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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kristen Will Knock You OUT!

Ladies and Gentlemen (Gentlemen... Gentlemen...)
Welcome to the first fight of the Rob drought!

In this corner...
We have Kristen Stewart (Stewart... Stewart...)
Beautiful, feisty and fierce!
Kristen is a dynamic actress
who doesn't take shit from anyone...
She's tough, smart and knows what she wants.

In that corner...
We have Emilie de Ravin (who?... who?...)
Blond, and... um...
Emilie is on 'Lost'!
And she was lucky enough to play opposite
Robert Pattinson in Remember Me!

No fucking contest.

I've said it once and I'll say it again...
I have nothing against Emilie.
She's all well and good.
But now that there is a photoshoot coming out
with Rob and Emilie...
We get both extremes from 'fans'.




There is no fight.
This is Kristen Stewart we are talking about.
She will knock you the fuck OUT.

The end.

If you truly believe in Rob and Kristen...
If you believe in what you see...
What is right in front of you...
This kinda stuff doesn't bother you.
At all.
Rob needs to promote Remember Me.
Emilie is his co-star.
That's all.
You want the movie to do well...
Photoshoots are a big help.
It doesn't automatically mean that
Robert is a manwhore and is off doing
his MARRIED co-star.
I mean... come on.
When it comes to Kristen...
It's pretty obvious to even the casual observer...
How Robert feels about her.
He hasn't been shy in expressing his feelings for her, has he?
He wears his heart on his sleeve...
And it has Kristen's name on it.

The End.

Bye for now.


Maria said...

Rose,can I just say I EFFIN LOVE YOU! You express what I'm thinking exactly, but probably much more eloquently than I ever can. I'm only riled up b/c of what the "others" perceptions are gonna be about all this."True" R/K shippers/fans knows the deal.

Ana Carolina Oliveira said...

Great post Rose!
I love the way you write! You always say everything I want to read...
Rob loves Kristen and Kris loves Rob, that's it!
No doubts =)

Angelica said...

You're so right!
A lot of people hates Emilie, just because she's playing against Rob. And just because he's playing against a girl, they must be dating-

I'm like you. I believe in Rob and KRISTEN. I don't think that his feelings are going to change just because he's doing a movie with another pretty girl.

Love your blog. It always makes sense.


May said...

Promotion is a good thing.I srsly want RM to be a huge success for Rob and photoshoots do help.Emilie is a cool chick and just how I want ppl to lay off Kris,I want them to do the same for Emilie,cuz she has been a standup person so far and a professional one,at that.

So some ppl should just chillax & enjoy the ride. R/K r solid. <3

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately some are taking to Twitter & making a competition between Rob & Kristen regarding their recent photo shoots. And the names they are calling Emilie are embarrasing. I can only hope that these are very young people making these comments. If they are grown women...I'm ashamed.

deejon67 said...

Great Post As Always! Rob & Kris are In Love and secure it's ok they are fine. Love the way you write.

loveactually said...

Oh Rose ...here you are again being all awesome and what not. I <3 you ...truly madly deeply..I do. lol

Yesterday was certainly an interesting day when word of Rob and Emilie's photo-shoot got out. I woke up with a slight headache from banging my head against my desk in frustration.

I mean besides the FACT that Kristen will knock you out...does anyone remember Emilie is married? Just wondering...

Can't wait for March...Remember Me and The Runaways. I wish both Rob and Kristen much success in their individual projects. I think they both have LONG respected careers ahead of them.

Anonymous said...

Rose,you're so right,babe!The Robsessed girls and the girls on his IMDb have gone mad.They keep saying how amazing Rob looks with Emilie,that they make a cute couple,they have incredible chemistry(they don't even seen the movie).Imagine the tabloids and the gossip when the movie will come out.Especially with the hot scenes!

Anonymous said...

Well unfortunately, there are some Krisobsessed girls who take great pride in trying to drag Rob through the mud & call him every rotten name under the sun for not "manning up" and admitting that there really is a "robsten". They jump on any old quote of Rob saying he's single and say he's using Kristen. And some of the names they've been calling Emilie? We've heard them already.

No "side" of these fanbases is guilt free in this mess. I don't blame Rob or Kristen one bit for staying quiet.

