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Monday, December 21, 2009

Landing in London

I woke up today in London
As the plane was touching down
And all I could think about was Monday
And maybe I'll be back around

If this keeps me away much longer
I don't know what I will do
You've got to understand its a hard life
That I'm going through

And when the night falls in around me
I don't think I'll make it through
I'll use your light to guide the way
Cause all I think about is you

Well L.A is getting kinda crazy
And New York is getting kinda cold
I keep my head from getting lazy
I just cant wait to get back home

And all these days I spend away
I'll make up for this I swear
I need your love to hold me up
When its all too much to bear

And when the night falls in around me
I don't think ill make it through
I'll use your light to guide the way
Cause all I think about is you

This song
(Landing in London)
made me think of Robert.
Like I don't just think about him a lot anyway.
Right, Rose.

It was all the Twitter rage
that Rob would be going to London
this past weekend.
Is he there?
Is he there alone?
I'm kinda guessing that if he were there
A picture would have surfaced...
But Rob is really pretty good
at moving around unnoticed lately.
I'm not sure he could pull off not being seen
at an international airport...
But I guess if he has a private jet
it could be possible.

So much speculation about whether or not
Kristen is going to join him in London.
I say she will.
Is it wishful blogging?
Damn right.
But all the negative, nasty Nonstens
can't sway my opinion.
No matter how many times
they write me comments...
or leave me emails...
Or send me links to some absurd site...
I believe what I see.
And I see Robert and Kristen...

I love that they are able to keep their time together
away from the prying eyes of the Paps...
They needed that.
They deserve it.
And I'm guessing that
Rob and Kristen will ring in the New Year.
You gotta be with the one you love...
at midnight... on New Year's Eve.

Again with the double edged sword.
One sharp edge wants Rob and Kristen
to have privacy and seclusion.
So that they can enjoy each other
without the intrusion of the press.
The other equally sharp edge...
Would LOVE to see just one...
Picture of Rob and Kristen in London.
Too fucking right.
Because that would shut up a lot of people.
And sometimes you deserve
peace and quiet... too.

Bye for now.


Angelica said...

That is so true.
Call me selfish, because I want to see a pic at them together. But I still want them to have privacy.. Gah, this is hard!

Loved the part: "You gotta be with the one you love...
at midnight... on New Year's Eve.

Sweet post, Rose.

Anonymous said...

Come to London Robert, we miss you :)

BUT the snow is really settling now (17.30 Monday), so that will mess up travel plans, which MUST be imminent.......

@BarnesPEdward xoxo

Anonymous said...

Rosie,i don't know if you're aeare of what that Delaney said at Twitter,that her source J,said that Rob's still in La,because there are some very serious personal issues that he and Kristen have.Do you think that maybe something's wrong?That all this scrutiny and crazy gossip caused serious troubles at their relationship?I really hope not.Kisses!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Rosie :). If you're selfish, then I'm too. Just one tiny tiny pic of them together .. please! That would be my X-mas-wish I guess ... sigh.

And to Anonymus who posted just before me. As the mods and D herself have said again and again, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO POST WHAT SHE WROTE ON HER BLOG OUTSIDE OF IT!!!! That girl has enough trouble on her hands without you causing her even more. Geez. And btw, you completely misunderstood what she wrote.


imloco2 said...

I just hate the thought of Rob flying over there when there's bad weather. I still don't buy that planes can fly. *snicker* But I want him to be with his family for Christmas. But I want him to be with Kristen too. And I don't want him to have his free time interrupted and ruined by paps. But I do want to see a picture of him and Kristen together. I'm just a conflicted mess. LOL I guess I'll stick with a wish for him to remain alive and healthy and happy wherever he is and whoever he's with (coughKrishopefullycough).

Anonymous said...

The haters are so insane, that even IF Kris goes to London, they'll be like, 'Oh, but so what? A lot of people take holiday vacations, it doesn't MEAN anything.'


They're so ridiculous. You could take a video of them BOTH naked in Rob's London home, Rob wearing a X-Mas stocking on his johnson, and Kris wearing nothing but a Santa hat, kissing under the mistletoe with their gifts for each other laying about, and those idiots would say, 'BAH! They're just practicing for that newly added 'Cullen Newlywed X-Mas' scene added to 'Breaking Dawn.' The insanely jealous have no reasoning skills. lol Thanks again Rose - for your kickasss posts!

Purple83 said...

