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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Peace For Rob and Kristen

Love this picture.
This is how the meadow scene in Twilight
SHOULD have looked.
Close. Touching. Intimate.
What's done is done.

Watched New Moon again.
There are a couple of scenes that still make me cry.
I'm starting to think CW is manipulating me
with this heart wrenching music in the background.
When Edward kisses Bella on the forehead.
When Bella and Edward are reunited in Italy.
When Bella and Jake have their last words in the woods.
Damn you CW!
OK.. I love you like crazy for giving me New Moon.

And the more I watch it...
the more I love Taylor Lautner.

Watched Adventureland last night, too...
(I'm just a movie watching machine)
I liked it.
I love Kristen.
She's fantastic.
Can I just say one thing?
Kristen and Ryan Reynolds?
Kinda bugged me.
She's like 18... He's like 32...
Kinda creeped me out.
Just a little.

I've received a few emails
about Rob and Kristen.
Can I just say...
Please save your hatred for Kristen
for someone else?
I get it...
You don't believe they are a couple.
Well...I obviously do.
Let's just leave it at that.
And again...
I've never been one to
shout from the rooftops
about every ROBSTEN moment.
I don't have to.
But I will be completely happy
to not see one picture of Rob and Kristen
over their time off.
Because they deserve the time alone.
Without fucking cameras in their faces.
Time to spend together.
Time with their families and friends.
I don't need a picture to 'prove' anything.
It's already out there.
Rob and Kristen's peace of mind...
outweighs any silly Robsten photo op.

And with that...
I'm still debating whether or not to go see
New Moon again.
It's still on the Ultra Screen...
and it was fuckawesome on that huge screen.
And I know it won't be there much longer...
Should I stay or should I go?
(Love the Clash)

Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

Do it Rose.

Dear Kristen: Only people that are truly awesome themselves can understand how awesome you are :)

carol benatti said...

I must say that I love your blog and what you write!
I am a Robsten since day 1,and you are so right,why people hate Kristen?She is a amazing actress and she makes Rob happy!!!I never saw him more happy than when he is with her,so what the fuck is people problems?
Hope Rob have fun with MamaStew too,she seems really fun,besides he let her touch his hair!!!
Love your work,and keep this up,and please so see NM again...I already saw it 4 times!

Anonymous said...

jus have to say dat i agree with this post 100% and all the haters should just shush nd ofcourse you should go see it again n the mega screen thing any would. hello lots more rob/edward on screen

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you...like everyday...LOL I'm a bit sad 'cause we don't hear anything of them, but in the other way, that's a good sign. They could live without the Papz and all of that and I'm happy for them, if they really enjoy their free days together.
Keep on,

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say, I love reading your blog. You speak true words, and Rob and Kristen are lucky to have fans like you. Yes, they deserve peace and time away from the spotlight that they so much escape from. We can only hope they are getting some much needed rest and time with each other. God knows next year will be hectic and busy! I wish people would let them be...
Keep up the good work! Looking forward to your future posts. :)

Anonymous said...

Rosie,maybe you've heard or read the famous Slovenian interview in which Rob supposedly said that he and Kristen are only good friends.This interview has caused tons of comments at both Robsessed and Rob's IMDb and once again the "are they aren't they"issue came forward.Personally i'm tired of this shit.All this speculation and rumors.At AT's board many posters think that all this is just PR,that's why they don't confirm.Others think that they both have secret relationships with other people and they keep them off the scrutiny.Others that they're both gay and the robsten situation suits them,because they can cover their real sexual intendity.

I don't know what to think any more.My mind has turned into mousse lol.I hate all this craziness.I just would like to hear a simple yes or no from their mouths.I think this would shut the fuck up a lot of people.Am i asking too much?

kristine.hills said...

"I don't need a picture to 'prove' anything.
It's already out there."

Neither do i.I love reading their body language.They show us so much love...sign...and R is completely happy and satisfied w/K,and so is Kris.They are PERFECT. And Rose U should go and see NM again,and enjoy it while u can watch it on that ultra screen, if i could i would.Hugs!Love ya.

" they deserve the time alone.
Without fucking cameras in their faces.
Time to spend together."

Wise words.
Well, according rumors i don't believe them i believe waht i see, and i see 2 people in love and in a commited relaysh.God bless Rob/Kris everyday of their precious lives, amen.

Anonymous said...

