I'm not jealous.
Why would I be jealous?
I'm just worried about Rob's career.
I just wish he would find someone more mature...
better suited for him.
Maybe he should just not get involved with
At least until the movies are over with.
Or until he has a chance to meet me...
you know he will fall madly in love with me
as soon as he lays eyes on me...
He will feel the connection...
We will be together forever.
And ever.

For the record?
Admit you're jealous.
You know you are.
I know I am.
How could I not be?
Kristen has what I want.
It's all a matter of perspective.

5. People take ROBSTEN personally.
Like... it affects their very lives.
Rob and Kristen hanging out on the same balcony?
Rob and Kristen getting into the same car?
Rob and Kristen are getting criticized for the very way
they choose to live their lives.
They have some nerve hanging out together...
It's fucking ridiculous.
Isn't it?

For the record?
I have read stuff all over the internet about this topic.
And there are the recurring themes I have mentioned above.
People seem to think that Rob and Kristen shouldn't be together
for THEIR reasons...
Whatever they might be...
They should decide not only who Rob goes out with...
(and I'm sure most would prefer he stay single and celibate)
But HOW he goes out with her.
And obviously...
Rob needs to have daily press conferences
explaining his every move.
Because he belongs to US!
We fucking OWN him.
He's famous... its part of the territory... right?

I know it's been overdone...
The whole "I just want Rob to be happy" stuff...
I know I have said it on numerous occasions.
But now I find myself not believing
when people say that anymore.
It's not Rob's happiness they want...
It's their happiness.
"I just want Rob to do what will make me happy"
Probably closer to the truth... yes?

For the record?
This post is only my opinion.
Just my thoughts
My point of view.
It's not meant as an attack
on people who don't agree with me.
I respect that everyone has different thoughts
on this touchy topic...

I gotta say...
I did warn you.

I still love Robert Pattinson.

Bye for now


showme said...

That was the best damn post i've seen in awhile

Suz said...

Rose, I love you more than Rob loves Kstew.


Please, can we sway?

zelda555 said...

For the record, I love Rob too...BUT! I am sick to death of seeing these fan sites and blogs that claim to have only his best interests at heart and want us all to respect Rob. They then turn around and pick his life to pieces, make extream jokes about his clothes, his body parts, his mannerisms, his whatever they can think to make fun of. They go to such great extreams to be immersed in everything that is Rob. I can understand that we all want to feel close to Rob but, I can't bring myself to ridicuel and make lite of his life, just to make myself feel close to him. I hope he is happy with his life and that he lives it to the fullest. I want what is best for him, but only he knows what that is. WE DO NOT. Admire him, be a fan, watch his progress in his chosen profession, follow him through his life, but please be kind enough to actually respect him as a person and treat him as you would want to be treated.

Anonymous said...

The former post was GREAT this is even better !!! Congrants U know how exactly use the right words to describe ROBSTEN!!!!

Lula! said...

I never comment on Rob-related blogs (with the exception of a website about Rob that two of my good friends run), but I'm making an exception this one time. Because honestly, this is the most mature stance I've seen on such a controversial subject.

And the fact that it is such a controversial subject makes me sad. GET A LIFE, people. Or, as I always say, "Let go...and let God."

Well said. Well written. I give you a huge round of applause, for what it's worth.

Anonymous said...

why am I just reading you now? you are brilliant!!!!! come be our friend!

Lula! said...

p.s. The blog run by my friends:

They're awesome. Just so you know.

Shani said...

Rose I just found your blog. You did a brilliant job at describing our crazy Robsessed world.

Lula, I kind of figured it out that your friends were UC and Moon as soon as you said "my two friends". LOL

Keep it coming Rose!!

Anonymous said...

You sound like a jealous bitch.
and your in love with someone you´ve never met and never will meet. how can you love someone like that? and how can you judge their relationship based on your jealousy?

Trixie said...

My Dearest Darling Rosie,

You are the voice of reason in this crazy Robsessed world.

I would be LOST without you!

<3 you BFT forever and ever.

parentingBYdummies said...

How do you think Rob feels about SAHMs? Yeah, thought so. Oh well, I love him anyway and I hide it from my husband. Only fellow Rob-obsessed people can truly understand:)!

Diane said...

Just got sent over here & I'm glad I came. Always looking for the voice of reason whether I agree with it or not. And by reason, I mean a stance that's taken based on the best info available on both sides of an issue. Having said that, I must add that I adore Robert Pattinson beyond all reason. With every random gem that drops from his perfect mouth, I get farther away from the shores of logic, afloat on a giddy sea. Any minute now I expect to be capsized by the Good Ship Robsten, which is going full steam ahead. I hope they'll throw me a line cause I could totally get on board.

