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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Kristen Makes Rob Happy... Wrong or Right?

I'm fixing a hole where the rain gets in
And stops my mind from wandering
Where it will go

I'm filling the cracks that ran through the door
And kept my mind from wandering
Where it will go

And it really doesn't matter if
I'm wrong I'm right
Where I belong I'm right
Where I belong
See the people standing there
Who disagree and never win
And wonder why they don't get in my door

(Love my Beatles)

You should really get comfortable.
Grab some popcorn...
Make sure you stay hydrated...
Because it's going to be a 

I think...
I think I don't even want to read about
Robert and Kristen anymore.
At least as far as "Robsten" is concerned.

"it really doesn't matter if I'm wrong, I'm right."
is kinda the Hatesten mantra.
It doesn't matter what is said.
It doesn't matter what is shown.
It really doesn't matter.

If I had a picture of Robert and Kristen...
Kissing passionately in front of Westminster Abbey...
It really wouldn't matter.
"it's photo-shopped."
"He's whispering to her, it's hard to hear in London"
"Rob is just warming up her lips"
"That's not Kristen...
she has a totally different nose"
"Rob just wanted to share his gum"

See the people standing there
They disagree and never win

and wonder why they don't get in my door.

I don't even care if I see another picture
of Robert and Kristen...
Unless they are doing some press...
or at an event...
Or some other public function.
I would be thrilled...
ecstatic even...
If there weren't any more Pap pics
of Robert looking forlorn and unhappy.
One of the reasons I love the idea of
Robert and Kristen...
Is Rob's happy face when he is with her.
Big goofy smile.
His whole face is lit up...

And is it wrong to want that for Rob?
Is it bad that I like to see him so happy?
And if Kristen is the one to do that for him...
Why wouldn't I want them together?

I'm fixing a hole...
where the rain gets in...
It stops my mind from wandering...
Where it will go...

Bye for now.  


imloco2 said...

*big sigh of relief* Thanks Rose. I feel better now. I shouldn't let 'em get to me. Think Zen...

You are totally right (again). He glows with happiness when he's with Kristen. How can I not want that for him? How can anyone not want that for him if they like Rob even a little.

Anonymous said...

I would love if Rob and Kristen, said that they are togethet...to shut up all the not believers.
I'm wish she is in London with him, even if it doesn't mean anything if she isn't.
I say this because my sister lives in france and her fiance his french and she is portuguese and she never spends christmas or NYE with him she always comes to Portugal to spends this hollidays seasons.

Anonymous said...

You're exactly right, Rose. When he is near Kristen, he can't take his eyes off her or hide his smile. The look on his face when he looks at her is nothing short of complete adoration. It's a beautiful thing to observe. She's smart, fun, beautiful and sexy. He chased her for nearly two years before he finally won her and I don't think he'll ever let go. Beautiful, adorable couple.

Anonymous said...

And your right wen Rob is with Kristen his always happy.

Anonymous said...

Whoa!You should write a romantic novel.His face lits up when she's with him.What bullshit is this?Rob is always happy and laughs all the time.Have you seen him unhappy when he's out with his friends?Or at his interviews,even when he's alone and not with Kristen?Not to mention that he likes to have one or two beers and that helps the hapiness,too.So,stop the crap and move on in reality.

Anonymous said...

Rose, you're such a fantastic person. I love the way you run your blog and I admire how you really let us feel the way you felt. You are one of us, millions of sympathizers who just wanted Rob to be happy and unluckily for the others, it was our beloved Kristen that we witnessed that he loves more.

Anonymous said...

Rose, exactly! I don't understand how some of his fans don't want him happy.. after the handholding pics some were even saying they wouldn't be his fan anymore. He looked so happy in those pictures, how could you not feel happy for them? But they are able to forget about those pictures, and the KOL pictures, and the countless other things that point to a relationship and pass it off as "nothing" because it makes them feel better. But it's funny how they so totally don't believe but feel compelled to write rude comments on your blog. Sorry, but most people don't do that if they actually think they are right about something.

Anonymous said...

Rose, you remind me of the old beat poets. Great stuff here.

I always think of what Rob said, something to the effect of love evolves out of a true, long-term friendship. I think that part of Kristen's appeal for him is that she is absolutely authentic. She's also not intimidated by him or his extreme fame and tells him like it is; one of her pet names for him is "flippy."

