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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Robsten/StewPattz Pic of the Year.

E Online's Most Memorable Photo(s) of 2009

I agree.
When it comes to Entertainment Pics...
Rob and Kris holding hands wins.

1. Because the reaction was so huge.
It was rocking the internet for days.
In fact...
It still is.
Are there more important pictures out there?
Of course there are.
But as far as impact...
in "entertainment"
This is it.

2. I'll be honest.
The topic of Rob/Kristen
sometimes gets tedious.
It's not Rob and Kristen...
It's all the bullshit surrounding them.
There are times that I just want to
look at Robert...
talk about his upcoming movies...
maybe discuss how completely adorakable he is...
and that gets swallowed whole
by Robsten.

3. There are a lot of rumors right now.
A lot.
The best ones put out by the people
who don't believe Rob/Kristen are a couple?

"Rob and Kristen broke up.
She couldn't stand his drinking.
They argued over where to spend Christmas.
(and the best one...)
Rob hates Kristen's cats."

First off...
So you are saying they WERE a couple...
and now have broken up?
make up your lameass minds.
You can't say they were NEVER together...
and then spew bullshit about them breaking up.

And secondly...
Those have to be the most pathetic excuses
for a break up I've ever read.
Please go back and work on that some more.

4. Of course...
The thinnest thread that Hatestens cling to?
No pictures.
No proof.
And although I sometimes would love to see
a picture of Robert and/or Kristen...
I don't need it to validate anything.
Robert and Kristen have obviously
gotten quite good at not being photographed
whether together or apart.
(applause! applause!)
Robert made it to London unseen?
Does that mean he's not there?
In fact...
Since there hasn't been a picture of Kristen
for weeks...
Does she not exist?
According to Hatesten theory...
She doesn't.
No picture. No proof.
No existence.
Everything has to be caught on film
to be real.
And even when it is caught on film
(look at above pictures please)
Those pictures are called staged...
picked apart as to what Kristen is 'holding'
(its not his hand!!! NO!)
Even when it's right in front of you...
They dismiss it.

Which brings us back to these pictures.
Most memorable of the year.
Because it shows the intimacy between
Robert and Kristen.
No, she's not grasping his fingers...
but she is holding on to his hand...
And they both look relaxed and happy...
and it looks...
Like its something that happens all the time.
And you don't just walk that closely next to someone...
and touch him so intimately...
Unless you want to be as close as possible.
And Rob's face.
Robert's smile says it all.

So yeah...
Most memorable of the year.
And it's been a helluva year, hasn't it?
I cannot wait to see
What 2010 has in store for
Robert and Kristen.
And for us.

Bye for now.


Janaaaaaa said...

It's Not Because They're Holding Hands That They're A Couple ! I Mean I Held Hands With My Best Friend To , But We're not In Love Or Something ! Why Can't People just Leave Them Alone !

carol benatti said...

go girl!
youa re so right
I never saw Rob smiling more than after he started to hang with KStew all the time
Love them and hope they will be togheter!

RoseSee said...

Janaaaaaaa? Why do you read my blog if you don't like what I have to say? E Online said it was the most memorable pic of the year. So I commented. It's what I do here. I give my thoughts on what I see or read about...
I happen to like these pictures.
If I want to comment on them...
I fucking will.
Take it or leave it.

Anonymous said...

Once again you have expressed my thoughts exactly.
Those photos in Paris are my all time fav as it showed both Rob and Kristen relaxed and so in love, the smile on his face is priceless.
To the haters and doubters, please start taking your meds as it's not healthy to go about life with so much hate!
RoseSee thank you and wishing you a healthy and happy 2010. xxx

Anonymous said...

I love what you are writing and I agree completely, he looks so happy, they just look so at ease.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is absolutely THE Picture of the Year.
My head almost exploded when I first saw these.
The intimacy between them speaks volumes and
Rob's huge smile says it all. I've never seen him
more happy than when he's with his lady love.
People sometimes ask why I'm such a big fan of
Robsten (don't like the name) and I can list many
reasons why, but it basically boils down to this.
Kristen makes Rob happy. Rob makes Kristen happy.
And Rob with Kristen makes me happy.
It's just that simple really.

Anonymous said...