You need to see it again, I've seen it 5 times now. It's the "Please.....Don't" that kills me EVERY DAMN TIME!!
I'm right with you, it's great that they're finally getting some peace and quiet to just be a normal couple, long may it last :)
For the record - I think there are very few people who don't believe they're a couple, more like obsessed Rob fangirls who DON@T WANT to believe it. I'll never understand how you can say you're a fan of someone yet not want the very thing that obviously makes them happiest. Glad I'm not that kind of person.

Cat said...

Isnt it strange how people can easily hate you for liking Kristen? I just dont get it... I never hated anyone for who they liked...

I had to deal with, Ricky Martin, The two Coreys, Fran Drescher, Chumbawamba, Hanson, Miley Cyrus, and The Jonas Brothers. and I never once hated anyone for liking any of them...

I love Kristen.... shoot me.
I love/lick Robert.... commit me.

I dont care, just stop freaking filling my ears with nonsense, its not going to change the way I feel.
Just like it didnt change your mind while you kept singig the line "pissing the night away..." OVER AND OVER AGAIN!

Poli said...

I can´t understand why some people get so angry about the idea of Rob and Kristen together. And i don´t understand why you have no right to express your ideas on your own blog.
They claim that they´re (R&K) not together and peope HAVE to accept that. It´s funny because you can´t say what you believe (all of us believe that too, by the way)but you HAVE to accept what they (complaining bitches) say.
If you people (yes, you fucking haters) don´t like Rose or her words or her blog, here´s a solution: go away! Don´t keep coming back to say shit! There´s other blogs where you can hate Kristen and Rob out there.
People don´t have to believe in anything, but they DO Have to at least RESPECT tha not everybody think the same way as them.

Love ya Rose!

Anonymous said...

To the poster who earlier brought up the Slovenian interview as if it were gospel, 1) It is a translation from a translation (i.e., Rob obviously doesn't speak Slovenian) and 2) If you read the article in context, he is clearly protecting the relationship, just not willing to confirm it. It is no one's business except theirs and they have every right to protect their privacy. If they were not dating, they would have said so by now. They are so not a PR stunt, that is ridiculous. They are quiet people who just want to work and then live their lives as normally as possible. I echo the hope that there are no pappz pictures of them while they are hiding out together. They deserve it.

Anonymous said...

I loved Kristen in Adventureland as well. She was endearing, vulnerable, and absolutely gorgeous. The kissing scene with Ryan R. also disturbed me a little bit, not because of the age difference but because it was a very hot scene and the chemistry was there. It was as hot as the Twilight kiss with Rob, just in a different way. I think she's a very good actress to be able to have good chemistry with all of her co-stars. And you have to admit, the girl can kiss.

tiagohotvale said...

Another attention whore seeking for, well...attention. I have no words to describe the hate i´m feeling righ now!


Anonymous said...

I love your blog and all the Rob/Kristen love. I believe they're together too and can't understand the hate. What a waste of time. Even if they aren't together though, I still love them. Peace out.

Vampsus said...

Rosie: You are very very good at painting the picture that is in my heart and head about R/K. Thank you for being my personal translator! It helps me get a grip.
I'm headed out to see NM for the third viewing right now.

loveactually said...

Rose - Adventureland is one of my favorite movies. I'm embarrassed to tell how many times I have seen it....but let's just say I've seen that Kristen/Ryan Reynolds kiss many times. ;) I thought Kristen and Jesse's characters in Adventurland were adorable. Jesse is a bit of an awkward actor kind of like James his character and yet he and Kristen had a great dynamic together. One of the things I admire about Kristen in her roles is that she really has true chemistry with other actors...whether it's a love interest or just friendship...she always pulls it off. She proved that once again in New Moon with Jacob...the friendship was very real and yet you could almost believe there could be more. Before I saw NM I was worried about the kind of chemistry Taylor and Kristen would have..after watching they really proved my worries were for nothing.

Lastly why are people still debating this Slovenian interview? It doesn't matter at this point..it's more than obvious they are together. Ya know this whole thing between them reminds me of the days when Brad and Angelina were seen together all the time and yet they denied...denied denied and then denied some more and oops along came Shiloh. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Rose ... you had to bring up the meadow scene in Twilight ... *sigh* don't get me started. There was so much missing from that critical scene, primarily the tender touching.

You always cut through the BS and speak from your heart and I love you for that.

I can't believe the hate comments you get here (previous posts). What is wrong with peeps? Srsly? Disagree, state your opinion, but put on your big girl panties and recognize that your opinion isn't the only one out there. Sheesh!