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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Kristen Stewart Makes You Jealous.

I feel like writing about Kristen Stewart.

I posted yesterday about the horrific Pap pics
of Robert with some of his friends.
I'm not going to rant again about the
disgusting intrusive bullshit that celebs have to put up with.
I want to discuss how some Kristen haters saw the pics.
It didn't seem to bother them that
Rob was hounded and harassed...
No.. No...
What was important was the fact that
Kristen wasn't with him.
They were were bubbling over with glee.
But which is it, haters?
On one hand if Kristen isn't with Rob
when he's out... then it's

"See!! Rob doesn't want to be with Kristen!"

but when there are endless pictures of
Rob and Kristen hanging out...

"Kristen is pathetic. She doesn't have any other friends.
Rob just feels sorry for her."

So either way... you find a way to bash and trash her.
You can rationalize Kristen's place in Robert's life
any way you want to.
Whatever helps you sleep at night...

But if you didn't think there was some truth
to all the Robsten rumors...
You wouldn't cringe and whine
at every new picture of Rob and Kristen together...
You wouldn't cling to any negative gossip about Kristen...
You wouldn't pretend to know her thoughts...
And her motivations for what she does.

It doesn't even matter if you believe that
Robert and Kristen
are in a relationship or not...
(pssst... you know they are)
Rob likes Kristen.
Rob likes hanging out with Kristen.
Rob likes holding her hand...
Rob likes snuggling with her at concerts...
Rob likes looking at her...
Smiling at her...

No matter your feelings for Kristen...
Rob likes her.
A lot.
And that's fucking killing you.
It's making you seethe with hatred.
And jealousy.
Don't deny the jealousy.

The intense hatred you feel for Kristen is the
fucking definition of jealousy.

Jealousy is an emotion and typically refers to the
negative thoughts and feelings of insecurity,
fear, and anxiety over an anticipated loss of something
that the person values, such as a relationship, friendship, or love.
Jealousy often consists of a combination of emotions
such as anger, sadness, and disgust.

The sooner you admit it?
The sooner you can finally accept
the fact that Rob is with Kristen...
because he wants to be.

*This is my opinion.
You don't have to agree with me.
I'm not lumping all Nonstens
into the same group...
Some of my best friends are Nonstens.
There are lunatics out there...
You know who you are*

Bye for now.


imloco2 said...

Sad to say you've nailed it again. They say hate is the flip side of love. Both inspire great passion. I just wish the hate wasn't directed at Kristen. When you start hating on a 19yr old girl who's never done harm to anyone that's when I say 'get a life'. Get your own guy, get a job, join the peace corp, whatever. Just stop. Cause it makes you very creepy.

Anonymous said...

I love Rob and Kristen, and I would love if they were a couple in real life.
they make a perfect Couple...I think they complete each other...don't know how to explain...sometimes wen I think that maybe they're not a couple I feel sad really sad.
And please don't think that I want them to be together because of the characters Bella and Edward...I'm not a morron

(sorry for bad english)

Kate said...

i agree completely rose! there seems to be a definite case of the green-eyed monster out there amongst RPatzz fans. I just don't get it, hating someone you don't even know requires so much negative energy - why bother? If they are truly Rob fans and Kristen is what makes him happy then it begs the q: why would they deny him happiness? It's beyond me

Anonymous said...


I must confess I have been both fascinated and repulsed by the obsession for these two. What I like about your blog is you give your honest opinion without bashing the ones that dont agree with you.

Personally I dont think they are together. Thats just me...I dont see it...Rob maybe...Kristen no..hey she calls him Flippy ;)

About the Kristen bashing...as a guy I can only say this...I think she is a very smart, gorgeous strong woman who cares deeply for the ones close to her...as Rob said you wont meet many girls like her...if I am wrong and they are together...I can only say Rob you lucky Bastard!


Jerseygrl4lfe said...

He,he,he,he...The nonstens doth protest too much, methinks.

ITA w/imloco2 - when grown women start blogs and websites to hate on a 19 yr old girl, they need to take a look inside themselves, see what's missing and get a life.

love your blog Rose See!

weirdfishes said...

I think their love is just OBVIOUS! The way he looks to her, the so many days that they hang out together, the intimity.. the way he talks about her... OMG, everything! Of course Rob is with Kristen.. OMG! People are just blind or maybe they just don`t want to see it.