Wow Rosie, you perfectly describe these pictures. They're definitely my fav pics of them in 2009 and like you've said: let's hope what 2010 brings!
I say, I can't wait for pictures of Robsten. Together. But at the same time I'm admittedly glad that there aren't pics of them, 'cause it makes me happy to know that they aren't followed by wild paparazzis ;) So I CAN wait for pictures...and I'll wait until I die :)
Keep on keeping Rose,

Anonymous said...

Totally best pic of the year! i totally love thier honesty in this pic. i mean look at kstew...her face shows that she is thinking..im in the right place with the right person..and his smile is priceless! oh well for all those robsten haters let them keep on hating! awesome blog totally love it! GO ROBSTEN!

Anonymous said...

that smile...you can't fake that

Anonymous said...

I admit I'm a Robsten convert. After many pictures like these, it's impossible (for me anyway) to not be happy for them. Rob looks so relaxed and happy. I didn't understand Kristen at first, but I grow to like her more and more the more I see of her. Now I can call myself a fan. Rose, thanks for your blog! I read it everyday. And I understand why Nonsten/hatestens don't like you, your actually logical, and logic and their views don't mesh well lol.

Mirela said...

I said it before,I`ll say it again. Rose,I love you,I love your blog,I love the way you love R/K....:D

Yeah, love is in the air! LOL

And ITA with your post(s). This IS the best pic of the year & haters,nonstens&hatestens can fuck themselves. ;p LMFAO

Anonymous said...


Thank you for this post, I was feeling sad...and this made me happy.
I believe that they are together and it makes me angry with some of the hate comments that I've been reading in some blogs about them, all that stupid things like PR.
And yes it is the best picture of the year

Anonymous said...

Yeah, right Rose. I love that things you write about them. They really heartopened with their love. I hope they enjoy it as long as possibble. Maybe a life long.
See you here.
And........ why come people on robsten blogs or sites when they didn't like them? That's a big question.*They are envious*. Very simple answer.

Anonymous said...

Right as usual, Rose. I don't think a photo of a full-on lip lock would reveal as much as these photos do. The comfortable, familiar intimacy of the two of them, and their obvious happiness. That tells volumes.


Anonymous said...

Wish they will have a happy ending and will live happily ever after. I don't need any exposures of them, just make movies that I could watch even twice or thrice a year is enough for me. I will be happy to exist in this world where the two of them together exist too.

Kathy said...

Yes, I have to agree that these are THE pictures of the year !!!!!
They look SO at ease and in love. Good for them. I also like the one where Rob has his arm around Kristen backstage at the MTV video awards(?). They look SO in love there too. Here's to their love in 2010 !!!!!

Anonymous said...

They don't even hold hands,people!She's just holding his arm!What's the big deal,for God's shake?Get over it!It's old news!

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 1:51

If it's not a big deal to you, why are you acting so defensive? Why are you here? Hmmm.. I think it's a very big deal to you. Ha, nonstens crack me up.

Can we even call the people who act like that a nonsten? To me, they care and believe more than anyone or they wouldn't act so erratic.


MCarmen said...

Rose thanks for your words, in the middle of this drought, this site is an oasis.

Even being so proctetive of her privacy, Kristen can't help holding Rob's hand or arm...as you like. And she knew they were being pictured...

robsten forever said...

Thank you ROSE!!! your blog always makes me feel so much better and please dont stop i read it everyday!!! it's hard to find things in my robsten universe that make me happy right now, because though i am truely happy that they are able to be together out of the public eye, i do truly and deeply miss them!!! i swear these two people are my life i love them and my heart literally aches when i havent seen them!! im soo crazy ha, but i love that you love Kristen soo much too because so many people seem to have such an issue with her and it makes me so angry because the people in this world aree just so dense and shallow to see how wounderful she is as an actress and a true down toi earth person.. i swear i just woulod love to be her best friend i sometimes feel like she would be the only one to understand me! and ROb oh what can i say hes just too perfect for words haha!! But thank you once again.. and most definatly thwe best pic of the year!!!Keep on blogging Rose:)

Audrey said...

Rose - thanks for posting this! You really speak my thoughts for me. Only one thing...can I still secretly hope for another miracle that Rob and Kristen will be spotted being together somewhere in the UK before 2009 ends? Then we can revisit the topic of 'Pic of the Year' again...haha...I know I'm dreaming...=p