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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Rob and Kristen Don't Need Us.

I'm not in a good mood.
I apologize in advance.

Sometimes the negative Rob/Kristen stuff gets to me...
What can I say?
I try really hard to not let the bullshit affect me...
I really do...
But I've received many emails...
from people who either don't really read my blog...
or just want to stir the shit.

These people HATE Kristen.
HATE her.
And that fucking boggles my mind.
She's 19 years old.
They are saying they hate this teenage girl...
and for what?
Her close proximity to Robert Pattinson.
Fucking ridiculous.

I don't understand the extreme behavior...
on both sides of the "Robsten" debate.
I don't get why people have to go to such lengths...
to prove their fucking point.
People go back and forth...
over and over again...
It's endless.
It's tedious.

Same bullshit.
Different fucking day.

No matter where Rob and Kristen are in their relationship...
Nothing anyone says or does...
will affect it.
We aren't involved.
We don't have a say.
We are spectators...
yelling from the sidelines.

And they can't hear us.
They don't even know we are there.
And I'm glad.

Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Rose, I'm really afraid of those people and I'm not happy to read, that you have to suffer :( I don't know how people can hate Kristen, she's just so lovely and talented and... So why can't they accept, that Rob is with Kristen? Do they really think, Rob is theirs? Do they really think, they could be together with Rob? Please, stop saying this! Rose, I hope, you'll be getting better soon!
Thanks for sharing <3

carol benatti said...

how can you hate someone without even knowing her?
this is bullshit,we all should be happy that Rob is happy,idn´t taht what matters?
you are so right Rose,and I am so glad that someone can say out load what you say!
I bet Rob would really appreciated that!
stay strong!

May said...

Bb,I really feel your pain.

TBH,I`m in the same mood today. Human stupidity astounds me.FFS I feel like this entire planet is filled with 13-yold girls. *facepalms*

But you know what? These same people,who hate Kris SFM, are pathetic. They dont care about Rob and his happiness.All they care about is their pathetic little fantasies that Rob will one day be theirs.

As if.

So try to ignore their bullshit and just focus on celebrating the awesomeness that is R/K love & let haters eat their little hearts out. Its just jealousy,bb. After all, we know where its at. ;p

Angelica said...

You're so right! How can you hate a person you haven't even met?!
You can't hate a person because they like to hang out with the most wanted (?) man alive (for the moment). And Rob likes to hang out with Kristen too. That's their choice, who they want to hang out with.
People are just jealous!
Stay strong!
Love your blog.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen any couple, or individual for that matter,induce the strength of reaction these two do. I suppose it says a lot about how unique and charismatic they are. I agree with you though, how in gods name can anyone hate a young woman who never says a bad word about anyone,purely because a guy, a bunch of crazy, overly invested, delusional "females" are utterly obsessed with, happened to fall in love with her? If any of these people had a rational thought in their pathetic heads or had ever experienced being in love or even being in a mature relationship, they'd realise that she must be pretty damn amazing for him to spend every possible second he can with her. They must have a pretty poor opinion of his judgement and by extension their own, if they believe that he could care that much about someone who wasn't worth it. You're right though, they, Rob in particular, don't know these people and I'm sure he doesn't give a damn what they think except for the fact that their comments are hurtful to someone he loves. I honestly wish though, just once, he would give an interview and tell these nutjobs to back the f*ck off Kristen - the best revenge he could take actually would be a simple "Yes,we are together, yes, I love her". They'd be so busy burning their Edward and Bella dolls, they'd have no more time to spew their hatred. Keep the Faith, Rose. Karma's a b*tch and so are the haters!!

Anonymous said...

I will always be one to squee when I see new pics of the two of them together- I've watched these two interact with each other for over a year now and their chemistry is undeniable. I believe their in a r'ship but at the same time I don't expect them to come out and say it- it's not going to happen and it doesn't need to. If this puts me on the "insane" end of the robsten spectrum i'll wear the badge with pride! :)

I don't understand how people can hate Kristen - if her acting doesn't do it for you fine everyone has their own niche, but to speak against someone purely because of jealousy is grade school bullshit.
She's an intelligent, talented and absolutely gorgeous young woman
and the best bit she's only just beginning - you ain't see NOTHING yet.

Anonymous said...

Rose, I love your blog and your skill as a writer. Your words are so honest and, well, endearing.

I'm sorry you're having a bad day. I don't let it get to me any more. Like you, I love Rob and have no real explanation as to why. It's never happened to me before, and it's so not just because of his looks.

I also love Kristen for all the reasons you state. I'm flummoxed by the number of people who hate her just because Rob doesn't. Who he loves and doesn't love has nothing to do with any of us.

And I feel entirely neutral about Emily De Ravin. She's cute, a good actress, and that's about it. She's not "the other woman" just because she starred in a film with Rob.

With regard to all the haters, the word puerile comes to mind.


