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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Quick Peek of Rob and Kristen?

I know that airport pictures are intrusive.
I know.
And I hate that Rob/Kristen
(and other celebrities)
have to deal with this kinda bullshit.
But that's all been said.
(but will probably be said again...)

I'm posting these pictures
because I want to see just
Similar picture from London.
just ONE.
A quick peek...

I know it makes me selfish.
I can't help it.
But I look at it this way...
If a picture turns up...
Of Rob and Kristen
in London?
There can be no denying
that they are
Ya know what I mean?
What excuses could the haters come up with then?

And while you all might think
I'm incredibly vested in
Rob and Kristen's relationship...
I'm not as much as you might think.
I just think it IS.
I think it EXISTS.

And wouldn't it be nice
if there was an end to the speculation?
Once and for all?

Oh who the hell am I kidding.
If (when) a picture of Rob and Kristen turned up?
Can you imagine the lame cop outs that would ensue?
I don't even want to think about it.
It hurts the brain.

Yeah... I'm selfish.
I want the picture
for ME.
Because I like Rob and Kristen together.
I think they are good for each other.
And I know Kristen makes Rob
That's good enough for me.

Rob? Kristen?
Just a quick glimpse?
You can go back into hiding...
But see...
We are starving here.
We need some sort of tidbit.
Otherwise its going to be
a LONG winter.

Bye for now.


Maria said...

I know how you feel hun, I'm feeling the exact same way! Torn between my want for their peace and my need to just get a glimpse of their happiness,to make sure they're ok!
Have we heard that they're in fact in London?I didn't know that!!

sunny_witch said...

Hello! I've been reading you for some time bit never commented. You know, I like very much the way you write, it is always sincere and touching, so thank you very much for this.
Yes, I would also love to see just one pic from London airport of them together. But you know what.. For haters it won't be enough anyway. So I prefer to stay away from this kind of people.

Anonymous said...

Rosie,you're not selfish AT ALL.I'm thinking exactly the same thing.I would like a photo like that in London's airport.I think it would end the speculation and the crazy rumors.I know that the hate towards Kristen would not end,but who cares?The crazies will remain even more crazies after all.

Anonymous said...

its weird cause i know always exactly how you feel!! i love them very much together, and i love how happy rob makes kristen and kristen makes rob. its so wonderful to see. i mean i would like a glimpse the haters couldn't say anything about it, yet, they always have something to say. we all know they r together, just don't let the haters get to an awesome person like u. keep it up ur blog is amazing.

Purple83 said...

i feel your pain hon...I'm going trough withdrawals :S

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind a little picture myself. Not for the haters but for me. You know there will be still be some lame excuses like Kristen was there because she wanted to shop at Harrods for Christmas or something pathetic like that. At this point I could care less what the haters think or say. I just want a picture for my own selfish reasons.

See, Kristen makes Rob happy, Rob makes Kristen happy, and Rob and Kristen together makes me happy:)
It's just that simple. Have a good one Rose.


kristine.hills said...

K makes R smiles a lot

kristine.hills said...

K1 i agree w/u R/K make me happy, too much happy.I need a pic of them together in London for myself,bc this drought is killing me.I miss them a lot.Nice post Rose, u r so sweetie! London here K/R go sooner or later but they go. ;) together and happy as always

Manduh said...

I don't think Kristen will go to London with Rob, but I also don't think he'll stay too long. Or maybe she'll come after Christmas? Either way, I still know they are a couple. And every couple needs time to miss each other. Even Rob said something to that effect. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure Kristen will go to London with Rob. I think she'll probably spend Christmas with her family. But I think either they'll reunite for New Year eve or Rob won't stay long in England. Whatever they do, it doesn't change the fact that we know they're a couple.

That said, it'd be a great christmas present if I'm wrong and we have pics of them together at Heathrow airport. I miss seeing pics of them. Like you said, just one little pic and then you can go back into hiding and enjoy the holidays together peacefully.

Anonymous said...

I'm already satisfied that they are a couple and don't need any more "proof." Watching all the videos and interviews from the Twilight promo tour was like watching their relationship bud and grow. Rob made no secret of his infatuation with Kristen from watching Into the Wild; it's why he wanted to audition for Twilight. His fascination with her only grew from there and he said so in every way. More than that, the pictures of him looking at her with complete adoration speak for themselves. Comicon, the hotel pictures in the weeks following, the Paris hand-holding and their contentment during the NM promo sealed it. For me anyway. They're both SO much more relaxed and content now, it's clearly love. At the deepest level. I think that's the fascination we all have, it's a rare kind of love. Rob is a walking hormone; he exudes sex appeal from his every pore, and Kristen is a flawless beauty, confident enough to keep his attention while the sea of women throw themselves uselessly at him. The pictures you've posted here speak volumes - they're together. Fk the haters, who cares what they think. We the Robstens know the real thing when we see it. I so hope they're enjoying their time together privately, to nurture such a beautiful gift and make it last throughout the insanity of their careers.

Anonymous said...

Even though I would like pics/news of them together, their PEACE & SAFETY is more important to me.
Even if KS will not spend X´mas in London, its OK. They need "Time-Out" once in while. Hope that this relationship WILL LAST!!!

Anonymous said...

Great posts, Rose and everyone. I'm not sure why I'm not so crazed about the drought this time around. I guess it's because I know they are a couple and seem to make each other happy. I don't need details or to intrude anymore. I just know they're together. And that makes me happy. I am perhaps too invested in their relationship, but that's because I find them fascinating. They're not the usual 19- and 23-year-olds. They're mature, introspective, intelligent, yada, yada. I think they're terrific people, and I love to believe they find happiness in each other.


spellbound said...

I really know how you feel. This "drought" is killing me too! But whether Kristen goes to London with Rob or not it won't change the fact that they are together & I think most people acknowledge that now. Of course there will always be some who will continue to be in denial for whatever reason but that doesn't affect my opinion and more importantly, it doesn't affect Rob & Kristen's relationship.

Kathy said...

Yes, I believe Rob and Kristen are a couple, and it makes me SO happy. Who can blame them for wanting to keep it to themselves? IF it were verbally confirmed, the next set of questions would be about marriage I'm sure. So I can appreciate their way of handling the situation. I believe Rob spent Thanksgiving with Kristen and her family and I can only hope that she goes with him to England for Christmas. THAT will be further proof of ROBSTEN existing. IF they don't hook up for Christmas, I bet they will for New Years. Either way, I don't anticipate them staying away from each other for very long. I LOVE reading all the positive comments here. You guys ROCK !!!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to have a little sneak peek soon too, hopefully them boarding a plane to England. Hopefully to spend Christmas together in London, especially if what I read about the paparazzi soon to be law, next year there won't be pics of celebs during their personal time? Well it's great for Robsten, they'll have their peace and it's great for us that we already got our hand holding pics lol

Anyway, wherever they are for Christmas, together or not, I know they're a couple and I hope they'll be able to enjoy their Christmas with their families and loved ones :)

Anonymous said...

hey i really like your blog. i am a big fan of the both of them and belive that they will really make a great couple. but do you know where are the both of them now?