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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Is Twitter Telling The Truth?

Guess what?
It's been 'twittered' that Rob is in London.
But wait...
It's been 'twittered' that
He could still be sitting in the airport.
Rob sitting in an airport with no Paps
shoving cameras in his face?
Fat Fucking Chance.
But I do hope he has managed to get on a plane
and fly safely to London.
I'm really liking how good at avoiding those vultures
Rob and Kristen have become.
I mean seriously...
We've seen Rob twice...
Kristen once ...
Since the New Moon frenzy has died down?

And IF Rob did manage to get to London...
Is he...
Could he be...
traveling WITH someone?
Is he spending Christmas with the family...
And Kristen spending Christmas with her family...
Will they ring in New Years Eve...

So many questions.
Never enough answers.

And that's completely OK.
I just want Rob to be safe and sound
in the bosom of the city he loves.
With his family.
Enjoying the peace and joy
of the holiday season.

And yeah...
Kristen comes into that scenario somewhere.
She deserves peace and joy, too...

With Robert.

Not sure what else to say here.
Its the day before Christmas Eve.
I should be doing stuff.
I know I should be.
Besides wondering if Rob and Kristen
will be spending the holidays together.
But yet...
Here I sit...

No wonder I'm tired.
And is it any wonder
why I just ramble aimlessly?

Peace and Love.

Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

Another great post, Rose. I love when you ramble because you do it so eloquently. ;)

Obviously Rob and Kristen have learned to wear the cloak of invisibility. And I too am glad.
Wherever they are for the holidays, I know they're together. . . at least in spirit.

I hope they have a lovely, peaceful time with their families. . . and with each other. And I hope you do too, Ramblin' Rose.


Renas40 said...

Rose once again you have gone into my head and posted what I have been thinking the last few days :)
I hope he has managed to come back home without being pappd, I'm loving it. Wishing them a wonderful holiday period.
Thank you for the great post and wishing you and your family a Happy Christmas & a Great 2010!

Anonymous said...

Rose,the person who tweeted this crap about Rob supposed to be a paps wife!So,do you really think that if Rob was spotted there the paps would have gone right away?I guess if it's true,will have some London photos soon.Rob is not the guy who stays in the house.He will go out with his friends.

Kathy said...

Love all your posts Rose. You always seem to say what's in my head as well. I know we all want Rob and Kristen to be together for Christmas, but BOTH of their families are important to them and it was probably too hard to choose as to who to spend it with. They more than likely COMPROMISED and will be spending New Years Eve together (hopefully). I don't think there was some huge fight as I read yesterday. Kristen seems way too mature to get mad at him for that. She knows he hasn't seen his family and I'm sure she understands. I hope everyone enjoys the next few days, and I hope Rob and Kristen are enjoying their families and having some peace for a change. xoxoxoxo

kristine.hills said...

Rose did you see this?
Emailed to me....

Got this info in my email box, don't know if this info is reliable.....

From a private Twitter (Lmack365) 2 comments

"Waiting @ the airport lobby trying to pass time....I swear I am looking right at Rob Pattinson & Kristen Stewart!"

"Yep. Rob does sparkle ladies! Very good looking guy! But he's so skinny in person. Can't get myself to go up to them."

*Update: Just did a Twitter check with the person who sent this info to me, twitter exists although it's set to private.

If it's true,maybe Kristen is with him right now!

RK, Rose & family Merry Xmas and Happy holidays!!!

Anonymous said...

Other tweets said that Rob was alone.I'm calling all of them bullshit.

Anonymous said...

How can I be invited by you on your insider blog?

Anonymous said...

Hello! I want to say that a friend of mine is a close friend of KS family and they told that "They are not together anymore(Rob and Kristen)".

Anonymous said...

Hello. I want to say that a friend of mine is a close friend of KS and that they told me they are still together. ( Rob and Kristen)
Wow that was easy.

Anonymous said...

Does you Rose, or anybody, know how I can contact http://robsteninsider.blogspot.com/. What had she posted on her blog after her last post which was public?
I found her blog after I popped in here and read the comment.
Can someone help me please. Thank you.

Kathy said...

Ok anonymous, are they or aren't they still together. I've been fretting about this since I read they aren't. NOT in the mood to be sad today, but I still need to know. Have a great holiday everyone.

MCarmen said...

I'm trying to figure out how to get to this site too ...http://robsteninsider.blogspot.com
I wonder what kind of information has the blog got so as to shut it down.

Anonymous said...

MCarmen, I'm trying to figure out how to get to this site too. It was public yesterday and then when they said they had some INSIDER news, it went private or shut down. It says you have to be invited by the blogs owner. How the heck do you get invited? Why private all of a sudden?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Kristen and Rob spends Christmas in LA with his family and will fly to London together for New Year!

MCarmen said...

12.52 PM

I hardly can believe that Rob's family is still in LA. They already spent Thanksgiving there...also Rob's sister twitted that he got to London on the 23. Anyway I wish you were right...
Still can't get to that blog...curisioty is killing me. Merry Christmas!