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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Do I Care About Robert Pattinson... Too Much?

More 'outtakes' from Vanity Fair.
I'm sure you have seen them all by now.
This is probably my favorite of the new ones released.
It used to irritate me that they were
slowly letting us see these pictures...
But now I kinda appreciate having some
new/old pics of Robert to look at
during the Robert Drought of '09.

I don't even want to get into the complete lunacy
of missing someone...
that I don't know.
But miss him or not...
I'm SO happy that he's away from cameras
at the moment.
His happiness is more important than my own.
While that might sound completely unselfish...
That is really kinda scary.
Robert Pattinson.
Why are you doing this to me?
Why am I letting you?
Why am I talking to you?
Why are there men in white coats
pounding at the door?

False alarm.
No men in white coats.
For now.

The 'official' movie poster of
Remember Me
was released yesterday.
I tried to put it here...
But I was unable to.
It was a picture of
Robert and Emilie
Looking all snuggly and cute.
And I can admit that I'm not a fan of
Emilie de Ravin.
It's not that I don't like her...
It's more like I don't care.
But I do care about
Remember Me.
I want it to do well... for Rob.
I want Rob and Emilie's onscreen 'love'
to look and feel real...
for the sake of the movie.

And while I know many will be pushing
the upcoming pictures of
Robert and Emilie
into the faces of those of us who believe
in Rob and Kristen.
I'm OK with that.
There is no comparison between
Emilie and Kristen.
well... you get the point.

Bye for now.


Renata Nunes said...

I just love your texts :)

jac said...

Robert Drought '09 definitely sucks! but... you are right about his happiness. and also right about the craziness of missing someone that we don't know! lol. great post.

ZivaMJ said...

I love your text too haha your words could be perfectly mine!

loveactually said...

Rose- you know what I really love about reading your blog...your honesty. You state exactly how you feel...knowing it may not get a warm response from everyone. Some people sugar coat things or put up a fake IDGAF...none of this effects my life kind of attitude...then in private spout how they really feel. With you what you see is what you get.

My favorite of the new VF pics is the one you chose also because his hand is over his heart and I really like his pinky ring. I like when Rob wears a ring or necklace because he doesn't do it very often..it adds something different to his look.

I'm very much looking forward to Remember Me. I think it will be a success for Rob..from what I have seen of the trailer he is at the top of his game.

lostinphilly said...

I truly believe that you can NEVER care too much for Robert Pattinson!!Caring for Rob needs to be increased every single day by leaps and bounds!!!LOL...and that is completely normal,right? Yep, I thought so!!!

carol benatti said...

I think the same thing...even if Rob is MIA..I am happy he is having a time off...the guy needed it
well I also must say i don´t like Emilie de Ravin,never did,I just don´t like her work...but I read RM script and Ally is really cool
I think everyone will finally say Rob is very talent,and not just handsome!
Love your blog and your honesty!

Anonymous said...

Rose,did you read the Grazie interview with Rob at Robsessed?He denies being in love(once again)and he says that he can't have a gf,because he's too busy.I don't know,but i'm starting having doubts about robsten.What do you think?

Robsten intoxication said...

OMG OMG OMG Thank You once again for saying all of the things that go through my mind every day!!!!! I never thought anyone missed Rob and Kristen as much as me!! I miss them to the point where it hurts!! it's not normal, but im ok with that!! I actually miss them to the point where i am literally miserable in all other aspects of my life when i haven't seen them in a long time!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE Kristen i dont think anyone can understand how much i absolutly love her!!! I am soo protective of her when people bash her!! I love Rob to the point of heartbreak!! But thank you also for stciking behind RObsten and writing intelligently and having great insight into these two wounderful people!!! So thank You again ansd please keep blogging!!!!!!!

Tanya said...

Exactly BBGirl!

Clarissa said...

Hi Rose...I love your blog and all the things you say...sometimes I feel like you are reading my mind...lol. Hey I wanted to ask you if you can follow me on twitter...my account is cmc_21...I dont want you to think I am advertising me...I just wnated you to help me with my blog. Please and thanks.

Anonymous said...

you are lovely. that's all i can say <3

cathy said...

To anon. at 2:05...what do I think? I think you are a typical pot stirrer who is far too transparent, and not very bright. That "interview" was taken from the Quebec Star from last spring. Yes, their "Star" is the same bastion of journalistic integrity as the American one. And Grazie? It's the French equivalent of Life and Style. FAIL.

Cat said...

Im going to avoid negativity today.
Robert... I AM SLAYED!

that is all.

Anonymous said...

i dont know EDR so i'm not going to bash her like Kristen haters does...you can hate someone you dont know...logic right!!! i hope RM doing well for Rob(yay Rob!type castitg is the scariest shit for actors.)
and yay for Kristen too cuz 2 of her movies going to Film Festival!!! as The Stew fan i'm so excited for her!!!!
its Sundance baby!!!...Sundance!!!wooohhhooo!!!