The fans behavior is insulting to both Rob & Kristen.

debbi said...

Aw, Rose, I love your blog. we always seem to be on the same wavelength.

Why can't "fans" (and I use that term loosely) just be happy that we're getting another gorgeous photo shoot with Rob? Why does it need to be turned into a competition between Kristen and Emilie? What's the point? The haters will declare the Vogue shoot better that any Rob and Kristen shoot before the first image is even released. Honestly, the hate both these girls are getting is ridiculous. This nonsense sets women as a gender back, way back. Grow up people. While I'm looking forward to Remember Me, I'm dreading the inevitable spin the haters will put on the promotion. Let's buckle in.

Kathy said...

OMG Rose you took the words right out of my mouth !!! I've been harboring these ill feelings about this Rob/Emilie photoshoot and feeling a little jealous FOR Kristen. I know I shouldn't and it's pretty dumb to feel this way, it IS only a movie promo right? It's NOT like there is the same chemistry between Rob and Emilie as there is Rob and Kristen...right? I think maybe I'm just going through Robsten withdrawal. Hopefully in the next few days we'll see some pics of my two favorite people heading off to England together for the holidays...HOPEFULLY.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Rose. . . as usual! I so agree with you. I am alarmed for the fans (I'm assuming they're very young) who allow themselves to be jerked around by every picture of Rob with another actress or any film that features Rob with an actress other than Kristen.

Rob has very clearly told us who he is and what he wants:

1). He likes strong, talented women.

2). He believes love is the long-term result of a close friendship.

3). He has said that Kristen is "the most talented actress of her generation," is "breathtakingly beautiful" and is "charismatic."

Add to that the fact that he has never, under microscopic scrutinization, been determined to be a womanizer. . . and lord knows he could.

If we use common sense and our knowledge of Rob's character to assess the situation, Kristen is his obvious choice -- a very intelligent choice.


Kathy said...
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kristine.hills said...

There is no contest/competition/championship.
There is business. HB was about KR and how intimate they are uh!? Playing newlywed game is very intimate.Period.
Nice he's promoting his movie.And i also want to add that his photoshoots were taken in LOS ANGELES, and if u remember RM is a NYC movie.It seems he can't stay away from KRISTEN, they can't be apart...Actions speak louder than words. We are adults and we can see what is obvious, so what's the matter? Kris is native HW girl, she knows all the HW issues. I think EdR was so fascinated the way Rob loves Kristen and vice versa that she decided to give her husband,her marriage a chance.
Rose I do see RK in LONDON for Xmas,and i can see more, i can see RK arriving together at LAX going to London.I wouldn't get disappointed if it doesn't happen, bc i know as soon as possible they will be happy,inlove and together again.You may say i'm a dreamer but i'm not the only one...sigh...lol XOXOXO

Kathy said...

@kristine...Girl, you are NOT the only dreamer....lol. Let's keep the dream alive !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Another great entry!
I 'love' how some people are saying 'emilie and rob are dating' just because they just did a photoshoot to promote their next movie but these same people keep denying every single proof of rob & kristen being a couple.

And the people screaming for Emilie to get the fuck away from Rob are no better! Seriously, Rob shoot an entire movie with her for 2 months in NY and as soon as he got back to LA (and then when in Vancouver), he spent all his free time with Kristen. Doesn't seem like working with Emilie made him change his mind about his feelings for Kristen. So what is the problem with a photoshoot and promotion? Seriously, there's no competition between Emilie and Kristen...

That said, I'd love for rob & kristen to go to Londong together and to arrive at LAX or Heathrow together but I doubt it'll happen. Not only they must be happy right now to stay under the radar and that the focuse on their relationship starts to lessen a little bit, and going to London together would bring it back full force and they might not want to chance that. And also, they'd probably be asked to be as low key as possible right now, with the promotion of RM starting next year. Too much focus on Rob/Kristen might be detrimental to RM and its love story they want to sell. I wonder if TPTB is upset that people won't accept Rob with any other girl and RM probably will be a test. I hope most of Rob fans will accept to see him with other women than Kristen/Bella in his future movies. Don't we all hope that RM will be great for Rob's carreer.

monika said...

