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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Robsten Regret

Good Grief.
I was out of town for a few days...
A few...
Like maybe 3.
3 Days.
That's all.

But I did happen to go away
RIGHT after all the Robsten bullshit started.


I get to my inbox...
Over 800 emails.
And thats just the account that I pretty much use
for my beloved RKs and Rob related stuff.
3 days.
Fucking ridiculous... right?

And Twitter.
I can't even catch up with that bullshit.

So... after I leave town...
and even though I do have a fucking cool new phone
that lets me do email and the internet...
I didn't have much time for all of it.
All this Robsten drama is still fucking going on.
They had breakfast.
They slept over.
They were wearing each others clothes.

Blah blah fucking blah.

And you still have the people
floating down that long river denial...
Making up excuses.
Refusing to accept it...
because you know what?


I love Robsten.
I love Rob.
I love Kristen.
I love them together
I don't gain a damn thing if they are together.
Just knowing that Rob is with someone who gets him.
Who understands where he's at in his life...
Is dealing with much of the same intensity and scrutiny...
And someone who makes Rob fucking smile
Like nobody else.

Rob and Kristen are at the
Teen Choice Awards tonight.
(and they both looked incredible!!)
All eyes are upon them.
I'm looking forward to watching it tomorrow...
But I don't expect any revelations.

All in all...
I'm a tad tired of the Robsten drama.
Robsten is everywhere.
People have plenty of excuses and reasons
for what is going on...

And I just have a fucking headache.

Bye for now

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