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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Friday, August 7, 2009

Robsten Drama!

Thanks to LetterstoTwilight for this pic!

So there you have it.
A blurry picture of 2 people...
Who sorta look like Rob and Kristen...
Getting into a cab together.

But OH WHAT DRAMA it has caused!

My opinion? (like you could get away from it!)

It has been blatantly obvious (to me) that something
has been going on between Rob and Kristen.
For months.
It's not just a blurry picture that makes me feel that way.
It's all the little things that add up to the big thing.
It's been right in front of us.

Now... the anti-Robstens will declare that it means nothing.
That they get in cabs all the time with people and it doesn't mean
they are in a relationship.

Or they wrap their legs around guys all the time in Limos.

Or they can't keep their fucking eyes off of guys all the time...

Or that their faces fucking light up whenever guys are with them...

Or whenever they have pictures taken with guys...
they have to touch them in some way...

Or they just fucking look so damn happy to be with guys...

You get my drift.

People will still believe what they want to believe.
And people don't want to believe that Rob is with anyone.
And I'm cool with that.
Like I have stated (endlessly it seems) before...
I don't have a personal investment in Robsten.
Rob looks happy with her.

Take off the blinders...
and really take a good look at Robsten.
You can see it. You know you can.
Love may be blind... but I know you aren't.

Bye for now


Laura said...

Rose you are SO RIGHT! ;)

I don't get what the big effing deal is w/ Kristen? Why do peeps HATE her so much? Sheesh..Jealous, much? LOL

Anonymous said...

Aww love what you wrote, you couldn't be more right, look what right in front of you and see, take the blinders off. You can't miss it.