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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Che-Che-Che-Che CHERRY BOMB!

1. Well... Rob was out last night.
He was at Shannon someones birthday party.
Katy Perry was there.
(With Russell Brand, but then this wouldn't be as good a story)
So of course...
Rob was supposedly all up on her.
Cuz that's what Rob is all about.
He's not the shy, modest, charming guy
he portrays in interviews...
He's a fucking hound who goes after any female
with a fucking pulse.

And yes. I'm being SARCASTIC.

I see a guy hanging out with friends.
Rob and Kristen don't have to be joined
together 24/7
They get to do things separately.
It happens.
Big fucking deal.

2. And since I'm all in defender mode...
I get the occasional comment
that I'm SO vested in
Rob and Kristen's relationship.
Writing down my thoughts...
ONCE a fucking day
means I'm vested?
I'm fascinated.
I'm interested.
But if there comes a day
when I don't think Rob and Kristen are together...
My life will go on.
I'm actually more intrigued by the reaction
that Robert and Kristen's relationship
has in the Twilight Universe.
You gotta admit its fascinating to watch.
Just the term
brings out the claws.

Fucking Fierce.
Kristen totally rocks as Joan Jett.
I mean..
You ever see the old videos of the Runaways?
Kristen and Dakota look amazing.
Kristen is the PERFECT choice to play Joan...
I seriously cannot wait for this movie.
It will be good to see Kristen shake off
the Bella persona for a while.
There was a teaser trailer...
and I can honestly say...
that I'm looking forward to this movie
as much (maybe more)
than Remember Me.


Fucking A.

Oh and...
Get your sweet ass to London...
(You too... Kristen)
Life is fucking good...
Isn't it?

Bye for now.


deejon67 said...


RobStenation said...

I agree. RobSten should go to London STAT. Hope soon after that Details shoot. Thanks bb :)


Kathy said...

Once again girl, you are SO right !!!! Hope we have some Robsten pics soon, though. Going through withdrawal !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Come on,Rosie.You have to admit that it's kinda weird that after NM promotion,R/K are NEVER spotted together NOWHERE.Rob is spotted always alone.With his friends or partying with some friends that nobody knows.Lainey posted that yesterday noon he was at a guitar shop at Tarzana CA.Alone.Again.I think if they ever were together,Kristen probably broke up with him,that's why he started going to clubs again drinking his ass as he did last year.As for London,if i were you,i wouldn't believe that Kristen will go there.

Angelica said...

Great post, as always.
You're so right about that Rob and Kristen don't have to be together 24/7.

And The 'The runaways' trailer was BAD-ASS!

Che-Che-Che-Che CHERRY BOMB!

Anonymous said...

Rose, thanks once again for a perfect post. The hysteria surrounding Rob at this birthday bash is palpable. I don't love it either when he drinks too much. But we don't know why Kristen wasn't with him or what's going on between them lately. So why assume the worst each and every time. Right?

And I agree that Kristen rocks this look and this role. Can't wait until the movie comes out.


imloco2 said...

It's so easy to post as anonymous isn't it? Too easy I sometimes think.

Hysteria is exactly what all this feels like and it's weird. Why are people getting all riled up because Rob spent some time at a birthday party? Don't they know you can trust the paps or the tabs?

And the tabloids seem hysterical too. I guess they've gone so long without sight of Rob and they ran out of things to make up that they were probably jumping up and down with joy that he surfaced again. Apparently all they need is a sighting or picture to start the fan fiction they call news. Must be a great job when you can just write whatever you like about someone and get paid for it. No need to do any of that pesky stuff like research or facts.

And fans...can you call people fans that are so insecure and/or hate so much? I don't see it. The only thing that bothers me is that the general non Twi population will only see headlines and they'll think that Rob is a typical hollywood manwhore like the rest of them, or worse, when in fact he couldn't be more different. I hate for people to think badly of him. He's such a nice guy. I'm glad KStew is fierce. She'll need to be.

