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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Robsten Reaction

I'm not sure if I should post another warning.
The reaction from my last post has truly
boggled my beleaguered brain...
(how's that for alliteration?)

So anyway...
My little ROBSTEN post yesterday...
received over 2000 hits.
Which for me is...

But it only goes to show how
incredibly powerful ROBSTEN is.
How strongly people feel about it.

It definitely was an experience.

A few thoughts.
(Of course, I have to number shit... it's what I do)

1. First off, I want to Thank all the people
who made comments...
and were so kind and thoughtful.
There were a lot of people who understood
what I was trying to say.
They GOT me.
And it was wonderful to be had.
Thank You.

2. I also received a number of negative comments.
I expected it.
That's why I had put up the 'warning'.
But I found some criticism rather odd.
An Anonymous comment stated that
I was a 'jealous bitch'...
And then went on about things...
That made me think she didn't
read my post at all.
Her response made no sense.
Although I am jealous.
And I'm most certainly a bitch.

3. I also received critiques of my writing style.
Not for what I wrote... but how I wrote it.
Fascinating, really.
Someone said that I wrote in Haiku style.
(and kinda like how Captain Kirk talks-
which seriously made me smile)
And I guess I kinda do.
Some of that is because Blogger
only allows me so many words
before it breaks shit up...
And most of that is because...
That's the way I fucking write.
I don't prepare my posts.
I just come here with a thought...
and write down how I feel.

I still don't understand why
people get so defensive about it.
I still don't understand why
people take it personally.
It's not about you.
It's not about me.
Obviously I don't know
anything more about Rob and Kristen
than anyone else.

I just call it like I see it.
It's OK if you don't agree.
I actually kinda like that you don't.

I'm not pushing Rob and Kristen together.
But I'm not pulling them apart... either.
I just see 2 people who like each other.
2 people who have become close...
2 people who enjoy each others company.

I know you see that too.

It's how we react to it that makes this interesting.

Bye for now


Lula! said...

Glad you're still smiling & not allowing the haters to detract from what's important here.

Dude's hot.

End of story.

Trixie said...



Little Robert Pattinson Intoxication certainly rocked the Robsten world yesterday!

I couldn't BE more proud!

<3 you BFT 4fuckingevah!

maria said...

I couldn't agree with you more! Anyone who has a problem with these two should just not bother to leave a comment, should not bother to even read your post or any of the comments!!

We really appreciate all the great job you're doing, because we all love these two incredibly talented young people and can all see the amazing, mesmerizing chemistry that they share! On screen and off screen of course!
And we only make assumptions by what we see, by what they are letting us see.. keep up the great work and please keep us informed of their activities, I would be so thrilled if they really are together!! I hesitate a little to believe it because I trully want to believe it!! But there are times when I think, "well, what if they were just rehearsing all the 3 nights at his hotel?" or " what if they're just friends who went to see a concert and then got back to rob's room to read the script for eclipse?"..it's a strong possibility..but then the tca doesn't lie..the look on kristen's face when rob was talking when receiving the awards doesn't lie! The fact that they left together and left the other there isn't a lie!!
So we're still hoping for more and more of robsten!!!

Dreea said...

For the record?

1. I just came across your blog yesterday - of all days…
2. I love your perspective on Robsten! I have to admit, until a couple of months ago, I had no idea who Kris and Rob were and I’d barely heard of Twilight. I actually picked the book up in the airport on my Honeymoon and that’s where the insanity started! : ) I’m fascinated by the Robsten phenomenon – and I have no history of addiction to fictional characters or with celebrities or with reading blogs… I feel guilty following the stories and intruding into Kris and Rob’s lives – not to mention it’s all about supply and demand, our interest is what pays the pap’s salaries! And yet I keep coming back every day! The only reasonable explanation I’ve come up with is that maybe ultimately we’re all projecting our unconscious need for a Bella/Edward love story to be possible in real life. Who better to make this possible given their undeniable chemistry? They are both talented and interesting and quirky and I’ve never seen that kind of connection in anybody’s eyes – be it friendship or more!
3. I admit I’m jealous too!
4. P.S. Love your writing style! : )

imloco2 said...

I love your writing style too. Very easy to read. ;) So glad you popped up on my Google alert. You haven't written anything yet I haven't agreed with, but I'll let you know if you do. I'm not a Robsten pusher, but at this point I'm so sure that Rob and Kris are in some kind of relationship that even if Rob held a press conference and said he was free and single I'd be shaking my head and saying, Rob, don't lie. LOL Keep sharing your thoughts please. I like being able to come here for a dose of Twisanity.

imloco2 said...

Oh, and thanks again for the music. I come here sometimes just to listen to Rob. Excellent!