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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dear Rob and Kristen...

Dear Rob:

I miss you.
Like a lot.
And if it means that you won't have
to deal with the fucking Paps in your face...
yelling insulting bullshit at you?

I'm willing to miss you.
A lot.

Dear Kristen:

I feel the need to apologize to you.
Because I'm as guilty as the next person
for wanting to see you (and Rob)
Since you both have been out of sight...
And those pictures taken outside of your parents house...
I know it's your parents house.
I shouldn't know that.
No one should know that.
It shouldn't be public knowledge.
But I know it.
So that means the haters and lunatics know it.
And that scares me.
So... please take care...
Be Safe.

Dear Rob and Kristen:

I hope you are enjoying your time off...
Of course, since there aren't pictures
of you hanging out...
That means that you are 'broken up'
or never together at all.
But we all know better ...
don't we?

London will be phenomenal.
Enjoy every moment.
And each other.

Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

I will support Robsten & believe them to be a couple. But I don't think we'll see anything or hear anything about them heading to London together(I'd be happy to be wrong, but I highly doubt it). You seem to be so vested in their relationships. I think this whole Kris heading to London with Rob kind of follows the tabloids make believe babies kind of thinking. It's a cute couple thing to do so it's projected on them but if Kstew were spotted in the UK it would be the all out confirmation they are working to avoid. I do not think it's going to happen.

Anonymous said...

Well said,as always hon

kristine.hills said...

We do know better, and of course London will be epic.I'm sure they are going to spend Xmas together.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if all those that have protested those pap photos from a few days ago have helped or hurt matters. I know stew lives in L.A. but have no idea where, nor would I have been able to figure it out from those pics. Had no one said a word, I never would have had a clue that what was shown in the pics was her parents house. But for better or worse, now I do. In other words, people being upset about those pics has led to me knowing more than I did in the first place.

Anonymous said...

I've thought about this way too much, but I'm another one who thinks they may not go to London for Christmas. I'd love for it to happen, and I think he'd like to show her around his beloved city. But like Anon 11:14, it would be a blatant statement of their couplehood. And I don't think
either of them are ready for that at this point. Also, I wonder how his family would feel about sharing him with Kristen in London when he's so seldom home.
If she doesn't accompany him to England, I'll bet he's back in the U.S. with her before the holidays are over.


Anonymous said...

Well said, as always. I adore you for your ideas, i mean, how long have you been written a post every day? More than 50 days!? But you're still not tired of it and that's pretty cool and I can still read the passion, the love u send out with your posts, amazing!
I hope the same as you do and if we all hope together, our dream may come true...hopefully :) There's a nice quote to your post: When someone dreams alone, it's only a dream. Are there a lot who dream together, it's the start of something new.
I know, it sounds impossible, but if we start NOW, it could happen :)
Thanks for keeping on <3

Anonymous said...

I think too that they're not gonna spend Christmas together.They know that everybody-especially paps and tabloids-waiting them to do so and they gonna spend holidays separately.It would be a confirmation and they don't want that for their reasons,which i really don't understand.

Rose said...

Couple of thoughts.

1. I'm not all that 'vested' in Rob and Kristen. Their being together doesn't affect my life. I just think they are together... so I write about it.

2. My thoughts on Rob and Kristen in London are just that... my thoughts. I'm not making some sort of declaration that they will be there.... I just think they will be. Together. Whether we get a picture or not. Although a picture would be fucking awesome. ;)

3. Yes, I try to post something everyday. It's just one little post. Not a huge deal. I couldn't run a news type blog... I wouldn't have the time. But writing down my thoughts... helps me.

4. Thanks for all the kind comments on this blog. Everyday you guys make me smile. Thanks <3

May said...

Wherever Rob and Kris are now,I know they are happy and together and that puts a smile on their face. Rose,as always,your blog rocks. <3

Anonymous said...