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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Walk This Way... Please

My absolute FAVORITE thing to watch him do.
(Oh hell, that's not quite true...
I'm sure there are a lot of things I would
LOVE to see him do that have
nothing at all to do with walking... ;)

I wanted to focus on something wonderful.
Perfectly fantastic.
And Robert...
The way he fucking moves...
Fucking moves me.

And I know I should apologize
for my liberal use of the word
But... come on.
It really is a great word.
And it fucking fits any description of Rob.
Rob is fucking beautiful.
Rob was fucking awesome in New Moon...
Have you ever seen anyone take better
fucking pictures than Robert Pattinson?
Robert Pattinson is fucking sex.
Robert Pattinson fucking adores Kristen Stewart
(Oh stop... you knew I would get it in somewhere!)
See what I mean?
Robert Fucking Pattinson.
Robert owns fuck.
If you looked up the word in the dictionary...
wouldn't you fucking love
to see Robert's picture there?
You know you already see him in your head
when you hear the word...
Think the word.
You know you fucking do.
I know I do.

I love that I can close my eyes...
And just think...
And there he is...
With his sex hair...
and those smoldering eyes...
and that smirky smile...
Being all fucking sexy...
Being Rob.


And I'm fucking OK with that.

Bye for fucking now.


bjkay said...

Fucking yes. I fucking love Robert. He us so fucking sexy... Couldn't really live without his face on my fucking wall..
Fuck!!! Love your blog, Rose!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more

Rob = fuckhawt
He looks fuckhawt
He talks fuckhawt
He dosn't realise he is fuckhawt which makes him even more fuckhawt
Oh fuck he is hawt!

jc said...

total agreement!

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah, fucking true

Anonymous said...

Since the word has its origin as an abbreviation of "Fornication Under Consent of the King" written above the doors of married peasant's huts it seems appropriate that Rob now owns the word - just look at the LTR post today - Rob is reinvigorating the sex life of married couples by being his fuckhawt self - so go ahead perv and fornicate under consent of the king HHH!

deejon67 said...

Love Your Blog and Yea He is Fucking Hawt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is my favorite ever of your posts, Rose! Yes he is fucking hot! And you know what I love most about that fact? He very well knows that women desire him on such a massive scale, and he simply doesn't care. It's like a pleasant compliment to him, one he tosses off as having little impact on his life. And that's not because he's rude or conceited. It's because he determines his own worth for himself, something that's supremely sexy in anyone. The man is simply delicious.


spellbound said...

Everything Rob does turns me on, from just sitting there not saying a word, to talking, walking, drinking, smoking, singing, acting, eating, laughing, smiling, scowling, licking, laying, standing...well, you get the picture! Now, there are some other verbs I've never had the pleasure to see him do and to be honest I'm afraid to even imagine some of those, cuz I'm pretty sure my head (and other parts) would explode...

rachel l nz said...

Rose..best blog ever..
Rob = fuck hawtness
I actually physically feel better when I see him......weekends are long when the husband is around and I am unable to see Rob in all his Fuck gloryness!!!!

Angelica said...

That is so fucking true!
Rob is so fucking great in every way!
And he can fucking walk like nowone else.
Fucking love!

Vampsus said...

Fuck, yes.
Thank you for pointing out the obvious. It felt sooo good to read your words today!
*heart you*

Anonymous said...

Well fucking said Rose!

I love him walking too...


Leslie C. Franklin said...

Everything about Rob is hotttt....I swear, NO one celebrity (or peron really!) has ever made me feel this way! He is incredible!

Leslie C. Franklin said...