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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rob, Rob... Everywhere Rob.

I went to the Wisconsin State Fair last night...
(I know... be still my beating heart!)
Husband and I and a few of our closest friends...
wandering around the grounds,
listening to music (some really good stuff)
drinking beer
(lots of it...it was beastly hot... and I don't even LIKE beer)
and eating standard fair food...
lots to choose from...
Deep fried oreos,
deep fried twinkies,
deep fried snickers bar,
Basically anything that is already bad for you
then is made that much worse...
By letting it fry in grease.
This IS Wisconsin, after all.
But a couple of things stand out...

1. A vendor was offering... Chocolate covered bacon.
Yes. Bacon. Chocolate. Together.
(Seriously, I'm having a hard time keeping my breakfast down)
And we went over to the place that sold it
(curiosity is a powerful thing)
and there was a crowd of people eating this shit.
A thick slice of bacon, covered in chocolate...
Because Fairs have to offer all meats
Needless to say... I didn't try it.

2. So... there I am... wandering around the Fair...
Just minding my own business...
Not thinking about Rob.
(that's fucking huge, by the way)
And what to my wandering eyes should appear?
A blond chick...
Carrying a big ass stuffed Panda.
Yeah, just like Emilie whatsherface
in Remember Me.
(and didn't she fall off the face of the earth?)
Of course.
So immediately my brain zeroes in on it.
And thus Rob is back full force in my head.
Just like that.

It goes to show that you can never
get too far from Rob.
It's all connected.
Or it's all a fucking plot.
Or... I'm just fucked up crazy.

Take your pick.

I think I need more beer.

Bye for now

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Suz said...

there is always, always only ONE Degree of separation...