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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Random Rose and Robert

Random Thoughts.

1. So I guess there are some shitty Pap pics out there
intruding into Rob's life.
I haven't seen them. I don't want to see them.
I've made my feelings very clear
on what I think of these people.
Don't fucking tell me they are only
doing their motherfucking job.
Complete Bullshit.
No one.
Should have to deal with that...
I don't give a shit how much money they make...
or how 'famous' they are...
I don't want to hear that it's
'part of the job'.
Fuck that shit.
You do not...
You DO NOT treat another
human being the way that Paps
are allowed to treat Robert Pattinson.


2. Great way to start the day...
Being all angry and upset.
Being all heartbroken and protective
for Robert.
Sometimes I don't even want to be connected
to this whole Twilight bullshit.
There is so much negativity surrounding it.
It's hard to deal with.
I love you...
Be safe.

3. I watched New Moon.
Yes. Again.
It's hard for me to deny myself
watching Robert strut over to Kristen...
It's still my favorite part of the movie.
Everything about it is perfection.
But I think the shy smile at the end...
gets me every time.
I still get a bit teary at parts...
but I found that I get emotional at
Bella/Jacob parts as much as Bella/Edward parts.
Interesting... Yes?
I think Taylor Lautner did a helluva job.
And the last scene with him?
One of my faves as well...
Kristen and Taylor fucking rocked it.
I believed it.
But the lines...
They make me cry...
"Don't make me choose...
Because it will be him...
It's ALWAYS been him."
Pretty much the whole storyline of
the Twilight Saga.
I felt sorry.
I felt bad for Jacob.
And I don't remember feeling like that
when I read the book.

4. I'm floored that people were so upset
over my post about Michael Oregano.
I thought I was being nice.
Sarcastically nice.
Ah well...

If there is one thing I have learned
this past week?
You cannot live up to other peoples
expectations of who they think you are.
What you see...
is what you get.

It's all right now.
I've learned my lesson well...
You see you can't please everyone...
So you got to please yourself.

Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

Great post as always Rose! New Moon was my least favorite book. The movie was amazing. Kristen's performance in the rain when Jacob was telling her he couldn't be her friend...omg...broke my heart...she was so raw, real, so great. Taylor was terrific. And yes, Rob strutting over to kiss his Stew with the sly smile...pure gorgeous perfection. Paps need to back off, couldn't look at the pics, so wrong in every way. Poor Rob and Kristen.

Angelica said...

Your so right about the paps. Rob is still a human, and he doesn't deserve that sh*t. I felt so sorry for him. I'm glad that you brought that up!
And that parts of New Moon is absolutely great. Everyone in the cast did an amazing job!

Renas40 said...

I was Twitter at the wrong time today, the link came up as I was posting and I got all exited thinking I would see a fan picture, well what I saw had me so angry at first that I shut the site down, then my anger turned to sorrow. I actually cried, how can another human being treat another human like this? What to earn a living? I love Robert and Kristen and I am a fan but I would rather go without seeing any pictures of them than for them to be treated like this. Please we all deserve some respect and none was shown. There should be a law against this kind of harassment.

Cat said...

I feel bad for Rob. I do. I wish people would leave him alone. And those pics you posted, I know they aren't the pap pics, but I still want to cry looking at them. He looks so sad. :(

Cheer up butter cup. We love you.
(Thats for you and Rob... lol)

Anonymous said...

So,Rob was spotted last night with his friends.Only them.The last pic we had of him was with the employee of that BH's hotel.Isn't it strange that we don't see him hunging out with Kristen anymore?And he's at LA.He prefers his friends company.

Now that the NM promoting has finished,i guess there's nothing there for R/K to promote anymore,if you know what i mean.I don't understand all these people who even think that they're gonna spend Christmas together in London.Are you kidding?Come on,people!Wake up and smell the coffee!!!It's all for PR,just to keep the hype and the interest up.They have two or maybe three more upcoming films.I bet we're gonna see some pics of them hunging out around June,when the promote of Eclipse will start.

I saw a video with Rob from Japan today.The journalist asked him if it's unavoidable to fell in love with your co-star.Rob was about to answer,but his manager Nick popped and interrupted the interview.Strange isn't it?Rob is not a child,he's a grown man he can answer.But this attitude by his manager shows something to me.Everything is organized,people!These people are proffesionals,they know what moves to do to keep the fire alive.I'm sorry if i'm bitching about R/K,but i'm a reality person.I'm not day dreaming.And my bottom line is:"Hollywood gives you what you want,delusions".R/K are not a couple,i'm absolutely sure about it.
p.s.I'm not a hater,a nonsten or one of the crazy Rob's fans.I don't want to do him or Kristen.I'm just realist.

imloco2 said...

A unrealistic realist...interesting.

Anonymous said...

it's the way i see things.Maybe you don't agree with me,but i'm sure that even you,who believe in them,you find some things and attitudes off.

Miri said...

