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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kristen Kissed a Girl?

Not a lot to say today.
We might as well get used to it.
I don't see a lot of
Rob/Kristen related news in our future.
And while that is all well and good
for Rob and Kristen...
There is only so long the Twilight Universe
can go without seeing their shining stars...
before the claws come out...
and the backs get stabbed...
and general mayhem and unrest.

Remember how you felt when it was the
height of the New Moon frenzy?
It was overwhelming...
There was so much info to process.
Everywhere you turned there was a new video...
New pictures...
Another TV appearance.
and now...

It's not an easy transition for most people.
Some sit back and enjoy the quiet.
Some write daily bullshit on their blogs
*cough*Yeah, Me!*cough*
Some make up shit and gossip...
And some...
They keep their knives sharpened
and aimed at Kristen.

I had a few emails yesterday
where some people were discussing
how they thought Kristen was a lesbian
(not that there's anything wrong with that)
I mean...
Kristen dates Robert...
and now she is a lesbian?
(not that there's anything wrong with that)
Where was all this talk when she was
with our shorty spice, Oregano?
She was dating him for years...
Never a lesbian peep.
Because she's with Rob...
She must be gay.
(not that there's anything wrong with that)
You see where I'm going here?
There always has to be some kinda bullshit
going on when it comes to her.
It's incredibly ridiculous the lengths
some people will go to...
to dismiss the relationship between Rob and Kristen.

It's futile to try and find sanity and reason
where there is only hatred and jealousy.

So I only wish
Peace and Love
Robert and Kristen.

*And enjoy New Years Eve...
in London.*


Bye for now.


Debby said...

Oh Rose, I love your daily bullshit! You say so eloquently what so many of us feel. Thank you. So, Kris is a lesbian now, huh? (not that there's anything wrong with that). I also think people would prefer that Rob be gay (not that there's anything wrong with that) over the fact that he is in love with Kristen. I just can't figure some people out - nor do I really want to.

I don't look forward to our Rob/Kris drought - well, I guess we are already in it now aren't we? But, perhaps my kids will have clean clothes and a decent hot meal for the next couple of months. No more Digiorno (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Angelica said...

I haven't got anything to lbog about either ;)

People think's that she's a lesbian because she was joking in an interview that she was a lesbian (not that there's anything wrong with that), or something!

Or the thing you said, everyone's jealous!


kristine.hills said...
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kristine.hills said...

Hey Angelica,JMO i think people say she's a lesbian just bc she is dating Rob as Rose said, her commentary gave more power for the lunatics.They never can win, someone wrote if they were seen making love, people would say they were practicing for Breaking dawn...sad but it's true. It's simple: they can't see, they don't want to see what is obvious- Rob loves K and K loves Rob and they are together in a commited relaysh.

Rose even when you don't have a lot of things to write, u rock girl. Merry Xmas everybody!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rose...loved this as always!

I loved the Seinfeld reference!


Anonymous said...

Where is this 'she is a lesbian' thing coming from now? Why would people think that? For all I(we) know, she went from a few years relationship with Angarano to a relationship with Rob... Is that something she said? Or is it her answer 'yes no i'm a lesbian' to THE question or something else?

Oh and if we are to believe a few tweets, it seems Rob did fligh to London yesterday. I kept thinking and saying he and Kristen would probably not spend Christmas together in London (maybe NewYear though) but I'm still disappointed she didn't go. Same as I keep wanting to see pics of them together when I want them to have their privacy and respect them for fighting for it.

God, with these two lovebirds, I'm all confusion and contradiction LOL