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Monday, December 14, 2009

You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch...

Rob looks like I feel.
I wish just once that
I could look like Rob feels...
I'm not even sure what that means.
I'm feeling all Grinchy today.
The bad Grinch.
The Grinch who steals toys and the roast beast.
THAT Grinch.
I know I should be all Cindy Lou Who...
all cute and cuddly
Cuz its Christmas time and all that...
But it ain't happening today.

I feel like this.
Just saying 'Fuck You'.
Because sometimes you have just had enough...
You know?

Here's the thing.
There are some really insecure
(like... REALLY insecure)
Nasty Nonstens out there.
They actually pretend to like Rob/Kristen
They make anonymous names...
And go join Robsten sites
That are for members only.
Because they are fucking WORRIED
That's why.
Oh yeah...
They rant and rave about how
delusional Pro Robstens are...
They are the ones who feel the need
to fucking spy on people.
I mean... really?
It just reeks of desperation.
I would never join some Nonsten board
and pretend to hate on Kristen
to get some 'inside' info.
Because quite honestly...
I don't give a fuck what you think.

I kinda find it amusing...
in a sad, pathetic way.

Hopefully tomorrow my blackened Grinch heart
will grow 3 sizes...
and you know...
be all big and red...
and my eyes will turn all blue...
(They're brown now)
And I will be really strong and stuff...
And Good.
And all full of Christmas cheer.
And I will return all the toys...
And even carve the roast beast.

Sounds like a plan.

Or not.

I'll get back to you.

Bye for now.

*One more thing...
Rob Loves Kristen...
Not You!*


novie said...
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novie said...

poor Rose and poor me for not having seen Robsten lately, makes my day blue..by the way Rose,always like your post, am from Jakarta - Indonesia and am pro Robsten (its obvious, no?) cheers...

Annie said...

It's true I know. It's also ridiculous. I try to think about how sad their little lives must be that they spend their time doing this. It's pathetic really. I also avoid them at all costs because they are not worth MY time.
Go to your Robsten happy place and you heart will grow its 3 sizes back.

Anonymous said...

The nonstens or dumb fucks as I like to call them are shallow, pathetic losers who like to hate on a 19yr girl they don't know b/c of her relationship with Rob. They will support all of Robs other "friends" but when it comes to Kris she is considered the anit christ.

Rose I don't know you but you seem to have a big heart and wear it on your sleeve. We all have days when we feel like the Grinch :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Rob gives Kristen lots of good good loving to make up for all these hater nonsten crazies who talk junk about her..chew on that one bitches..i will truly never understand how they gush over his other friends and insult his Kristen..because even they have to admit at the very least she is his friend..thanks for caring about Rob AND Kristen Rose..they are both great.

imloco2 said...

Well, we know the Grinch eventually came 'round. ;) But if anything would be able to turn a perfectly normal sweet person into a Grinch it's the haters. Asshats is my own personal name for them. *g* And there's nothing worse than a delusional person calling You delusional. How do you argue with someone who is irrational? You can't. But boy it's hard to be quiet when they are spouting hate and nonsence. Nonstens...nonsense... a little to close for comfort there eh? LOL I don't really care if someone 'believes' or not. I just wish they could calm down and Not feel the need to show us the error of our ways.

Us vs them. What a shame.

TanjaB. said...

You know what, Rose, I'm always baffled by how many people out there think it's right to hate a 19 y.o., beautiful, talented girl, that has done anything to them. They're just jealous and angry persons. When I read something negative about K and/or R, I just imagine them now, spending quality time together, just being two young persons in love finally after all the craziness. ;)
Thank you for another great post!


loveactually said...

What? Are U serious? I guess I was wrong when I assumed they stayed in their own dens of hate.

Well then surely they must be all of...what? 14 years old. I sincerely hope so...because what a sad existence if these are grown women.

Hmmm maybe these gals need a good long chorus of All You need Is Love to soften their hearts. Nah nevermind it would be a shame to waste sensible Lennon lyrics on hateful hearts.

Anonymous said...

