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Friday, December 18, 2009

Robsten Roller-Coaster

What goes up... Must come down.
Spinning Wheel... got to go round.
Talking bout your troubles
It's a crying sin...
Ride a painted pony
Let the spinning wheel spin...

The Robsten Roller-coaster.
Up. Down.
All the fuck around.

Rob is at a birthday party without Kristen!
Rob and Kristen are out to dinner!
Rob in in a magazine with Emilie!
Rob and Kristen will be together in London!

I'm dizzy from all the bullshit.
I find all the overreaction...

Some people actually wished Rob to die...
fucking DIE!!!
Because he went to a birthday party with some friends.
Who happened to be female.
And weren't named Kristen.
What the FUCK kinda fan are you?
What's more...
What kind of person are you??
How could you wish anyone dead?

I would like to blame all the fucked up emotional drama
on the people who hate Robsten and/or Kristen...
But I can't.
Because its not just the Nonstens who hate.
The hate is everywhere.
It's on both sides of this twisted roller-coaster.

I fucking refuse to get on the ride.
There is no need for all the constant drama.
People disagree.
Shit happens.
Whats wrong with that?
Who says that you have to try and make
someone believe what you believe?
I believe in Rob and Kristen.
You don't?
I don't give a shit.
See how that works?
I don't feel this crushing desire
to throw facts and pictures
down your throat to persuade you to
come over to my side.

I. Don't. Care.

I'll leave the Robsten Roller-coaster
to anyone who wants a ride...

As for me?
Fuck that noise.

I'm gonna ride a painted pony...
Let the spinning wheel...

Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

Love you Rose! I think it, you say it. You are so unappologetically honest.

I've had my share of time on this roller-coaster, and for the most part I decided a while back to believe what my common sense tells me. They are together. I believe it to my toes. But if at some point they're not. . . I'm working on not caring quite so much.



imloco2 said...

I was trying to explain to someone last night who doesn't keep up with the kind of stuff exactly how the fuckery was going and I likened it to a wave. The wave rises up and everything is good and the next minute it crashes into itself, threatens to drown everyone and then rises back up again. Over and over and over... I don't much like the sea except at a distance. The spinning wheel is a great analogy too.

I made the mistake of reading the comments on Ted's board yesterday and wanted to cry at the stupidity and the cruelty that people were spouting. And it doesn't much matter if it's young girls or older women. Just the fact that people are so messed up in the head that they'd say crazy shit like that, even wish Rob dead. I reported them for what it's worth, but it makes me fear for Rob, his relationship with Kristen, and his career. With fans like these who needs enemies?

My wish this Christmas is that Rob and Kristen never see or know that there are so many crazies out here that call themselves fans and that they can enjoy Christmas whether it's together or with their families or both. And I promise that I won't read the AT board anymore and will try and stay positive and keep the faith with those two. And watch their movies as often as I can. ;)

And thanks Rose, for just flat out saying it like it is. I kind of like it here. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose,
Happy Holidays... BRILLIANT!! Once again, you're in my head, I feel exactly the way you do. I sooo enjoy coming here and reading your thoughts. P.S. Thanks for taking the time, seriously! I so appreciate being able to enjoy my one vice (okay, maybe not the only vice, but really it's the biggest one right now). You write brilliantly and honestly. I am curious, what do you do in your life, profession? You seem to be pretty clever and have a gift for this this. I do wish the happiest of holidays for you and thanks for your gift! Bye!

AK said...

Thanks Rose. Wonderful post and spot on. The drama is getting old and the overreactions are quite cruel and uncalled for. I always enjoy your posts :)

Happy Holidays to all.


Angelica said...

Thnaks for the lovely post. You're right, as always.

Rob is choosing who he is hanging out with and if that person happen to be a person that is NOT Kristen, you can't hate that person for that. You don't have to be with ONE person all the time.

And I also believe in RobSten. Well, I think, no, I KNOW that they're in love. You can see that in pictures, videos etc. Rob is soo much happier around Kris, and ofc she is also, around Rob.
I KNOW that Rob wants Kristen, not any other girl; so why hate when he's around another girl?

Just saying...

keep up the great work


Kathy said...

I mean seriously, when Rob was filming Remember Me that's all we heard about was him being romantically linked to Emilie. Obviously that was NOT the case because as soon as he was finished with filming, where did he go? HE WENT STRAIGHT TO L.A. TO BE WITH KRISTEN. That speaks volumes about their relationship. They are both comfortable enough with each other to know not to be jealous of each others "other friends" or "work partners". Robsten exists. Even if it doesn't always exist, then they will come out of it with an extraordinary friendship.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rose, I read your blog everyday but rarely comment. You always say so eloquently what I feel.

Anonymous said...

Rose, thank you once again for saying what needed to be said. I love all your posts, they're all just brillant. And spot on as usual. This is most certainly become one rocky rollercoaster for fans. My only wish for Christmas this year is that Rob and Kristen enjoy their time off. And the crazies lay off.
Thank you again x

Hayley G said...

Your rant made my fucking day. Wicked Awesome sister!! Love it.

Anonymous said...

AMEN sista friend! THANK YOU!!

GOROB said...

I think some of this is from people pretending to be fans and enemies of Rob and Kristen! A real fan would not say such things! On the internet you don't know whether it is those Twilight haters that make comments to send the real fans into protective mode! I have read where some people just get a thrill out of spewing the hate for Twilight and Rob and Kristen! So take heart and don't take their hatred to heart because they are out there always lurking and reading our comments trying to cause mayhem in the fandom! Don't believe everything you read on the internet! I just wish the fans wouldn't fall for it every time!

imloco2 said...

GoRob - Well that actually makes me feel a little better cause I could see the asshats getting a kick out of being hateful and stirring the pot and it is the holidays. A lot of them are out of school. *g*

Change of subject though and probably no one will read this, but did anyone see the trailer for the Runaways? I have several times now and at the end there's a voice that is talking about how they are going to tear this world apart or whatever and I swear to you it reminds me of Rob's voice over for Remember Me. It doesn't exactly sound like him, but then again it really kind of does. I keep thinking Rob is doing that and trying to disguise his voice and when he says 'tear this world apart' I'm sure it's him. LOL It's driving me nuts. I want to know who's doing it once and for real. Any ideas on who that might be?