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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 50- New Moon. KPattz Walking in Love.

Well... We made it.
Midnight tonight.... New Moon hits the theaters.
Tomorrow at this time...
Well... I will just be a nervous wreck waiting to go see it.
All this Rob.
So much Rob.
Is there such a thing as too much?
Is there a saturation point?
I think there is.
I think I've hit it.
Now... don't get me wrong...
I will always love Robert Pattinson.
Beyond the Twilight madness.
But the all the frenzy... the hype...
is exhausting.
I need to stop.
I need to fucking breathe.
My nervous system is shot to hell.

As you may or may not have noticed...
I have an infatuation with Rob... Walking.
I've posted about this before...
I will post about it again.
Something in the way he moves...

I thought I would add a sweet pic of Kristen walking.
Especially since this is day 50 of adoring her daily.
She really is incredible.
And I'm so thrilled that other people are finally realizing it, too.
Kristen did a round of interviews yesterday...
Today Show, Regis/Kelly and Jimmy Fallon.
She rocked them all.
But she was especially cute and charming with Fallon.
He obviously has a bit of a crush on her...
(and why wouldn't he?)
But they had adorable banter...
And she showed everyone that she has a great sense of humor.
Love her.
So happy that others do too.

What would a walking pictures post be...
Without one of the best ever.
Sorry.... BUT
This pic is worth a zillion words.

*Just watched Rob in the 'Remember Me' trailer.
And I'm crying.
He is THAT good.
He is THAT beautiful.
Just writing about it... makes me cry.
It is impossible for me to focus right now.
I need to stop.*

Bye for now.


Amy said...

yano what, i actually cried to when i watched the RM trailer.
he is delicious in it, and he pulls of Tyler so well.
PLUs that accent he's got going on
PHOOOOARRRR Fuckhotness!!!
Amazing post as always :)

loveactually said...

I'm loving all the press for New Moon. I know it's hard work and tiring for all of them but I just love seeing them in interviews. Kristen was adorable on Fallon and yes he was totally fangirling and so complimentary of KStew. Can she throw a football...or what?? ;)

The RM trailer...WOW...Rob's acting blew me away!!! Beat up angry Rob was waaaay better then I imagined. So much pretty in that trailer. Can't wait to see it on the big screen! It will be nice to see him get recognized for work outside of the twilight franchise.

TanjaB. said...

Great post, Rose.

I watched New Moon yesterday night and it was amazing! And now the Remember Me trailer?! I think the folks at Summit are trying to kill us all! The trailer looks fantastic. I couldn't wait to watch it since I read the script, and now even more so.

What to say about Kristen and her round of interviews? She was freaking amazing! ITA with you, the one with Fallon was great. She wa

debbi said...

Rose, once again I'm with you. I was just talking with my friend who I'm going to see New Moon with tonight and we were both saying how it's been overwhelming of late and our poor hearts need a rest. The Remember Me trailer just put me over the edge.

Kristen did indeed rock her appearances. When I'm sick I look like pure crap, she still looked gorgeous. I just want to send positive energy her way.

I'm off to overdose on Rob this weekend...pretty soon we'll have a Rob drought and my nervous system will get some much-needed relief.

May said...

OMG I couldn`t agree more with your entire post, bb.

NM is here. Finally. :) Rob and Kris are so in love&happy together (haters to the MFing left ;D) and RM trailer is finally out.<3 JFC

MY holy trifecta of guilty pleasure. Wouldn`t have it any other way, though. LOL

Oh and Rob on Letterman? Too effin adorable! I mean, he couldn`t be more obvious, if he tried! LOL

Ah, things are looking good atm. Hopefully, it will stay like this for a long, long time. xoxo

OzM said...

Have a great time tonight Rose!

We all got to see NM midnight 2 days ago. You will be blown away by everything! I can’t wait to see this movie multiple times in the cinema. One of the best and most surprising parts of NM (no spoilers I promise) was Taylor WOW! Kristen and Taylor held the movie beautifully; they have some great chemistry too, not like R&K but just like the books. I can’t wait for your thought on the movie :)

RM trailer had me speechless!! Is it March yet!

Anonymous said...

I must be the only one - don't want to talk rm in the midst of my New Moon Belward/Robsten fest. give us all a rest, a small break from the promo onslaught before we dive into rm hawking so soon. Plus, I've come to the realization I'm really crazy about Rob and Kristen together. If rm comes out, and it's good, I'll see it. but the frenzied need I have to be online and see anything and everything Rob and Kris related is only BECAUSE it's about Rob&Kris. rm will be just another movie to me. that's not a bad thing, and I'm not saying I won't have interest. I loved benjamin Button, but I was not on benjamin button and brad pitt boards 24/7 because of it - get what I'm saying? that's what rm will be for me. New moon, the twi saga in general, bella and edwar and robert & Kristen, are the reasons why I am online non-stop. not rm. I tune out when I even see the movie being discussed, it's ruining my NM buzz.

spellbound said...

My feelings about Rob couldn't be any more different than anon's above. I love the Twilight saga but at this point the best thing about Twilight was that it introduced me to Rob. And from here on out, I will see anything Rob does. No matter who he is starring with. So I guess you could say I'm more a Rob fan than a Twilight fan. Having said that, I saw New Moon tonight @ the midnight showing & was not disappointed! Also, there may or may not be a surprise waiting for you in the previews! *wink* :D

Anonymous said...

Robsten RULES!!