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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dear Kristen... Part Two

Kristen, you've disappeared, like everything else. Now who else can I talk to? I'm lost. When you left, when he left, you took everything with you. But the absence of him is everywhere I look. It's like a huge hole has been punched through my chest. But in a way I'm glad, the pain was the only reminder that he was real. That you all were.

Kristen. I saw him. Maybe I'm crazy now, but I guess that's okay. If a rush of danger is what it takes to see him, than that's what I'll find. Even if it means having to see him look all forlorn and miserable... Even if it means I have to realize that the pictures were taken in front of his parents house... with his family. Even if it means I have to put up with a huge Pap/Respect debate.

Kristen, is it possible that everything's true? The fairy tales and horror stories? Is it possible that there isn't anything sane and normal at all? Have you seen some of the bullshit on the internet? I hope not. There are actually sites dedicated to hating you. How scary is that?
I don't get it, Kristen. If I want to believe that you and Robert are really leprechauns frolicking through a field of four leaf clovers... chasing rainbows... What's it to them?
There isn't anything sane or normal about the reaction that just the word "Robsten" inspires.

Kristen... Things are bad again. Without Rob... I can't stand it. I don't see you or Rob anymore. Now it really feels like you never existed. I will find a place where I can see you again.  I hope it's London... Tonight. ;)

These violent delights have violent ends. And in their triumph die, like fire and powder. Which, as they kiss, consume...


Bye for now


Mama Cougar said...

THIS my friends, THIS post is pure genius.


Now...when pictures do surface, we can all exhale and say "Heaven."


The Cougar's Den

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year,Rosie dear!I hope you'll have a great time with your hubby and kids.As for Rob and Kristen,i hope they'll have a great NYE in London(hopefully)and in 2010 we'll have more pics of them TOGETHER.


Anonymous said...

Rose, You know how there's always one person whose voice you can hear in a crowd? That's what you are to me. You have such a succinct way of expressing your thoughts, like a new-age poet.
Thanks so much for continuing your blog, even during the drought.
My very best wishes to you and your family for the New Year.


MCarmen said...

Happy New Year to everyone!

Rose you've got the capacity to know, exactly, how Robsten fans feel in this drought time and can express these feelings like anybody else does. I feel identified with every word that you write in this blog. Thanks so much!

I wish Rob and Kristen enjoy their first NYE together. Sure it'll be unforgetable for them.

Anonymous said...

Rose you have such a beautiful heart, such a wonderful blog you write.
I hope Rob/Kristen both have an amazing New Years Eve wherever they might be and I hope you have a Wonderful New Years also.Don't let the hate get you down.

Kathy said...

Rose you have spoken for me once again...thank you !!! Happy New Year !!!!

Anonymous said...

Aawww..it would be so perfect and sweet to see just one pic of R/K tonight in london..even if it was just Kristen..we all would still know what it means..i too miss her..so much..heart them...together or apart but hope together..f the haters..they are just jealous as always..let them hate Kristen and Robsten..we dont care..they are just losers who have nothing else better to do but bash people who are happy when they are not!

kristine.hills said...
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kristine.hills said...

I have this song to share with you Rose and all RK fans.
It's like R singing to K or vice versa it doesn't matter...

You made my day, you came my way
You heard me every, every time I prayed
You gave me peace, you gave me grace
You put a smile upon my face
You brought the sunshine (in my life)
You are the lifeline (saved my life)
Since then I have know you
There has been such a change in my life
I'm a witness that Jesus will make a difference in our life
There's nothing impossible, nothing infallible
Nothing to hard for my God to work out
No matter what the problem
God can always solve 'em

I believe it:
No matter what the problem
God can always solve 'em
And God is blessing them every day that's why they r surviving this tsunami this madness.

I hope Kristen read blogs like yours and tons of Robsten blogs. She is loved for MILLIONS of people too. I have a lot of respect for [Kristen] because she's just sort of got this balance of being cool and doing her own thing, and then also being very professional and really pushing herself in front of the camera. It's a hard talent to have, especially as a young actor.
They don't NEED to tell us they are--they've shown us.Goodness knows they deserve to be together and in peace.
They "get" each other, love each other for who they are and not have anything to do with how hot Rob is or Kristen. It's beyond that, it's what you end up having in a relationship, Deep love and caring for one another.
I can see why Rob fell for her, like he said "she's unique", She sure is. Kristen stay as you are.your beautiful inside and out.
RK are two real people with real feelings.They showed the world they are perfect for each other, mirroring images of one another.I love how Kristen comes through and defends them both in no uncertain terms, then Rob softens the blow with his bit of humor at the end. They are a formidable pair.. I've never seen a man look at a woman like he looks at Kristen. I hope I'm lucky enough to find a man that looks at me like that.ROB is PERFECT for KRIS, and i love their love story. Who does Rob want? Who has been his crush from way back and who is now his girlfriend when he could have had his pick from hundreds/thousands? Well, he chose the best out there: Kristen Stewart. The man has good taste.
None of these namedropping people would have glanced at Rob before he became famous. Kristen Stewart saw something special about him beforehand. He can trust her, everyone else just wants a piece of the action.

Why does this young girl bring out the mama bear in me? GOSH!!! lol

ROSE And everyone here(RK fans) i wish you a year filled with love,peace and health and God in your hearts.
Lets SPREAD the LOVE!!!
HAPPY 2010!!!
ROBandKRIS happy everything for u in 2010!!!

ps.:sorry.long post.

Anonymous said...

Genial! So inspiring! I love your poetic mood Rose. You bring out the best of you. Happy New Year to you and keep up the good work for the coming year. May Rob and Kristen stays together forever.....

Melissa said...

Great post, Rose!! As per usual, you are amazing :)

Just wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy New Year!

Love you LOTS!!!!


Anonymous said...

says that you have a very special gift. The gift of words....You are the Robsten Angel sent to bring happiness to all the shippers. Your words slay the trolls and nonstens everyday, you are a true Robsten warrior!!!!! We all love you Rose!!!!

kharma1 said...

Rose..Happy New Year.
Best Wishes for the New Year and may 2010 bring out more kindness and love then hate.
Keep spreading the love Rose.
Happy New Year to All.

imloco2 said...

Thanks Rose. That's actually kind of perfect. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rose for the old year! Hope you'll stay as strong as ever for the New Year! I'm a fan of your blog!!!!!!!!

emma said...

Ever since I discovered your blog I've been reading it daily. Thank you for believing in R & Ks love and not giving into the pessimism and doubt. You've kept the faith for all of us Robstens! {which has been difficult throughout this drought}.

I love your writing. You're fierce and funny!! I truly believe that R & K are tucked away somewhere in the English countryside, celebrating NYE with a close group of family and friends. Good for them.! They deserve the privacy. Happy New Year Rose. Thanks for keeping the faith and believing in Love.

auntapey said...

Rose... I f'n love you.

EPIC post.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

This post is perfect. And now pictures have surfaced. We didn't even have to jump off a cliff to get to see them again, lol!

Anonymous said...

Aaaah Rose this post was lovely...

Brought tears to my eyes thinking of the narrative from NM.


Anonymous said...

and then BAHMMM!!! we got the pics how epic is that!!!!