She is going to rock the house as Joan Jett and Rob is going to be great in Remember Me. I plan on seeing both.

Anonymous said...

I totally loved the runaways trailer. I was not looking forward to this movie (I was looking forward to Welcome to the Rileys more) but that trailer made me change my mind. Like totally. I now can't wait.

I agree that this report about Rob & Katy Perry is total bs. I don't believe it for one minute. Now I won't lie and I'll say that I'd love to get a pic of rob & kristen together soon. The only 2 times he was papped out/partying are without kristen. They sure don't need to be joined together 24/7 but still, just one little pic please? I get their wanting to stay under the radar and keep their privacy but what's worse rumors wise? These stupid rumors stemming from the lack of pics together or a sighting of them together that would bring back the 'are they aren't they' speculation? The first option is negative, the second one positive but that's just MY opinion; in THEIR opinion (which is the one that matters) maybe the first one they can just shrug it off rolling eyes, the second one is what is precious to them and whatthey want to keep their personal business. At the end of the day, that's their lives and their decisions to make regarding how they handle their relationship. I mean the way we see THEIR relationship is most probably completely different than theirs. And they do know better. So, though I'd like to see new pics of them together, who am I to judge and expect something from them?

That said... still, one little pic please? For Christmas? lol I know, I just totally contradicted myself here lol

Oh and I totally love that pic of kristen in the runaways you posted!!!!! So beautiful and sexy!

AK said...

First time I post here but I have to say I love your input about R/K. My opinion? they are together and fine (and very much in love lol) but if anyone else thinks otherwise that`s fine too. The hate that comes from people that called themselves fans is what I dont understand at all. If you dont like her, him or them together then why read/comment or spend time in RK sites? just move on with your life and be happy.

Happy Holidays to all and good luck to Rob and Kris, hope you enjoy this time of the year with your family and friends (and each other lol).


Anonymous said...

Oh I can't wait to see The Runaways either, and to hear Kristen sing and rock that guitar is going to be priceless. As for this whole party BS, not bothered by it one bit. They are both young and should be out having fun, with our without each other as long as no one disrespects the other. And nothing in those pics or video suggests anything than Rob celebrating a birthday with some old friends. It's pretty sad to hear all the hate and bashing thrown at these 2 young kids. I'm sure they got each other's backs and are doing fine. Thanks again Rose.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe some people are making a big deal out of Shannon's birthday party. Rob went out for her party last year too and Katy Perry was there last year as well. Shannon is a good friend of both of them, she's also Andrew Garfield's girlfriend (he's part of the BritPack).

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rose!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kristen was at the concert with Rob when the infamous pap video occurred. Just sayin'

Heather said...

Never having met either Rob or Kristen, and being all hopeful they are making a go of their relationship, I am wondering thusly: Rob is an affable guy, one who has many guy friends, and in the US, these guys are known as The BritPak. He is only 23 years old, and his social life has been, really, going out with a mass of friends and "pubbing." Kristen, on the other hand, does not seem to have many girl friends. She has been (from the Brit Pak's point of view), "Rob's squeeze."

That Radar video did not show Rob hanging over any girl. He smoked cigarettes, had drinks, socialized, and drove off with a bunch of people from the party.

This looks, to me, like Rob and Kristen COULD be going through a rough patch, ie, one where both have to give up singleton habits. It was OK while they were working on the same projects. But...

I do hope they BOTH go over to London, and work on this glitch. Because I really believe, this is a glitch in their romance.

Anonymous said...

Okay, this just needs to be said. Some keep questioning their relationship because they haven't been seen together since they flew in from NYC. THEY... Rob and Kris are not being seen. It isn't like we have tons of pictures of Rob or KS (seperate or together) out and about over the past few weeks. We have 2 nights of photos where Rob was at a bar with his friends. You must be 21 to get in and believe it or not some bars do actually follow those rules. We have photoshoot details of Rob with Emilie for his promotional thing and we have pics of KS leaving her parents house headed to a picture shoot. Seriously, it has been weeks and we have very few images of either of them at all.... not just together. I don't understand why they must be having problems because we haven't seen them togther? What? Huh? We haven't seen them AT ALL... Peeps need to chill!