Kathy said...

I happen to agree with everything you said...and you said it well! I would be happy to see them together..if he is happy! Love him, as we all do.

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog. I agree, best dam post I've read in any blog or web. You are witty, blunt and observant. Damn funny too. Whyt would I want to read ANY blog that doesn't give an opinion? If you have none, then why am I reading your blog? So bravo for stating yours. I'm so glad you said it, because it's been eating at me. I'm SO fricken jealous and I don't care what anybody thinks. It's the guilty honest truth. anyway, I stil love him too and will be following your blog now.

Laura said...

ROSE!! I am in agreement with EVERY FUCKING THING YOU SAID!!! It is so true! Thank you for posting this!!



Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you said. If Kristen is what he wants, then people should accept it. I love her too. It's not like their opinions are going to change what he does.

mel said...

Wow..everything you said is a true fact..people need to listen up and quit trying to run his life.

keogirl said...

what I don't understand is why people (and by people I mean jealous bitches) are sooooo horrible about kStew!? they say she's ugly, has no fashion sense, they slam her for her hair....blah blah blah!

1. she can go to an awards show with little to no make up on and look a million times better than these crazy jealous biatches would if they were contantly walking around with a lighting director and air brushing!

2. fashion is about individuality...she's doing what she wants to do...wear what she wants! what makes these crazies think there so fashionable!?

3. her hair is like that for a movie role! duh! how many movies are these crazies doin at the moment!? what's their excuse for the hair styles they chose!?

get a life crazies.....build a bridge and get over the fact that she gets to play a character out of a book that was not written about you! if her and rob wanna get it on that's cool...but quite frankly none of our business! and one last thing....all u crazy obsessed jealous biatches....do u really think that rob would wanna be with someone who is practically borderline stalker!? I agree with what rose is saying.....ok rant over...can't wait for November 20th! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this.It's actually really true, and ohh I'm posting this on my blog(I'm crediting you) I hope you don't mind thanks :)

Tess said...

Robsten is certainly polarizing.

I know you feel very strongly about this, and I'm happy if you're happy Rose.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


The Robsten fans have been ridiculed, called crazy because we were accused of "reading too much" on what's been going on with these two right from the very beginning. But the thing is IT WAS NEVER A SECRET that Robert has a crush/feelings for Kristen maybe even before they worked together. It was just serendipity that he got chosen at the audition (thank God) because of their UNDENIABLE chemistry (some people just REFUSE to see what they DO NOT WANT TO SEE). So for those saying that they just want Robert to be happy and yet could not accept Robsten well hello people, Rob FINALLY got the girl of his dreams, that is certainly something to be happy about.

IMO, if not for Catherine Hardwicke and Nikki Reed, who were just both trying to protect Kristen and Michael's relationship because they were FRIENDS with them both (for the record, I love CH and NR), Kristen and Rob would have dated a long time ago.

(I've given up reading and replying to comments on these kind of entries, but I guess I really need to say thanks for this.)

Anonymous said...

I'm used to the drama, hate and petty jealousies as I'm a Brangelina fan.

It's funny how much the 'Robsten' story parallels Brangelina.

In both instances you have a couple that's seemingly together, get ripped asunder by the introduction of a third party. Or at least that's what sells magazines. In the Robsten scenario, Kstew is Brad Pitt, Angarano is Jennifer Aniston, and Rob of course, is Angelina Jolie.


Oddly enough, I've heard a few Rob and Robsten fans diss Angelina, without realizing Rob, with his ready dismissals of MA, his single-minded pursuit and honesty regarding his feelings for Kstew (in PUBLIC),..is way more Angelina than Angelina was. LOL Angelina was pursued by Pitt, not vice versa, plus Pitt decided he was done with his marriage, and let Jolie know he wanted to be with her. In the Robsten scenario, I think Kstew was very much influenced by how much Rob said he wanted to be with her.

They both have a great excuse, namely Brad's marriage was already toast, his feelings for Angelina were just the exclamation point in DUNZO!

Kristen's excuse is simple..she was a CHILD: WTF does a 14 or 15 yr old girl no about true love and committment.....she owes MA nothing except a sincere goodbye. Hell, it's quite possible that Kristen has never even KNOWN real love UNTIL Robert. The girl didn't even know what she was missing til she was gobsmacked by him.

I'm happy for them both. As happy as I am that Brad and Angie found each other, have a beautiful family and are doing amazing things in the world.

I hope Rob can start introducing Kristen as his fiance....AGAIN, and that it's FOR REAL this time. lol