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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday With The Stew

Taylor was on SNL last night.
And as expected...
He did pretty good.
He wasn't one of those people who had
to stare at the teleprompter to remember his lines...
He wasn't all stiff and boring.
He was Tay.
You could tell how excited he was...
and his opening monologue was hilarious!
I just have one complaint...
and its not about Taylor.
It's like SNL went out of their way
to play him against type.
Weird wigs
(weird, but still better than Jaspers?
WTF is THAT about?)
And a lot of the writing was pretty bad...
But still...
Taylor did good.
I've become a fan...
And I never thought that would happen.

LOVE this picture.
It's right after the Parking Lot Strut...
And I love how they are looking at each other.
So cute.
Yeah, yeah...
I fucking know its a scene from the movie
(just saving you some time, haters)
But honestly...
How many times have you seen
Kristen and Rob look like this in public?
Believe me...
You are going to run out of fingers and toes.

Kristen Stewart.

1. Some pics of her leaving her family home
were taken yesterday.
So she's still in L.A. (for now)
Someone on Twitter brought up a very good point...
Is there going to be outrage at the paps
for stalking Kristen at home?
I mean...
Rob was at a public venue when
those horrific pics were taken of him...
but it was a public venue.
Kristen was at her parents home.
I mean... Shit.
That's fucking scary.
Is there going to be a
Twitter frenzy?
You gotta wonder.

2. It's pretty obvious by now that
I fucking adore Kristen Stewart.
There are so many sites that adore her too...
And I love "According to my Sources"
Not only is it full of love for the Stew...
But its funny and witty...
and always makes me laugh.
It's good shit.
You should read it if you already aren't.


F. I was going to talk about another
Kristen/Robsten thing...
But in true Scarlett O'Hara fashion...
Tomorrow is another day!

Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

I adore Kristen, too. But are so many people who hate her... You have no idea. I never saw in my life so much hate for a person. I made the mistake to go on nonsten.com site and I was scared. Realy. I don't understand that girls.
Thank you Rose for all your posts.

kristine.hills said...

Yes there are a lot of sites/blogs that adore Kristen, but there are some that don't like even mention Kristen.It's weird.
Love your words!

Cat said...

OHHH we should get a RESPECT KRISTEN thing going...

and yes, I love the 'according to my sources' blog... FUNNY SHIT!

I like to read it drunk, cause I know they most likely write it drunk, lol.

Anonymous said...

I've never understood the nonsten thing. I say believe or don't believe, but do they have to fight other people's belief in the Rob/Kristen relationship with vicious diatribe? No matter how gifted those of us who love Kristen think she is, so much hate for someone who is still a teenager is pretty scary.


loveactually said...

I watched SNL last night. Some parts were funny and some were (to be honest)cringe worthy. It wasn't Taylor's fault....like you said the writing is just bad and has been for awhile. Taylor seems to take himself too seriously to be considered comedic so I was surprised how much I loved the Team Edward/Team Jacob skit. That was the best part for me.

Maybe I've stayed away for too long from the drama or the sites that don't care for Kristen because I don't think there is nearly as much hate as there used to be. Hopefully people have moved on and found that it's healthier to focus on things you do like and that make you happy. Of course if you go to a site with Nonsten in the title you will be faced with Kristen hate. Maybe all the haters congregate on those types of sites...if that's the case I wont complain.

Thanks Rose for not only adoring Rob but loving Kristen too. :)

imloco2 said...

I think, and this is just me rambling, I think that the stars have to align just right and certain conditions met to make the fans rise up in protest. Which is why tons of shows will get canceled and people just grumble and move on and another one bites the dust and there is a great outcry that can move mountains.

I think the reason there is such an outcry over the Rob pics and not for the Kris pics is like that. Take a hugely popular actor who millions of women feel protective over and let a gang of asshats swarm him, yell at him, get up in his face, chase him, whatever...and see him huddle against a wall trying to hide his face and you get a visceral reaction that makes people act. Doesn't matter where he's at, it's awful and hurts to look at.

Kris on the other hand has the reputation (true or not) of being able to take care of her self and being able to kill with a look. (bitchface anyone?) So we see her at her parents house true, but it's close ups so you don't see anything revealing, she's smiling and the rats are apparently taking pictures from a distance. Therefore, not as much outrage.

Not saying it's right or wrong, it's just easy to write down the injustice on paper and say why don't people rise up in protest for this or that. But it takes more than that. It takes something that touches your heart. There is just too much injustice in the world to freak out over every instance and I think people are kind of desensitized anyway. I would have thought the Stewie websites would have gone apeshit over the incident with her trying to get to the elevator in the garage I think it was. That, to me, was more disturbing.

Anyway, like I said, rambling. Better shut it. ;) Love the thoughts Rose.