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Monday, August 17, 2009

Rose's Random Rants Regarding Robsten.

I'm annoyed.
And I shouldn't be.
I should be basking in the glow of Robsten love.
But no.
Nonstens have to try and ruin it for me.
Fuck that noise... OK?

1. JFC.
I don't even know where to begin.
I probably shouldn't even start...

2. I've read lots and lots of Robsten comments.
Lots. And lots.
(and let me just add another lots to this.)
When I post my opinion of said comments...
I am stating a general point of view.
*MY* point of view.
I'm not talking about YOU specifically...
whoever the fuck you are.
Tone down the ego, Drama Queens...
It's not always about you.
And in the case of this fucking blog?
It's NEVER about you.

3. Again. People are despondent over the Robsten pics.
I mean... fucking suicidal.
Good Grief. Really?
I've read where women are so upset that Rob is 'taken' now.
They can't watch his movies anymore...
They feel like homewreckers.
They feel like they can't fantasize about him because of Kristen.
"I can't drool over someone elses man."
How many of these women are married?
It's OK to drool over a man if YOU are taken?
I'm confused...
It's just fantasy... Right?
You realize that Rob was never yours to begin with... Right?
I'm glad I'm confused.
If any of that made sense...
I might be suicidal.

4. I love Robsten.
I love Rob and Kristen.
The thought of it makes me smile.
Big time.
What I don't enjoy is the fucking drama
that surrounds Robsten.

Well... that's not completely true.
I do get quite the laugh over it.
The entertainment value alone is worth it.
So I do enjoy that part...

I don't enjoy the DQ's (Drama Queens, again)
who piss and moan over it...
And who still cling to anything that will
support their Nonsten claim.
And for the record?
If you are reading this...
and think this is about you?
All I have to say is...
If the shoe fucking fits? Slide that bitch on.

5. You say Nonsten. I say Robsten.
You don't agree with me.
I don't care.
I'm able to exist with opposing viewpoints.
I don't agree with you.
You get mad.
You get defensive.
I'm glad Rob and Kristen have each other
to get through all this bullshit drama.
I'm sure they must sit back and wonder
why the hell people care so much...
why it's anyone's business who they
want to hang out with.
They are just two people...
Trying to live their lives...
And considering the intense scrutiny...
and constant drama surrounding them...
I think they are doing the best they can.

Bye for now

P.S. Sorry for being so damn bitchy today
(yeah, right... like I'm not always bitchy)
This post is in no way
an attack on all Nonstens.
I know a great many who live and let live.
This post is dedicated to the proud...
the few... the delusional...
(Our beloved Drama Queens)
who can't believe that Rob
doesn't belong to them.
They think Rob is their property.
(DQs are so vain... They probably think this post is about them...
Don't you... Don't you?)
But they are learning...
The hard way.


Laura said...


Once again, you have said EVERYTHING I am feeling about this situation!!!!!!!

Rose, I've said it before, and I'll say it again...I FUCKING LOVE YOU!!!!! SRSLY.

Thank you for speaking out and speaking the TRUTH. And the Nonstens? FUCK DAT NOISE!
They need to take MASSIVE amounts of chill pills!!


Lula! said...

I'm a "I could care less-sten," but seriously. Again you have penned some brilliance here. Which I will now tweet about on Twitter. As it's worthy and to be praised.

p.s. The Delusionals make me sad. All I ever hear is "no proof, no truth." Well, ok...feel that way. But is it gonna take a picture/video of them effing on the sidewalk to be "proof" for these people? And does it really freaking matter? No. It does not.

*please let there be video of effing on the sidewalk. 'Cause that's just hot.

Trixie said...


"If the fucking shoe fits, slide that bitch on"


You KNOW I had a hard time getting to Step 5 of the Robsten program. But I am living proof that ACCEPTANCE is a much happier place to be!

Hopefully the DQs throughout Rob-fandom will realize this and put the focus back on Rob and how amazing he is.

<3 you BFT 4evah!!!

Anonymous said...

I honestly don't think Rob and Kristen sit back and wonder why the hell people care so much.

I doubt they only think about it when some interviewer asks.

You know why? Because they have a LIFE. And their lives are full of things happening. Social activities. Work. Travel. Love. Friends.

Angry people who write essays about why Kristen's not right for him? No life.

Rose said...

Dearest Anonymous...
I'm not sure if your comment is directed at me or not.
On one hand I agree with you... Rob and Kristen probably don't give much thought to it... but then again... they have admitted to seeing the gossip and tabloids, and have commented on it. So it must cross their minds.

Now... if you are saying that I'm angry because Rob is with Kristen... then you need to go back and reread my post(s).
I love that Rob and Kristen are together.
If you are saying I'm angry without a life... and like to write essays. I suppose some of that is true.
I do get angry (not at Rob or Kristen)
I like to write essays... thats why I started this blog...
As for my life?
I breathe... therefore I am alive.
And if I am alive... I have a life.
And since it takes a few minutes to write a post...
Writing angry essays doesn't take up too much of my life.

So help me out here.
Am I a lifeless kristen hater?
Or did I misread what you had to say?

P.S. Laura, Lula and Trixie...
thanks for the kind and supportive words. You know I just write what I feel. Love you all. :)

Anonymous said...

NO!! Rose, I was talking about the Drama Queens you were talking about! The Nonstens who write out their reasons on why Kristen is all wrong for Rob. I know you've seen it. I'm surprised they don't have their own club cards and town hall meetings.

Sorry if you thought I was talking about you- totally wasn't!!

I agree with your blog posts all the way.

Melissa said...

Rose, you know I fucking love you! This post was AWESOME!!

LMFAO @ "If the shoe fucking fits? Slide that bitch on."

PURE WIN!! :-)

Rose said...

*whew* Thanks Anon.
I do appreciate it.
I guess I just got confused with the angry Kristen essays.

It is so easy to mess up what you are trying to say with just words on a computer screen, isn't it?

Again... sorry for the misunderstanding. I've been dragged into some recent drama...
so I might be a tad touchy.

Thanks Mel... you know how I feel about you!

Lori said...

You rock, I love your blog. I have felt R/K were going to get together since around January, it's been fun to watch the ride.

Mandy said...

If the shoe fucking fits? Slide that bitch on.
HAHAHAHA Rose, love this! I understand that people feel passionate about Rob; we all do, but seriously let the man have his cake and fucking eat it too. I want him to have whatever the fuck makes him happy, because seeing Rob happy is all I as a fan can hope for. Thanks for keeping it REAL ROSE!! *Hugs*

Netti said...

ROSE- LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I myself, have been at step 5 the whole way and wish them all the best. I myself, like you, do not understand why people have Kristen Hate its just ridiculous or will "no longer" be interested in Rob or his movies etc or are stuck in some sick, self centred fantasy that Rob was destined to be theirs.

All I know is those 2 light up each others faces when they're together and they look like they're havin a great time ;-)so let the good times role and ROBSTEN alllllllllllll the way :-)