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Friday, December 4, 2009

Where in the World is Robert Pattinson?

First things first.
Whatever happened to Michael Oregano?
Isn't this picture oh-so-cute?
I know I've talked about Shorty Spice before...
but the poor guy was doomed from the start.
I mean... I'm sure he's all nice and stuff.
He looks like he would be a good guy...
Cuz he's all cuddly in his goofy way.
And I know he tried his gosh darn-est to hold on to the Stew...
Because she is worth holding on to...
But seriously?
Once Twilight was cast...
Once Kristen started hanging out with Rob...
Getting all close and friendly...
Our Mr. O started to look more and more
like a pint sized version of Robert.
There is no competing with Robert Pattinson.
He is the most beautiful adorable man
on the face of the earth.
Poor Oregano.
Where do you suppose he is?
(and honestly, I'm just messing with the big O...
I'm sure he's a swell guy.)

And that brings us to the perfection that is
Robert Fucking Pattinson.
I can't imagine what it must be like to be
so damn beautiful no matter what you do.
I mean...
LOOK at him.
Even with some of his not so perfect pics...
The man screams GORGEOUS.
And wow.
My stomach actually clenched in reaction to him.
That hasn't happened in a little while.
I guess I really am still intoxicated!
Where do you think Rob is RIGHT now?
Still in L.A.?
Hiding out in London?
Bunkered down in his 'new' house with the Stew?

I know people think there is no way Rob could
get through an airport undetected...
but he has done it before.
I'm not sure how he has done it...
Maybe renting a private jet?
Perhaps in full disguise?
Who knows.
But he could be in London right now...
Showing his Stew where he grew up.

And yeah, yeah... I know.
No pics= no proof.
But hell...
Even when there are pics...
Ah... nevermind.

Wherever you are Robert Pattinson?
I hope you are with the one you love...
Exactly where you want to be.
And smiling that big goofy adorable smile.

Bye for now.


carol benatti said...

I miss Rob
I am glad he is having some time off,but I miss seeing his pretty face...
Can´t wait for Remember me to hit theaters so we can see a whole other side of Rob...
we saw depressed Rob,traumatized Rob,witch Rob,geeky Rob,mediaval Rob,vampire Rob,gay and artistic Rob...now we need Tyler Rob!
Hope he and KStew are havinga good time togheter!

Anonymous said...

As always, I love your blog, Rose. It's my favorite site on the Internet.

I've always felt terribly sorry for Michael Angarano. It was so inevitable that Kris would tumble for Rob and break up with spice boy. Who could stand up to that level of competition? I hope Mike is doing OK. It can't be an easy thing to lose your girl of several years to the handsomest, most charming and talented guy on the planet.

And yes, just looking at pics of Rob can still make my stomach clench too. There's just never been anyone like him.

Be well, Rose. You seem to be cheerier today. I'm glad.


kristine.hills said...
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kristine.hills said...

"Bunkered down in his 'new' house with the Stew?
But he could be in London right now...
Showing his Stew where he grew up.
I hope you are with the one you love...
Exactly where you want to be.
And smiling that big goofy adorable smile."
Rose u made me cry "I hope you are with the one you love...
Exactly where you want to be." it's so adorable.
Let's talk about MA, i think there was never competition,not bc Rob is WOW a greek god, but bc he's the most adorable person(celebrity) i've ever seen in my life, how humble the man is!!!He has a huge heart, he's THE MOST.He can own your heart/soul just smiling (that f* smile) and when he talks he's so shy and lovely.Now imagine all his charm for Kristen,he played hard and won her heart/soul/life/body...bc since day 1 he wanted just Kris and nobody else. I feel in my deep soul they r happy and loving one another, as they always do!!! Thx Rose, my tears were worth, they were for R/K,not sadness tears but emotion tears...sigh

kiki said...

hey! my name's kiki and i live in Germany.
But i have a friend, who lives in LA.
On thursday she was on a concert of Bobby Long, Robs friend.
She and her friend were searching for Rob and then she saw him with bobby. They just walked into a restaurant she was quite sure that it was Robert.
so he's still in LA.
when my friend isn't wrong ;)

Anonymous said...

Yeah I think it's all over his fan sites that Rob showed up at Bobby's concert last night in LA. Love the blog btw! My thoughts exactly.

otsuu said...

Poor Mr. O! I love Robsten and I miss Rob too. You know, sometimes I just feel sad when I read people saying bad things about KS ex-boyf... He has nothing to do with all of this! :-(

Anonymous said...

hahaha im glad im not the only one who noticed Kristen's ex trying to dress and act like Rob after Robsten did Twilight.. its really sad, desperate, and pathetic really but who can blame him.. Rob is AWESOME and Robsten is AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Michael wasn't trying to dress & act like Rob. They both dress like any typical early 20s guy does. This belittling of Michael by the fans is ridiculous. The poor guy has done nothing to deserve the treatment he's been getting.

weirdfishes said...

I agree that Robsten's fans are unhappy when they try to compare Michael with Rob. It's not fair with this poor guy.. it's not his fault! It's not fair to him... He is being ridicularizated. It's just like someone steel a person that u love and people starts to compare u with this person saying some rude things about your person... man, this is not nice. I love Robsten, love to read your blog but this kind of comments are so repulsive to me. Sorry!

Rose said...

Aww... I was just teasing little Oregano! You will notice I didn't really saw anything nasty about him... In fact... I called him "Good, Cuddly, Swell and Nice"!!!
I wasn't being mean at all!
No blood. No foul. ;)

imloco2 said...

I don't know if I like him or not since I don't know that much about him. Mostly I just know he was in Rob's way. LOL And now he's not so I can show the man some luv. Okay, maybe that's going too far. A little respect is all I can muster. Sooo... salute to Michael Angarano. (I think that's right)

And yeah, it's pretty much of a gimme that Rob is still in LA. I couldn't guess why. (snark) btw the way I love sarcastic humor. I guess London will have to wait. Still lovin the blog Rose. :)

Anonymous said...

rose, ma must have read the writing on the wall the day rob walked into kristen's life. he must have tried his best to hold on to kristen but destiny/kismet was more powerful. i mean, of all the actors to play edward, fate had to send the most gorgeous man (inside and out)to audition for the role. it was inevitable; the stars lined up to make these two meet and fall in love.

Anonymous said...

I honestly think Oregano looks ridiculous next to Kristen. She totally outshines him. rob is a much better "fit" for her in my humble opinion.

I love your blog. I read it everyday. It's a little bit of sunshine each morning :)

dawnhargan said...

you should try to stay in the upper north east texas it is prettier and they dont play christmas music all year . it is woodlands and their are private resorts for people like yall. lakes fishing four wheeling and hunting if your into that sort of thing ?