That's got to be a big draw for a guy whose fame is so much based on fantasy. He responds to her dry humor and trusts her absolutely.


Rose said...

Anon @10:38

I love that you feel the need to not only read my blog on a daily basis... but also can't help but comment. Should I be flattered?

And yes, I'm sure other things make Rob happy... but so does Kristen. Why don't you gnaw on that a while and get back to me?
I'm sure you will ;)

I also love how my humble opinions get some people so worked up.
Relax. Really... It will be OK.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog very much,actually.You make me laugh with all this romantic crap of yours.But deep inside,i know that you enjoy people like me who don't buy everything twitter or Ted serves and just have doubts.It's called logic,reality.And also you have to admit that stirring the pot brings you more comments!So,i know that you thank me and you're welcome!

Angelica said...

Great stuff! You're so right.

Anonymous said...

Adding to my previous post.I think this is what makes robsten so appealling.The fucking debate.Shippers who believe in them blindly(if this word even exists),nonstens don't believe that they're together and robsessed who hate them together.It's a kind of "battle"and everyone tries their best to win and prove they're right.I have to say that i don't belong in any of these"teams".I don't care if they're or not together and i don't don't want to get into Rob's pants.He's too young for my taste.I like him,i think he's a really cool kid and he seems decent and down to earth.I also like Kristen.She's a beautiful,talented girl and very down to earth too.I've noticed they're alike,but that doesn't mean that they're together.Of course it doesn't mean that they aren't.If they're,i think they would be a very attractive young couple.If they don't,it would be such a waste.

But give some solid proof that they're and not some tweets from "legit people"like Delaney,who 2 weeka ago claimed that R/K have serious issues.Even KStew411 didn't confirm that K is indeed in London.So now you're gonna think why i read this stuff,if i don't care.Well,it's my hobby ,at least for now,and i'm having fun.I'm laughing with all these obsessed shippers who are drooling over R/K,the robsessed who are drooling all over Rob and the nonstens,who spit hate on both of them,especially on Kristen.And i find it hidaeus.After all, ireally believe that when the day comes and the robsten mystery is solved,then all the teams will be sad and not happy one way or another,because they will lose their game.

Anonymous Jen!

Anonymous said...

Anon, Jen, et al,

While you are entitled to post as you wish,it's obvious that your hobby isn't so much haunting the Rob and/or Kristen blogs as just inserting what you evidently believe are clever, pithy comments. Not so!

Get a life, my dear. A better hobby might be honing your English grammar and spelling skills.


Anonymous said...

Linda,dear,my life is very well,thank you.How's yours?As for haunting???Rob and Kristen blogs,i think it's kinda of hardcore to say that.The truth is that sometimes when i'm in my office and i'm bored and stuffed with the tons of paperwork,i hust need some fun and i surf the internet.I don't haunt these blogs.So,go back to get some rest now.OK?

Anonymous said...

@anonymous Jen, There's a difference between having an opinion and being totally disrespectful and rude on someone elsses blog. It's immature. Same goes for Robsessedblog also, she's not a Robsten fan, but she should'nt get attacked on her blog either. Even if you are just trying to get people worked up.

I don't read Ted, but it's obvious to me they are a couple. I could go on about why, The hand holding pics, C. Hardwicke saying Kristen told her directly they are together, Rob's Letterman interview, how they act together, dinners, concerts, Kristen saying it will come out naturally. To me, all those things and more don't fit with them just being friends. But I'm sure you know that.
I think it makes it even sadder you have no real interest but writing comments on blogs is your "hobby". And it's sad your pretend to be a Robsten fan to be on Delaney's LJ. Really, get a life.

Anonymous said...

To Anonimous Jen, 12.59 p.m.

KStew411 did confirm in her tweet that Kristen was in London. I don't know what tweet did you see? but if you read KStew411, you misread it.

Kathy said...

Once again Rose, you took the words right out of my mouth. It's totally understandable why Rob and Kristen prefer to keep things under wraps....WAY TOO MUCH SCRUTINY ABOUT THEIR RELATIONSHIP. They obviously want "something" that is private and just between them. Nothing wrong with that. It's actually kind of sweet. Wherever they are I hope they're happy and enjoying some peace. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Rose,you're so cool and right. I believe in Robsten and you!!
KStew411 and Delaney confirmed on Twitter she's in London for NYE. They are one of the credible posters on Twitter I think.
And yes he lighten up when he is with her, and she with him too. They are happy with each other when they spend time together.