I'm kinda selfish too...and like you, I don't really care what they try to shove in my face! I trust my eyes and my instincts...if they're wrong, so be it! but I will stand my ground, until something proves me wrong! and I don't mean nonstens or some rag...I mean photographic, video and audio confirmation of the contrary

Anonymous said...

I too am torn... between wanting them to have their privacy and seeing pics of them together, in London (or anywhere else for that matter, I'm not greedy lol). I hope they'll spend Chritmas or New Year together, happy and in peace. They deserve it. A little kiss under the mistletoe ;)

Oh btw could someone post the link to Delaney's blog (if that's okay of course). I read about her everywhere but have no clue what her blog is. Thanks in advance.

Kathy said...

I love all you "positive" thinking Robsten people out there !!! You rock !!! Yes, I believe it and until they show me proof otherwise. UNLESS you are a close friend of Rob and Kristen, how in the hell does anyone know if they have "very serious personal issues? I'm still confident that they will go to London in a few days. If not, then I'm sure they'll be together for New Years. You just HAVE to be with the one you love on New Years Eve. Yes, you do !!!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

It's been snowing really bad over here (uk) and it has affected some terminals and flights so who knows

monika said...

I've heard he's leaving tonight, she's not going with him, but heard she will got to London for NYE to be with him.

I would be shocked if she did go to London for X-mas, she's still a teen and has her own family, it's kinda good for them to spend some time apart, to get some space. Can't be with each other 24/7.

Anonymous said...

after reading this, the image of robsten riding a bicycle around English countryside pop into my mind...i don't know why...lol

Anonymous said...

Reason tells me that Rob will be in London with his family, and Kristen in LA with hers for Christmas. I'd love to see them together for Christmas, but I think it might be awkward for Kristen. I'm sure his family would prefer to have him alone and might even resent her if she came along, especially when she gets to see him far more than they do these days.
If that's the case, I'll bet they're together for New Year's Eve. Whatever they do, I hope they have a merry Christmas.


Anonymous said...

I think they'll probably be spending Christmas with their own families but will reunite as soon as they can, I'd say for NY eve. Just because from my experience, people and people who are dating usually spend/still want to spend Christmas with their respective family (unless they live together/are married and such and have to compromise). But who knows with Kristen and Rob. And in the usa people have the Halloween holidays, maybe that makes up for potential lack of presence at Christmas? I have no clue, I don't know the importance of Halloween vs Christmas in the states.

Now if Kristen goes to London for Christmas (yeah!), I don't believe it'd be awkward or that Rob's family would resent her. They'd still get to spend time with Rob a lot and that's what is important to them I guess. On the contrary I think they'd still be very happy to have rob with them and happy for him that his gf could join him. I think they're most probably very happy that Rob found a girl he loves and who loves him back and would find it great that he brings her back home for Christmas. Just my opinion.

Audrey said...

Rose, you really have spoken what I have in mind for me. I mean one picture or some pictures at one location in London just letting us all know they're there spending Christmas together wouldn't hurt, right? And that would manifest be the most perfect Christmas gift for many of us all around the world, althought that might as well ruin so many others' Christmas. =p But I don't care, I just would like to love to receive mine. =)

kristine.hills said...

"If there's anything you need
All you have to do is say
You knew you satisfy everything in me
We shouldn't waste a single day
So don't stop me falling
It's destiny calling
A power I just can't deny
It's never changing
Together forever and never to part
Together forever we two
And don't you know
I would move heaven and earth
To be together forever with you
If they ever get you down
There's always something I can do
Because I wouldn't ever wanna see you frown
I'll always do what's best for you
There ain't no mistaken
It's true love we're making
Something to last for all time
It's never changing"

Here another song that perfectly represent RK love story...
I'm intoxicated by your lovely words...sigh...

Anonymous said...

Like somebody said it´s not healthy for them to be together 24/7. X´mas is for families & K is a minor.

But NYE I definitely pray/hope that they will be together, I believe that you NEED to be with the MOST IMPT. PERSON in YOUR LIFE ON THIS DAY!

I want them to be safe from papz but a picture on NYE will make "US,robsten fans" from all over the world REALLY LOOK FORWARD to 2010 - Eclipse & BD!!!

Anonymous said...

I love this song... I didn't know it. I loved it so much when I listened to it, that I made a R/K video with this song as background... if you're interested it's here:

By the way, I always read and love your blog!