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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Casualites of The Robert Drought 2009

Well... it's happened.
The Robert drought of '09
is turning nasty.

It's like this...
Rob's fans... desperate for news.
Hungry for a picture of our man...
Then some slimy Pap takes some intrusive pics....
And the starving fans turn on each other!
They start gnawing and chewing
Ripping flesh...
Cannibalizing one another.
Not a pretty picture.

Scary part?
Rob has only been 'gone' for a couple of weeks.
What's going to happen when weeks become months?
Will anyone still remain?
I fear that things will get worse...
before they get better.

How can you not love that face?
Is it any wonder why Rob does?

There were some pictures of Taylor Swift with Lautner
(The whole Taylor/Taylor same name thing is kinda cute... but weird)
Taylor Swift is the same age as Kristen Stewart.
They seem years apart.

Kristen comes across as more mature...
Taylor seems more innocent...
Funny how I can see Rob with Kristen...
But he seems too 'old' for Taylor.
Interesting thought.

The shit I think about...
And with all the stuff going on in my life right now...
I still sit here and over-think silly things.
How sad for me.

I miss Robert.
And Kristen.
And Robert and Kristen.

Bye for now.


Cat said...

This drought is so BORING, so instead Iv drowned myself in Fan-Fiction during the day, and imported beer at night... last night I watched episode after episode of Pawn Stars... lol.

I love Taylor Swift, and yes Kristen does seem older for some reason. She has such an old soul. But I think the music business is different from the movie business.. idk why, maybe because your constantly playing these parts that imprint on yourself. But with music you grow with what you perform. Perhaps it ages you mentally playing roles that grow to be a part of you.

Great Post...

Keep well, Remember me is almost here, then eclipse... Soon the drought will turn into a Monsoon.... or Robsoon (in my pants)

And I think I saw somewhere that Rob was at the Lovely Bones Premiere, so perhaps we might get some photos soon. :)

Wow, I had more to say than I thought.


Anonymous said...

Rose, do you mean that Taylor is the same age now that Kristen was when she began Twilight? Even then she did seem more mature. But now she's 19, will be 20 in April. Taylor is 17, will be 18 in February. So Kristen is nearly two years older than Taylor. But I agree that she seems too old for Taylor (a boy) and just right for Rob, who's four years older than she is and a man. Such a man!
I agree that this pic of Kristen is lovely. Some beautiful women just look like a pretty canvas and convey no aspect of their personalities. Kristen is different. This pic reveals that she's keenly intelligent and interesting.
Love them both, and love you Rose. Love your prose-poetic blog.


Anonymous said...

To Lynn,
I think Rose was comparing Kristen and Taylor Swift. They are both 19, but Kristen seems to be more mature, therefore Rob seems a good fit with Kristen, but "too old" for Taylor S. Heck, I even think KStew is more mature than Rob sometimes. He even admits that she intimidates him. Haha. She is a very old soul and seems so intelligent and spunky at the same time. She probably stimulates all of his senses and keeps him on his toes. I love that girl and I think her and Rob are adorable together.


Anonymous said...

Thanks K1 and sorry Rose. Of course, it only makes sense that you meant Taylor Swift. I did misunderstand. And I agree, Kristen seems much more mature than either of the two Taylors.


Anonymous said...

We obsessing with them (Kpatzz) is not healthy…but when you see cute pics of them eye sexing and in their “bubble” you cannot help but to feel strangely happy.

agusap said...

funny thing I was thinking the same today about Taylor and Kristen being the same age. I can't believe Kristen's only 19, she seems really mature for her age, and I also think that she seems 'old' for Taylor Lautner

Anonymous said...

actually taylor swift is older than kristen. taylor's born in 1989 and kristen in 1990. haha. i know the difference is not that huge but i'm anal abt this stuff. anyway, i really cant see taylor lautner with taylor swift..she still seems older than taylor..and i actually think that kristen looks younger than taylor swift. maybe it's the way they dress.. :P