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Monday, December 7, 2009

I Love Robert AND Kristen


Thanks to ROBsessed for this beautiful picture.

I'm trying to focus on the positive.
It's not easy to do.
There is always so much drama...
so much controversy...
Surrounding Robert Pattinson.
Sometimes I think people forget why we are here.

Robert Pattinson.
The beautiful, shy, charming soul
who has captivated us...
Who has made so many fall in love with him.
Robert is all things good.
Robert isn't drama.
Robert isn't negativity.
Robert is wonderful smiles...
And goofy laughs...
Robert is modesty and charisma.
Robert is exceptional.
Robert is special.

That's why I'm here.
That's why I'm intoxicated.

Lovely Kristen.
This is a pic from
"Welcome to the Rileys"
I can't wait to see it.
I've been fascinated with all of Kristen's movies lately.
I've been adding them to my collection...
Am I becoming
Kristen Stewart Intoxication?
Well not yet...
But I do love and adore her!

And I hate to even address this...
But so many Kristen haters are all about
"Kristen is a lesbian" bullshit.
Just because she cut her hair and plays Joan Jett?
I suppose her relationship with Oregano
was just for show, too?
Funny how the lesbian bullshit didn't start until
Kristen started hanging with Rob...
That's the best you can come up with?
The bottom of that fucking barrel
has been scraped clean...

Leave her alone.

Bye for now.


Robward and Krisella 2 said...

I Totally Agree with you.

We have a campaing for that kind of people, that 'hate' Kristen.


Im Rori C.
From Robward and Krisella.

Kisses & Bites!

LK said...

Yesterday it was a bad day in all blogs,because of the Lucy Jones rumor.I don't know where that came for ,but Rob's fans,especially at the IMDb were excited.They want Rob to date anybody than Kristen.I don't know what's wrong with these girls and i don't care.For me,Kristen is the ideal girl for Rob.They're so much alike and different the same time,that they complete each other.They even have same mannerisms and they dress alike!!!Their story is far more romantic than the story of virginals Edward and Bella.

kristine.hills said...

You r right, i was wondering if the haters read theis article:
"The bottom line is that we eat women for breakfast, lunch and dinner in this culture. Let’s all keep that in mind the next time we call someone a slut or petulant or ungrateful. As women we need to figure out how to be better to each other."
I sometimes get ashamed of being woman, there is so much hate among us women, we should be proud bc we have a very young woman like Kristen that can represent us, bc she's gorgeous,talented and INTELLIGENT.Please, if u haters don't like her, so don't hate her either, just ignore.
Living a life hating someone u don't know just can bring u a poor quality life.
Thx Rose,i heart u!

Anonymous said...

I love this Rob's photo.He looks so innocent,it hurts.He's adorable.And Kristen.Geez!She looks broken,but sexy in a very classy way.The girls/women,who hate Kristen are just jealous of her.They know that Rob is in love with her for almost 2 years now.He waited patiently for her to make up her mind.And he won.He has said many times that she's breathtaking beautiful,that she's the best actress of her generation,that she's gonna be big,that you don't meet often girls like her,that she's a rare person,that he's looking forward to work with her in another movie,outside Twilight.He admires her and he loves her.And that hurts the majority of his obsessed fans,who think they have a shot with him.If it was a Victoria's secret model,or slutty Megan Fox,or EDR,CB or even his agent and TomStu,there's no problem.They like that.But when it comes to Kristen they hate her guts.

Especially at his IMDb,there's a bunch of lunatics.Lately they were bashing them,because at the London press conference video,when he was talking about his nipples and that his breast looks like a teen girls breast and she told him shhhhh!,just to protect him from saying something bad,the girls on IMDb,gone mad,because they were wondering who is she to tell him to shhhh!!!

Sometimes i really wish that Rob would say that he has a gf and that he's in love with her,or to see Kristen at London for Christmas and NYE,just for his obsessed fans to STFU.

kharma1 said...

Rose, I've been reading your blogs for awhile now and I'm finally commenting. First I want to thank you, I look forward to reading them everyday and I want to just tell you I think you are a wonderful writer and not only smart but have alot of common sense and you "get it", get life.
And Kristine.hill, you are so right about women hating women, I don't get it. These women must have such miserable lives, I guess the only thing we can do is feel sorry for them and hopefully their life will turnaround because if it doesn't, they will end up being miserable all their life and making everyone else around them miserable. What a way to live your life. And also agree with all the other "Positive" comments.
I love Kristen and Rob, what a beautiful love story. Isn't this what life is all about, to find someone to love and someone to love you. I'm happy for them and happy that they have each other to hold onto in the insanity that is surrounding them.
Thank you Rose.

Anonymous said...

absolutely agree... you couldnt of have said it better...

Anonymous said...

The fact that she was comfortable enough to shh him shows how close they are to each other. I shh my husband all the time in front of others. He does not have a filter when he speaks either!

I believe they are together as a couple and they bring out the best of each other. I only wish Rob and Kristen peace and happiness.

Angelica said...

You are so right! I agree, totally.
And I love the pics at them.
Peace to Rob and Kris. And you ofc!

loveactually said...

Hey Rose-
I just got in from an excruciatingly long day. I made one stop on the net and that's here to your blog. Yep, I love it that much.

A few months ago I stopped visiting alot of the places I used to frequent in the Twi fandom..simply because I couldn't read the lame comments. It just gets old after awhile...exhausting even...reading the same spew over and over. It's like poison to your mind. Trying to defend not only Kristen but a love that is there and very real for anyone who opens their eyes long enough to look. Also it's not just on Rob's side ...Kristen has some fans that would love her with anyone but Rob as well (shocking I know).

Very few places are left to find refuge. Thank you for providing one of the few.

Anonymous said...

rose you hit it again!!no matter how we try to defend kristen from this narrow minded people they will still humiliate kstew.it's so pathetic for them they are so old,matured people who does'nt care aboyut other's feeling.
so to all rob and kristen lovers we just have to ignore thi crazy ,narrow minded people!