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Friday, December 11, 2009

Random Rose and Robert

Random Thoughts.

1. I get a lot of comments...
A LOT of comments...
Asking how do *I* know that Kristen is spending
Christmas in London with Robert.
How do I know?
I don't.
It's wishful blogging.
And it just seems logical to me
that Rob is going to London to spend
the holidays with his family...
And I'm thinking that he doesn't want
to be separated from Kristen for too long of a time...
So if not Christmas...
Maybe ringing in the New Year together?
Sounds logical.
And oh so romantic!

2. I was going through my Rob folders.
It took a while...
I was looking for B/W pics.
I had NO idea how many I actually have.
Man, I'm a lunatic.
If I was looking at myself from the outside?
I would fucking RUN as far away as possible.
I scare me.

3. I watched "In the Land of Women" again.
I've seen the movie quite a few times.
It was making the rotation on HBO...
so every time I came across it
I would watch it... no matter where in the movie it was.
I love Kristen in this movie.
Well, I love Kristen...
She's good in this movie.
She's the reason I watch it so much.
Kristen is blond in it...
and guess what?
She's a beautiful blond.
Like THAT is a surprise.
But there's a scene with Meg Ryan
(who plays her Mom)
in the hospital...
And Kristen makes me cry
EVERY damn time I watch it.
I'm such a sap.
And she's that good.

D. Anyone know why I am so affected
by the music in New Moon?
I swear (a lot)
every time the "Jacob" music comes on...
I get all teary and emotional.
It fucking tugs at my heart...
and I just want to hug Jake.
I know I'm being manipulated here...
and it's fucking working.
I love Taylor in this movie.
I love Taylor and Kristen in this movie.
Excellent job.
And thanks for the punch in the gut
when I hear Jacob's music.
I appreciate it.

23. Do I have anything else to say?
Not really.
Robert and Kristen
have been out of sight
(not out of mind)
for a while now.
And unfortunately for us...
(and fortunately for them)
I don't see the drought ending
anytime soon.
That's OK.
I'm guessing that wherever Robert is
(with Kristen)
He is smiling that big, goofy, adorkable smile.
And that's good.

Peace Robert.

Bye for now.


TanjaB. said...

Ah, sweet Rose, another great post. I have watched ITLOW quite a few times as well, and it's so very good. K is really amazing in it.

I share your hope that R & K will spend a wonderful Xmas together. Or at least New Year's eve. Here's hoping. ;)

Whatever they do and wherever they are, I just want them to be happy and together.



rachel - nz said...

Hi Rose,
Love , Love, LOVE
your blog. You make all my irrational thoughts make sense. I often wonder why a BW photo of a man i have never met makes my day better..........

Im with you, I think they will spend xmas and new year together.....

Ps don't worry about the haters....I am sure they have many other things they hate in their
lives as well.
Please continue to "show us the love" of rob and kris and your love of rob and kris.

kristine.hills said...

It's so simple that K will b w/R in London for Xmas and NYE.They r not just a b/g-friend they r a couple completely in love and it seems so natural to spend holidays together, why not?I'm sure they r happy together too.U rock again Rose...nice n beautiful words, they really are a romantic couple.

imloco2 said...

Peace. What a wonderful thing. I'm glad they are finding it. They have to be since I haven't seen hide nor hair of Kris in almost a month and only one little piccy of Rob looking like...Rob. LOL It kind of warms my heart thinking that they are finally getting the down time they need. I wonder if they can get to the UK unseen... hope so. Great thoughts Rose.