Rosie,dear,why do you care so much about the stupid nonstens and the robsessed people?They are pathetic human beings,who are jealous of a 19year old girl,because it happens to be the love of the guy they're in love with.They think that if Rob see them,he would fall immediately in love with them or at least he would fall in the bed with them.lol

Anonymous said...

Nonstens and the girls on Rob's IMDb are completely phychos.

Anonymous said...

Robert Pattinson has the most stupid fan base.Not all of them,but the majority is a bunch of morons.

Anonymous said...

What I love the very most about Rob is that he's not shallow. He could almost literally have any woman who wanted him, but what he wants is the fiercely independent and individual Kristen Stewart. He seems to be impervious to all the feminine wiles that bump up against him at any opportunity. I love the fact that he held out for the rare prize he has now. . . and that she didn't make it so easy for him.

As to the haters, I wonder why it is that they invest so much in their anti-Robsten propaganda. You don't find Rob or Kristen fans trying to recruit, why do the nonstens? It's a puzzlement.

Rose, the reason I love your blog is not because you say the things I love to hear about Rob and Kristen (although you do), but the way you say them.

Hugs for the Grinch.


kristine.hills said...

I LOVE ROB n KRIS. they r the most beautiful couple i've ever seen in HW. Nothing compares to them. I will support them forever bc they make my day light, bright, colorful and happy, they make me smile. Their love is LOVE, Nobody can deny it, nonsten(urgh) can pretend they can't see it, but in their deep soul they know it's true. Rob/Kris are a lovely happy couple, and their feelings for each other just grow and grow every single day. I'm blue too, i do miss them so much, but i'm fine bc they deserve some quality time to spend together loving one another. Thanks again Rose for your thoughts, they r wonderful. God bless u (n your family) every day of your life!
I'd never ever go to nonsten & shit blogs pretending to be who i'm not, and their place would make me really sick. I can't put up with a miserable life with so much hate as they live.

kristine.hills said...

Do u know how i found your blog? i was so disappointed with some Rob's fans, they are sometimes so selfish, they mind about Rob, and i thought Kris deserved a little more respect too, not only bc she is his gf, but especially bc she brought us Bella and her love for Edward, she's intelligent(brain-she has brain), talented and she makes Rob SO happy, and i sent a lot of msgs to some blogs/sites to support KStewart as well(i never sent haters msgs to these blogs, i asked them to support her).And suddenly i found RPIntoxication, a person addicted in Rob but extremely kind,lovely and nice with Kris.You melt my heart from that day. Thanks again.I know she doesn't need us to protect her, but it's amazing to find people like you.

kharma1 said...

I'm with you Rose, I just think these people must be living lonely and pathetic lives. When you think about it, it's sad, you kind of have to feel sorry for them because I imagine them sitting in a room by themselves with no love and no meaning in their life. I hope they wake up and start living and loving and hopefully their lives will turn around. But they first have to let go of the hate in their hearts so the love and compassion will take it's place.
Because when it comes down to it their the ones that have to look in the mirror and be happy at what they see and right now I'm guessing their not too happy.
Thank you Rose, keep em comin'.

Anonymous said...

I wish that instead of a respect Rob campaign( against the papz) someone would start a " Respect the woman Rob loves campaign" I've a feeling he'd be much more appreciative of THAT than the current campaign which will have little overall effect on him and which he probably doesn't even care about.
Love your blog :)

spellbound said...

I've never understood the rabid nonsten types. I wonder if they would hate any woman Rob was interested in as much as they do Kristen? Who would they prefer he date? Them??? **snort** They aren't real Rob fans, because obviously they don't love him & want the best for him, which is what you want when you really care about someone. I wish they would take their faux fandom on over to Zac or someone else who deserves those kind of fans! Rob doesn't need them, he has fans who really love him!

Anonymous said...

"Respect the woman Rob loves" campaign! LOL Love it! That's totally needed indeed. I truly don't get why some people hate Kristen so much, just because she's Rob's gf (or according to them, just a close friend). That's sick. And these people are even more vocal lately since rob & kristen have been low key (enjoying their privacy) and no sighting of them.