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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

All Roads Lead To Robsten...

I was forced... against my will.
Taken outside of my Twilight Bubble.
I was forced to interact with Non-Bubble people.
Is there a name for that?
Kinda like what muggles is in Harry Potter?
And if there isn't a name for it...
We definitely need to work on that.
For now, I just call them family and friends.

Yes. Family and Friends.
Sometimes 'real' life beckons...
Sometimes you have to do stuff
that is totally unrelated to adoring Robert Pattinson.

*shiver* Anyone else feel that chill?

I'm having lunch with a couple of girlfriends.
And yes, as I have stated before...
Even I have friends.

We are talking about shit.
And really... it was shit.
I mean...
After a few minutes...
I swear...
It was just "blah blah blah"...
"Shit... shit... shit."

Now these GFs...
They aren't stupid...
(well, not THAT stupid)
So they know that I have some sort of affection
for Rob and Twilight stuff.
(In this case affection = obsession...)
I mean... it is kinda hard to hide everything.
(I always have the Cullen crest keychain...
Rob is the wallpaper on my cell...
"I'll Be Your Lover, Too" is my ringtone...
The Twilight CD has been in my cars cd player
since the day I got it... cued to Track 10.
I could go on... but do I really need to?)

And so GF 1 brings up the topic of Rob.
And immediately... I go into defense mode.

GF1 ~ So, I saw part of the TEEN
(and she totally emphasis this word... for my benefit)
Choice Awards the other night.
I saw your vampire.
He is kinda good looking.

*My Vampire...
I swear everyone in my life
thinks its all about fucking vampires.
And KINDA good looking?
Does the phrase 'Cutabitch' mean anything?*

Me~ Yeah. I caught part of the show
(I DVRd that bitch)

GF2~ What is it with his vampire look?
Is he trying to look like a vampire?
It's like he tries to be brooding.

*More vampire bullshit
I feel my teeth clench.*

Me~ Um. I'm pretty sure he's not really a vampire.
And he's just shy... so he puts his head down.

GF1~ Oh. Well, it does look like he's trying too hard.
And whats with that Bella chick? WTF did she do
to her hair? He's not REALLY with her, is he?

*Fuck. Even outside of the bubble...
I'm assaulted with Robsten.*

Me~ *sigh* Kristen cut her hair for a movie.
And its only hair... it will grow back.
And although it looks like Rob and Kristen
are indeed a couple...
I couldn't tell you for sure.

GF2 ~ I just find all the hype ridiculous.
I don't get it. What's the big deal?

Me~ *heavy sigh*
So... what do you think about this weather?

And so on it goes.
Non Bubble people.
Trying to get inside my Bubblehead.
That totally suits me.

It's scary to venture out of the Twilight Bubble.
It really is.
I always feel like I have to explain myself.
It makes me defensive and edgy.
Why can't people just accept that
I have kinda a thing (total addiction and devotion)
for Robert Pattinson?
Totally unrelated to Vampires?

And yeah... there is always ongoing drama
INside the bubble...

(Robsten Robsten Robsten)

But at least Rob is in the bubble with me.
I feel safe there...

Oh and...
Rob and Kristen are so fucking totally together.
Totally fucking together?

I just have to say it.

I have to.

Long Live Robsten.

Robsten. Robsten. Robsten.


Bye for now


Trixie said...

Rosie! I love reading about your adventures in "real" life!

This was a fun post!

<3 you BFT 4evah!

Kelly said...

There is life outside of Rob? Wow... I forgot about it totally! I left all my friends who didn't fall into my bubble with me :)


Great post!

First time commenting.. hope it's ok :)

Vampsus said...

When I'm "out" I don't even try to mention the constant flow of twi-drivel that perks through my brain. No one understands, cause I travel in a way too serious world. I'm looking for an escape from that world, but I haven't found a way to convince rob to pay for my groceries. We have each other and that is a glorious thing.
*heart the intoxicated*

Amy said...

I definitely second this post's emotion. When I even mentioned the Teen Choice Awards to my younger coworkers, who are actually still teenagers they just looked at me like, wtf? Who has time to watch that shiz?

Me. 2 hours for 2 minutes of Rob speech awkwardness.

imloco2 said...

I was ROTFLMAO...really I was. Kinda scared the dogs too. LOL This is so totally my life. My feelings. My thoughts. You are too awesome.

PS My friend doesn't like Rob's eyes. Says he looks kinda mean and like he's full of himself. (looking around for the bubble) Can I beat her?

kkattita said...

I feel very identified!!

Joni said...

i agree w/the others... i feel the same way w/my friends lmao !!!