Anonymous said...

I love Rob and Kristen and all, but it's pretty hilarious that this is remotely newsworthy.

THIS JUST IN: twenty-something guy who loves music goes to music store, then bar with people, including GIRLS. He may have had FUN and reportedly TALKED TO and SMILED AT and LAUGHED WITH people in his party, including GIRLS. PRETTY GIRLS. Details at 11.

Though I guess it's marginally more interesting than pap shots of celebs taking out the trash or going to the grocery store? I don't care how much I enjoy a celebrity, I will never care about that. Just sayin'.

Also incredibly amused at the people who think that sightings of Rob and Kristen separately mean they've broken up. Seeing as neither of them have called me to confirm their relationship (so odd), it's not like I would sign over my firstborn to swear they're together. (But they totally are.) I sincerely hope they're not together 24/7. They seem like cool kids - way too independent and intelligent to not have friends and lives apart from one another. You don't ever want to be those people, kids.

Rose, well said, as always, girl. :)

Anonymous said...

I see where Heather's coming from. Rob seems like the kind of guy who likes partying/going to bars and Kristen seems more like an indoor kind of girl ("seems" being the key word since we don't know any of them personally). When they were filming together and were kinda prisoners in their hotels, it didn't make a difference.

Now they both went back 'home' to their usual life. Being in a relationship doesn't mean you have to give up what you liked or did if your significant other doesn't share the same interest in it. Being in a relationship means adjusting, working around your differences without loosing yourself. So whether R/K's difference (re. partying IF there is a difference here) causes a glitch in their romance like Heather said or they are just doing fine, being together in their own time and also doing what they used to do is something we can't know.

I tend to think they're fine and that kristen just prefers to stay home sometimes and of course lets Rob have fun like he loves. And as far as they are not disrespectful to the other and are not cheating, it's fine. Not saying I'm right but it's one way to look at things.

I also think that Kristen chooses to avoid places/events they know there will be paparazzi. Rob doesn't seem to mind as much as she does and he takes the risk to go out and party, f*uck the papz. They might only go out together where it's paparazzi free. Now of course not seeing them together anymore after they were spotted regularly out together will raise questions, nothing wrong in that, it means you won't believe blindly and won't be like some robsessed fans who kept living in denial. But I don't agree with people claiming they've broken up (what? Lots of R/K sightings meant nothing but attending a birthday party alone means a breakup? Seriously?) or bashing Rob (what did the guy do? We didn't see him cheating on kristen or something, he was just hanging out with friends!).

Sad thing is I fear that is just the beginning...

Pam said...

The Rob bashing over this very innocent event is mindblowing. Somebody actually said that they wished his plane would crash going back to London because Kristen deserved better. Yeah, a guy who just wanted to celebrate a friends birthday is a real prick.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone actually think this bashing is just because of his going to the birthday alone? My guess.... no one was happy with the Vogue shoot with EDR either but can't really bash someone too hard over work. But this birthday comes on the heels of the photoshoot with EDR. It's hard not to just wonder if the Vogue shoot is gonna be as delish as Vanity Fair 2008 photos which is where we got all the squee worthy photos. This I think makes even the die-hard Robstenites a little fainthearted.

Anonymous said...

i hope they r doing fine...and i'm not gay or anything but hell that pic of kristen got me feeling hot and bothered!!!lol

Pam said...

Re: the Vogue shoot. Is Rob not supposed to do any movie/promotion with a female lead? Unless it's Kristen? If people are upset over that and using this party to trash Rob, then they really need to grow up. I'm looking forward to seeing the shoot & look forward to Rob's future projects outside the Twilight world.

Anonymous said...

I CANNOT wait for The Runaways...

Anonymous said...

Robsten...Check this out.


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