May said...

"He's whispering to her, it's hard to hear in London"
"Rob is just warming up her lips"
"That's not Kristen...
she has a totally different nose"
"Rob just wanted to share his gum"


Wow. Haters sure have like NO contact with reality, huh...LOL

ITA with you.If we had a pic of them making out in a public place,or even a frickin sex tape, haters&nonstens will ALWAYS repeat their delusional mantra. So I say,ignore them as much as possible.

All I want in 2010 & beyond for our bbs is a happy together year,filled with love. Because their love is obvious to everyone but those who don`t want to see it. They make each other happy & that makes ME happy.

Happy New Year, Rose! Here`s to hope that 2010 will be 10x better than 2009 for all of us. <3

kristine.hills said...

I get SO sad SO PISS#D when people is SO RUDE withn RK. Why? Jesus!!! I can't stand this kind of behaviour.If you don't like R or K or RK don't read about them. Don't be a miserable person and throw your hate at 2 people you don't even know. They are 2 young beautiful people trying to SURVIVE the tsunami their lives became. OMG, all the weight of the world is on their shoulders and it's NOT enough,they still have to face hate,envy and jealousy. I don't care if there is a pic of K in LONDON or not, bc I DO KNOW she is with Rob.You are where your heart is, and her heart belongs to R and vice versa. Shut up and dont tell me bullsh.t, please. There are tons of proof they are a COUPLE. If you don't want to see it's your choice. THEY DON'T OWE US ANYTHING ANYTHING ANYTHING.They are actors? Yeah.THey are famous? OK. So they owe us what they do best, their talented job ON SCREEN, they act and we watch. OFF SCREEN they don't need to prove anything about their PRIVATE?PERSONAL lives.Get it? PERSONAL AND PRIVATE, do you need a dictionary?PERIOD.
ROse and a lot of great people here, GREAT words, they make one another VERY MUCH HAPPY.
SEE? YES You do see it, bc it's obvious,and if you waste your poor time to come here it's bc YOU DO SEE IT and it's eating you soul ALIVE. Poor you!
Rose and all Nice people here, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

PS.: English is not first language, but i don't hate people, i LOVE people, even people i don't even know,like ROBKRIS, and it makes my life SO MUCH HAPPY and light and cool...Life is short folks, let's spread LOVE.

Anonymous said...

Kristine.hills, my apologies to you if you thought my comment to Anon Jen was meant for you. I have only great admiration for anyone for whom English is not their first language who participates in a foreign language. You write very well, and I enjoyed your post very much.


imloco2 said...

Seriously...if, say, Ashley Greene were caught spending the night with another actor at a hotel everyone would say they were together. If she were spotted out with someone night after night, was seen super close and whispering at a concert or seen getting on a plane with her arm wrapped around his nobody would be asking if they were together. It would just be assumed and people would be talking about their relationship, how serious are they etc etc. And if it were say, Jackson and he'd been saying how he had a crush on Ashley and went on for months how wonderful she was and then all that happened they probably saying they must be getting married soon. Why is it only R&K that somehow incur all the doubt? Talk about not in touch with reality. It amazes me, it really does, the amount of scoffing and ridicule and disdain some like to dish out for no reason. How do you argue with someone who refuses to be rational? You can't. So...I'll shut up now. *g*

kristine.hills said...

Linda Anon,Dear my post wasn't for you either, it was for who doesn't have a life, and hate so much in their lives. My apologies to you too. ;)

Anonymous said...

To Kristine.Hills

Geez,you're so touchy!Are R/K your kids?Your friends?Are you related to them?I don't think so!Then why are you so nervous like you're offended?How can you say to others that they must find a life since it seems YOUR life is to act like R/K 's protector.I have my opinion and i express it.This is a free blog,i think.If you don't agree with my opinion just skip it and read all the others?OK?

kristine.hills said...

To Anon 6:42

At least i read the RIGHT blog. I read blogs that show/express LOVE for RK. Get it?