To:Anonymous said...(10.58 AM)
If it's for PR I think that should continue because they have other movie to promote next summer. So, I don't buy your theory.
Thank you Rose for your post.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 10:58

You really think it's for PR purposes? Rob doesn't have a publicist because he says quote " I don't want publicity" and he says "I don't want to be told what to do"... I can't even imagine what Kristen would do if she was asked to fake a romance. If that was the case when they go out to dinner they would go out front TOGETHER instead the go out different exits. Rob went with Kristen to her The Runaways cast screening two days ago, and so yes, they still hang out together. It's fine to think they are just friends but please don't make Rob out to be a media whore publicity seeker when he's the opposite. Like Kristen says she just wants to "keep something". Because Rob went to his friends show him and Kristen were never together? They have said over and over again they just want privacy in their personal life, THAT'S why they act the way they do.
Sorry this is long winded I don't care in the slightest if people think they are together, but when people say he's doing the things he does for publicity, it's irritating.

loveactually said...

Rose- Thanks for this blog...I love you bunches. I'm sorry for all the pot stirring and hating you have to deal with because of your feelings.

The same thing happened to me that happened to Renas40. I was on twitter started clicking links and there they were...the worst and most intrusive pics of Rob I've ever seen. I'm glad you didn't see them.

To anon @ 10:58 that was an awfully long post for someone who doesn't buy the RK relationship.
Interesting that you posted here on a pro Rob/Kristen blog? So the Rob we saw hiding his face in the pics from last night does things strictly for PR and to bring attention to his films? Charlie sighting 5 months before NM was released was for PR? RK hiding and running in and out of their hotels in VC was all for PR? Wow I guess that speaks volumes regarding your opinion of Rob. I tend to give him and also Kristen more credit then that. But I do agree with you on one thing...time will tell indeed. BTW I'm a realist too.

Anonymous said...

Rose, love your blog, love this post. As a long-time writer, I can tell you that when you put it out there, there's always someone (or many someones) who will trounce on your words. You will never please everyone. And there are many people out there who can't respectfully disagree with you, they must express themselves with vitriol.
I'm sure you know all this, but it's just my way of saying that whatever you do, please don't blandify (OK, it's a coined word) your terrific blog. Continue speaking your mind. It's what those of us who love you, love about you.


kristine.hills said...
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kristine.hills said...
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kristine.hills said...

To anon@10:58
it's really interesting how u can post ur theory here.Can't u see we're very protective for R/K? U must be a loser, or never knew a real realysh in your poor life.Yeah actions speak louder than words, and we'be been seeing R/K too much together for the last 7 months,CM,MTV,Vanc,Kings show,dinners dinners and dinners, uncountable romantic dinners, JUST Rob n Kris nobody else,NYC and R in LA for Thxgiving,R w/K in TR sreening.NOPE, they don't need to be together 24/7, it's more than natural to spend time w/friends.So all i can see is you never had a relaysh in your life.I'm not in a good mood to put up with b*t right now, it has been a difficult week w/so much hate for R or K or K/R, it's enough, we believe they r together and why don't you get out of here,i'm sure u can find your place with Robssesed crazy fans.
Sorry Rose, i get p*d off when i have to read this stuff h3ll.
Rose, love ya!

Anonymous said...

@to Kristine.Hills.

Are you having your period,dear,'cause you sound really irritaded!It's a free blog and i can post my opinion.I'm not the kind of person who has delusions with HW actors,who i don't know.But you obviously have.You're in love with R/K.In fact you're in love with their "supposable"great love story.And that leads me think that YOU are the one whom never had a real relationship with a real guy and not with Robward and Kribella.lol

Clarissa said...

Dear Rose: Every time I read your posts...I feel like you were reading my thoughts...every thing you wrote I have thinked or feel it before...and it makes me glad that you can write them and share them with us.
Also New Moon was my least favorite book...because Edward leaves...and in the book I dind't liked Jacob at all...but as you said...in the movie I sort of liked Jacob and I felt very sorry for him.

otsuu said...

I saw NM today too.. and I felt in love again! I (L) everything on this movie. I`d love to read the Midnight Sun version of NM.. I so want to know what happened with Edward when they were apart..<3 <3

Natt said...

I admire both Rob and Kristen and I was lucky enough to see her in person when she came to knoxville and I got her autograph! I was shocked at how tiny she really is and she had the most gorgeous smile and she was very beautiful and I don't understand all the hate directed at this girl because she is connected to Rob.What a sad world we live in

Rae said...

I got teary during New Moon too. I also feel the same way.. I felt bad for Jake in the movie. In the book I don't remember feeling that way. They all did amazing, especially Taylor Lautner. He plays Jake really well.

In response to your number 2.. I feel the same way! I sometimes hate the fact that I love Twilight.

And one more thing.. I know that we all love Rob, and I haven't seen these pictures either, but this is how it is for almost ALL celebrities. No one should be treated that way, not just Rob.

weirdfishes said...

OMG! Love those pics... and as always I agree with u!