Maria said...

Rose, you are very good at expressing what us, true R/K supporters, have been thinking and you say it so eloquently. Notice I didn't just say Robsten shippers. Yes, if you're a true fan of either, and support them together or individually, you'd surely not express any "thoughts from the dark side" (as I like to call them). If you're a true fan of either and/or a Robsten shipper, you should practice unconditional love and devotion meaning you should always come from a place of positivity, respect, and light, & love which means you respect their choices both personally & professionally, respect their mistakes and flaws, respect their relationships, and mostly respect their being entirely. Most parents practice this. They can have the worst children in the world, be even disappointed and hurt by them for whatever reason, but at the end of the day that's their child and they still love them unconditionally. I, truly, don't understand all this vile hate and negativity. I don't understand why people feel a need to express it so adamantly. For what, two very young celebrities. I could understand people being passionate on both sides of the debate, but please at the end of the day would it really make a difference? It seems to me people are more into proving themselves being right above all else than just being a fan. Hey isn't that how wars start? Everyone sees things differently and believes things differently, and thus forms their own individual opinions which they have an inherent right to express. We're all individuals after all. But please express it with respect (like Rose has). No need to try and "one-up" the other just b/c they differ. Jeez, if the younger generation is like this, I hate to think about the direction of where our society is going. I mean look at our society now & its problems. We should all think about it!

deejon67 said...

I Love Your Blog I Love Rob & Kristen Together and Apart. You Always Word It So Perfectly.

Poli said...

Bravo, Rose! Bravo! Rob would apreciate it.

Anonymous said...

I'll admit I am jealous lucky bitch gets to make out with Rob & Taylor in New Moon! She gets to hang out with Rob & god know what else behind close doors. Some women have all the luck! lol...but Kristen is absolutely beautiful.

Jenny Jerkface said...

Well said!

This is a very thoughtful post. I think that people need to take a step back every once in awhile and realize that making personal attacks on a celebrity that you don't even know is a little sad. And pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Rob absolutely adores Kristen. It shows in every look and action. Anyone who doesn't know that hasn't looked at pictures of them together. I wouldn't be surprised if Rob satisfies the contracts he is committed to then retires from films. He's a private, shy guy and doesn't want to live with this insanity. And I think Kristen factors into the equation as well. As his bride. She can act, he can write music. Awesome couple.

Anonymous said...

The responses from some Rob "fans" disgusted me after those pap pics came out. They were rejoicing that Kristen was not present and didn't even care how intrusive those pics were. They made veiled homosexual insinuations about Rob and his friends, and how they'd be a better couple than Rob and Kristen. I was stunned with those sorts of responses. Just plain, WTF.

Anyways, you nailed it once again with this post. Truly a voice of reason amongst all the insanity. Don't let the haters ever bring you down.

Anonymous said...

I'll admit that Edward was the foot in the door to my loving Rob. But as I got to know him better (you know what I mean here), my love and admiration are for Rob himself.

In the same way, Rob was the foot in the door to my loving Kristen. She's less easy to love without making the effort because she doesn't have the easy charm that Rob does and she doesn't suffer fools gladly. But when you take the time to study her, she's like an explosion of fascinating gifts.

If you make a side-by-side comparison of their interests, backgrounds, and characters, you can see why they became fast friends. And since love is a friendship that catches fire, someone sound the alarm!

Thanks for your great blog, Rose.


kristine.hills said...

"When you're a beautiful person on the inside, there is nothing in the world that can change that about you. Jealousy is the result of one's lack of self-confidence, self-worth, and self-acceptance. The Lesson: If you can't accept yourself, then certainly no one else will.” They can't accept themselves(the haters)they will die living a miserable life.
ROSE U MAKE ME CRY.I always loved K bc she's strong and i love people who have strong personality, she's not afraid of being what she is and it's make all the difference in Rob's life.
Love u sooooo much, how is it possible if i don't know u...lol but i loooovveee youuuuu!

Anonymous said...

I was so touch with your blog..thak you so much..Very well said...it really comes from the heart and I agree with you 100%..I am a Robsten fan..but I will support Rob and Kristen wether they are together or not.. I believe that they are both wonderful persons and with a big heart..I just hope that everyone sees that and for the haters...all I can say, If you have nothing good to say about a person whom you don't even know then better shut up..