Emilie actually filed for divorce...

monika said...

@kathy no chance sorry, Rob's going back home alone, Kristen stays in LA.
believe it or not

Anonymous said...

@Monika - Emilie's back with her husband.

monika said...

No she's not, where did you read that? In the National Enquirer? lol

Anonymous said...

Whatever you say dear... Having fun? oh and...lol

Elektra said...

Rose, that was one hell of a story!!!! Hahahahaha!!!! I totally agree with you!!!!! Kris is simply a kickass!!!! Robsten!!!! This is the end!!!!

Anonymous said...

Poeple who deny their relationship and think it's an PR are just...blind?
I mean if you look at their interviews, body language, eye contact, you can definitely feel something is going on.
We don't have much news about Rob & Kristen here in Hong Kong so I didn't know about the Robsten rumors. I just remember watching the youtube clips and thought to myself: man, are they flirting? there's some serious offscreen chemistry.

Anonymous said...


Mara said...

Rose...I love you. LOL Ted's AT board on E, Rob's IMDb and Robsessed are filled with loonies. The K obsessed fans at AT are bashing Rob(for doing his job promoting his film...how dare he?) the other boards don't recognize that Rob did a photoshoot w/a costar like other actors do, nothing more. Your site is one I can come to and feel at peace. Fans are just NOT GETTING R/E did a normal photo spread. He loves Kristen. My God, he is obsessed with her. The way he looks at her!Other actors do NOT have this much scrutiny on their love life. If people are REAL fans, they will respect what R and K have and let them treasure it in the way THEY want, not what the FANS want. And if Rob's obsesssed fans do not back off, they are going to kill his career as a serious actor.

Mara said...

Have more to add...Kristen LOVES Rob. She shares his life and everything in it. She WANTS him to be successful, she is his number 1 fan and supporter and she wants RM to do well, and she knows all about what it takes to promote a film. Are their fans forgetting this?

Anonymous said...

To Monika....well...the National Enquirer also broke the Frank Gifford affair, the John Edwards and Tiger Woods affairs...they are more reliable than you think.

Anonymous said...

If people have such an epidermic reaction to Rob doing a photoshoot with a costar, I don't even want to imagine what will happen when the movie is released. Will they go see it? Will they tear it down because they don't agree/are upset with the pairing in the movie? Will the stupid rumors of him dating every single female costar go on? Right now, with the things I read everywhere, I'm upset for Rob's carreer, he needs to establish himself as a serious actor in HW but his fans sure don't help!

Regarding him & kristen, of course anyone who don't see they're together are blind. Their body action says it all. Add that to their words and everytime we got to see them together during their off time and it's obvious.

I totally agree with Rose too. Rob's definitely not shy in expressing his feelings for Kristen, he does wear his heart on his sleeve. And you easily can see that Kristen shares the same feelings. And truly she must love him for bearing all the hate towards her because of her relationship with him and bearing the papz and rumors that goes with it!

I really don't get some fans' reactions. Not only they don't accept Rob promoting his latest movie with his costar when they claim they support his carreer wholeheartedly. But also they'd rather have Rob single or being a manwhore having lots of one night stands than being in a loving relationship with Kristen. Or they'd rather see him unhappy because of his unrequited love for kristen? Because I doubt his robsessed fans don't see the adoration in Rob's eyes every time he looks at Kristen, people who spend hours staring at his crotch sure have catched his loving looks! Nonetheless they want his love for her to be unrequited. Weird, really weird...

Oh and why would it matter if Emilie is with her husband or not? Do people think Rob is jumping on all his available female costars? Is that what they think of him? And I like Emilie, she seems nice. Saw her in Roswell and Lost, my 2 previous fandoms. I never heard bad things about her or rumors that she was dating any of her previous costars from these tv shows, she's no paris hilton. Not saying she can't fall for a costar of course, but she's not the devil!!!

Anonymous said...

love the phrase 'He wears his heart on his sleeve ... And it has Kristen's name on it. " defines everything. because for Kristen, Emilie is not competition or anything. I hope the photoshoot of them have turned out very nice, because all we want this to help promote Remember Me and Robert do well in this new project, we want pretty pictures of him LOL :)