Ivone said...

You said it all in a nutshell. Simply LOVED. Kisses

* I'm sorry for broken English, I'm Brazilian

Anonymous said...

Love your blog ... never commented before, but today inspired me. Haters are ridiculous; that's all there is to it. Honestly, this world is hard enough as it is - how can you ever begrudge someone happiness? For that matter, how do you have ENERGY to hate on people you don't know? It's all I can do to wake up each day, live my life and get my sh*t done! If you want to love on Rob, go for it ... no one's judging your happy place. But hating Kristen is competely pointless. In fact, if anything, it makes you a person that Rob would dislike. No matter what their relationship is or how they choose to define it (not our business, as fascinated as we may be), it's obvious that being in each other's lives makes them happy. Let. It. Go. Find someone you actually know (or someone you don't, if that's your fancy) to make crazy-hot love to, fan fiction styles. Much better use of your energy than wishing ill on someone.

I think the best part of this post is your point: they don't know or CARE what anyone else thinks. If anything, the negativity spewed at them only draws them closer together. Good thing Kristen has Rob for comfort; I hope for every negative thing they see, they laugh, rip off each other's plaid and have some naughty time on the piles and piles of money they're making.

Rose, you're a trip. Don't give it up. There are so many of us who love you and your SPOT-ON observations. *hugs*

Everblue said...

My first comment on your blog.
I'm from France and I've been reading your blog for months now.
I just love it.
Every post you write expresses exactly my thoughts and I just wanted to say that I love your work and your writing.
I decided to comment because I'm also fed up with those stupid immature jealous haters...(I can't even read Youtube comments anymore)
Yesterday, I even found myself defending Kristen in a debate with my friends who pretend Kstew is rude and weird because of what the tabloids claim.
And I hate it.
I hate that paparazzis and tabloids make stupid bullshit about her and rob...
I hate that people believe them!
I hate that people judge her just because she's not some of those Paris Hilton whose only richness is their clothes, but not their intelligence.
Kristen is an amazingly talented actress. She's fresh air, she's what our generation (I'm 23) need.
I've seen pratically all her movies and interviews.
She's just so intelligent, mature, deep, passionate, and true actors recognize her, including Rob who's probably her biggest fan, so that's what matters.
I've met her when she was in Paris in november for the press conference, she was just so incredibly nice. She had a flight of more than 10 hours and jetlag and looked really tired, but she stayed for us, smiled and talked to us. And I believe she knows that we, her real fans, love her for what she is.
I wanted to tell you, you're not the only one,Rose, we are a lot of Robsten fans across the world, and we'll keep defending them because they deserve it and they have to know that their real fans don't believe all the bullshit. And don't waste your time for these haters, they don't deserve it. If they visit your blog and take the time to leave comments. It's because they just don't want to admit they envy her...

Anonymous said...

Rob & Kristen may not need us but we need them, my life has been shit since theyre gone

Cat said...

well put my dear

I couldn't have worded it better myself.

Love you.

Anonymous said...

Completely agreed with you Rose…but when things got bad in my life, I will go to utube and watch the robsten vids…lol but seriously tho watching Rob & Kristen smiling at each others or doing those robsten’s cute moments really make me happy...grinning like an idiot even, idk why maybe what ever they have is honest & sincere and as human being with a heart & soul its effect us.
To Kristen haters...i feel sorry for you guys...i really do, to hate someone you dont even know in such extreme is really sad.

Anonymous said...

*affect not effect...sorry English not my first language lol!

kristine.hills said...
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Anonymous said...

rose, i love your blog because you say it as you see it. please don't waste your energy and time over hateful emails...they're flotsam and jetsam. and the poster above is right...there are many of us from all over the world who love and support our fave couple. i am from asia and we love robsten here. i think only american girls hate kristen...how ironic.

kristine.hills said...

Oh gosh, i'm so sad.How can't Rob n Kris be happy together?Why do these kind of people think they can interfere in their bubble? If we interfered in their lives would they like it? Nope.Jeez,they are 2 human beings thet have all right to be happy and to whom they want to.Even if i dislike one of them i NEVER would say a thing,bc who am i? Kris n Rob must keep their love story private, there are a lot of crazy people thinking they can control R's life.It's bizzare.I got BLUE tonight.I wish RK all the BEST, i hope they can handle it the best way possible.When i read adults say they hate a girl like Kris i want to yell "WHY?" "Do u own Rob?" "Is he going to be w/u?".They C A N S E E how important KRISTEN is for ROB but they will never admit it,do u know why? Bc they r losers,envious,jealous creatures, yes they r creatures they can't be called human bc they aren't. WTH3ll? Rose darling, think about us,people who back u up.love ya!
Sorry all i'm not in a good mood either.Love u RobKris too.

otsuu said...

I agree with u! Just like always... peace for ROBSTEN!