Anonymous said...

Awesome post! It makes me so mad when people hate on Kristin when she's just a 19 year old beautiful girl, who's an amazing actress, and who happens to have a close friendship/relationship with Rob. Losers who have nothing better to than to put her down obviously lack self-esteem and self confidence. They're bullies and ugly on the inside. Rob obviously has great taste and so does Kristen. Thanks for sticking up for her!

Gemma said...

You have spoken so true. What is peoples problem with Kristen? Haters don't even know her! The girl is 19 and I think that she is dealing with this mentalness that is twilight quite well both her and Rob seem to like their privacy so what, just because they do a job where yes they are in the public eye for that doesn't mean to say they have to live their real life that way. The video I've seen where Rob is just being hounded is terrible pap's begging for a one picture leave the guy alone. I've not seen the pictures you are talking about but I'd like to say I've been in a relationship for over 10 years and I go out on my own so if they are a couple which I think they are they can go out separately
and if they are a couple SO if someone loves another person then that's special right! Being in love is a nice thing and if that's what they are sharing then good for them, I don't blame them for hiding it or keeping I private because they will get more slagged off for it or rather Kristen will, she is a gorgeous women and he a beautiful man and they are both funny and seem kind from what I've seen in interviews
so pap's I know it's your job but come on there is a limit right, I'd rather see the gorgeous photos in vanity fair then one of them walking down the street I walk down the street all the time no one pictures me

And Kristen haters get over it! You are not going o be Rob's new girlfriend unless your extremely lucky and normal and if Kristen makes him happy then that great if that's the only reason you hate her wow that's sad! And if you hate her because of acting don't watch her films and I'd like you to do better!
Rant over

Anonymous said...

Rob LOVES Kristen; Kristen LOVES Rob. They're happy together. That's just the way it is. It's like saying the earth revolves around the sun. Rose, once again, spot on! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Once again you hit the nail on the head. It's obvious how happy she makes him, how happy they make each other, which makes me feel all warm inside, maybe because it reminds me of how my husband makes me feel and when you're happy, you want everyone else to be happy too - kind of says it all about haters state of mind, that they obviously can't stand to see someone happy.

Anonymous said...

Rose I love reading your blogs, I feel very protective of Kristen maybe b/c i'm 30 and have nieces who are becoming teenagers. Young girls have literly killed themselves over hate/lies/gossip talked about them and it breaks my heart that Kristen gets so much b/c of her relationship (whatever it is) with Rob. I know everyone says she is tough but i'm sure she is like every other woman and takes things to heart.


rita said...

It's so refreshing to find someone who *doesn't* hate Kristen! I find it ludicrous that people would hate her just because she's fortunate enough to be near such gorgeous boys.

I'm a 57-year-old grandmother who's fallen headfirst into the Twilight obsession, having the time of my life!

Thanks for all the great photos; when my job gets to me, I come to your site to decompress.

loveactually said...

Rose...you truly are a treasure to the followers of this blog. You have no idea how your blog puts so much happiness in my heart and makes me smile...even when you are getting your rightful beyotch on..;).

I love to LOVE. I don't have time for hate. I can't understand how people find the time to comment on things or people they dislike...much less maintain a website...hell I don't even have time to say all I'd like about the things I enjoy. I guess time is too valuable to me.

Keep on keepin' on my dear sweet Rose!

Annie said...

This blog is totally badass!!!

Love how you don't beat around the bushes with your comments, like Kristen your totally refreshing!

Love it!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a big fan of Kristen but dont hate on her
I love Rob and the one thing I love about Rob is his smile The Sad thing is that all this stuff happening to him WE DONT GET TO SEE THE SMILE

Angelica said...

You are so right! Love your posts.
If Rob likes to hang out with her, that's none of my business, right?!
I actually love that they're hanging put. I think they're really sweet together.

Ofcourse I'm a bit jealous (she's hanging out with one of the hottest men on the earth?) but when they are together Rob's happy. (Kristen too, ofc.)
I think it's great Rob's happy. I'm happy when he's happy too. When I see a picture at them both, I'm getting all euforic. Don't know why.

I L.O.V.E your blog. It totally makes sense.
Keep up the GREAT work.