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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Robert Pattinson is Beautiful in Black and White.

Random Rose:

1. There was some snippet of some guy...
(Can I get more fucking vague?
Why, yes... Yes I can!)
Talking about why so many
women felt a connection
to the Twilight Books and Movies.
He said...
"These women are obviously
looking for something
that is lacking and/or missing
from their relationships."

Yeah... B happened to be sitting with me.
And yeah, I looked over at him
when the guy said it...
And yeah, B looked over at me...
And yeah... he kinda grimaced at me.

B is a good husband.
B has a wonderful, witty,
snarky sense of humor...
He's a good father to our boys...
He's good. Period.
I love B. I will always love B.
I don't think there is anything 'lacking'
in our relationship...
But now B will probably think about stuff...
a little more than he normally would have.

And come on...
B really has NO fucking idea
just how far gone I really am.
If he did?
He wouldn't have just grimaced...
He would seek help for me.

And then I get to thinking...
Is there any truth to that vague snippet?
I don't think there is anything missing
in my marriage.
Except the fact that B isn't Edward...
(And that begs the question... who is?)
But Edward is just a fantasy.
I know he doesn't exist.
I don't go about my daily life
in hopes of finding him.

And all that being said...
If Robert Pattinson...
Who has embodied Edward fucking Cullen...
showed up at my door tomorrow?
Would I run off to be with him?
You got that fucking right :)
(Sorry, B... but truth is fucking truth...)

2. It's all moot, anyway.
Robert isn't knocking on anyone's door anymore.
Except for Kristen's.
Rob was patient.
Rob knew what he wanted.
He's finally gotten what he has coveted...
And Kristen and Rob...
deserve EVERY happiness.

I just hope that they are going to London...
Then Rob would be in the city he loves...
With the woman he loves.
Can't ask for much more than that.
Well, I can...
But I won't.
(Ask me again in 5 minutes...
I might ask for more...)

3. I'm not sure why I keep numbering my posts.
There really is no point.
I just kinda do it.
Oh yeah...
B/W pics of Robert
are quite possibly my faves.
I'm going to post the ones I have
over the next few days.

Bye for now.


loveactually said...


"Something lacking in our own relationships"...hmm that's interesting. Funny..ya know..some not only say that about those who treasure the Edward/Bella relationship but also those who "ship" Rob/Kristen. I have to laugh at that. Of course I can't speak for everyone but I have been HAPPILY married for 10 years. I knew from our first date that hubby was the one for me. He's not only a loving, protecting hottie of a husband but he is a wonderful father. I don't know what I've done to deserve him but I thank my lucky stars everyday that he's mine. :)

As for my love for E/B and the whole Twi saga...well..I've always been an avid reader...and a hopeless romantic. I usually clung to timeless treasured authors/stories. Modern love stories are nice but have never tugged at my heart strings ..that was until I opened the pages of that dang vampire book my friend recommended. The rest..well I think you know the rest...it's obviously why I visit here everyday.


Anonymous said...

My own relationship is extremely happy but like Kristen, I was with someone else when I met him,was scared at first of taking what seemed a giant leap of faith (I was 19, he was 27). He was endlessly patient and willing to just be my friend if that's what I wanted from him...and I finally realised (like Kristen) you don't walk away from someone like that. That's why I've been rooting for these two since the beginning. I consider myself the luckiest woman on the planet and when you're happy,you want others to be happy too.

Tanya said...

He he, Rose w/ DH and 2 boys you sound vaguely familiar to me...

[Am also hoping no sightings mean they're together across the pond as well...]

Thanks for posting, as always -

Anonymous said...

Even at Kristen's IMDb the girls think that she's bi or gay.

Anonymous said...

You give me peace, Rose. I have long pondered this very question. I still can't precisely put my finger on why I am so supremely captivated by Rob, far more than by any man ever in my life.
I too have a happy relationship, one I wouldn't trade even for Rob. . . or Edward. A lot of that has to do with my own insecurities and the safety of being loved by a good man. But. . . Rob will always be the man of my heart. I'll never have Rob, but no one will ever have me in the same way he does.


otsuu said...

I dreammed with Edward around all my 24 years.I looked for him in my ex-bf, ex-dates,ex-everything... around the streets, supermarkets, shopping`malls, everywhere and I couldn't see it, I couldn't even get close to what he is. My ex: everyone that saw him was just (WOW)..but it was only that, only a handsome boy, a really handsome boy. Edward is close to perfection he has everything that we look for: He is polite, gentleman, he has style, he is sexy, hot, he is lovely, the way he speaks, the way of everything.. his clothes, his cars, his house, his fame, his family.. OMG! he is PERFECT! I LOVE EDWARD FUCKING CULLEN!!!!! I wish he was real.... :-(

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose,

Once again, I am smiling, reading your blog.... Are you sure you're not inside my head? The only difference, I think other than that we is that I have girls instead of boys....Actually, it's my girls' fault that I am in the state I'm in... (similar state to yours) I'm just not clever enough to write about it. My daughter wanted to read Twilight and being the mother that I am I had to read it first to make sure it was appropriate... BIG MISTAKE!! Here I am today..Well, I wouldn't trade it. I love him... Black and White is really good!!!

Bye for now!


imloco2 said...

Black and White, Color, in person, in my head... it's all good. ;) I love Rob too, although it's probably more in the motherly vein. Of course I can appreciate perfection when I see it too. I sometimes see people saying they think he's ugly and while I respect that not everybody thinks alike, I admit that I usually try and figure out what planet they're from. LOL I just hope he's happy wherever he's hole up. With Kristen. ;P