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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Random Rose and ROBkriSTEN

Random Thoughts.

1. Watched New Moon.
5th time?
Not that the number counts...
because it will surely change before it
is out of the theater.
But I was thinking about Kristen and Taylor.
How good they are in this movie.
How good they are together.
I really never gave much thought to
Taylor in Twilight.
His role was minimal...
and I honestly doubted
whether or not he could pull off
New Moon Jacob.
He did.
And then some.
Taylor is good in this movie.
He not only looks fantastic
(I mean, seriously... WoW)
But the emotional scenes with Kristen?
Yeah... I got a bit teary.
I especially liked the end...
When he says... "Bella".
And the way he looks at her...
He is the perfect Jacob Black.
I have to give CH kudos on her casting.
And honestly... Giving her praise hasn't been easy...

Just goes to show what a great actress Kristen is...
She has chemistry with both of her leading men.
They both think the world of her...
And only have wonderful things to say about her.

2. No Rob.
I wonder how long it will be before we see him again?
I wonder if there will be pictures of him in London?
(With Kristen, of course)
And you know what?
I would be perfectly fine
NOT seeing pictures of Rob (and Kristen) in London.
Because that would mean that they
are staying under the radar...
And having some peace...
And getting to spend some quality time together
without camera shoved in their faces.
But I'm sure the Paps are on the lookout
for anything Pattinson...

Do you think that if there are pictures
of Rob and Kristen together...
That all the relationship speculation would stop?
I mean...
Going to London for Christmas...
That's a kinda big deal.
It would kinda solidify the whole thing...
Wouldn't it?

As Fucking If!

Well... in the normal world...
Seeing 2 people together as much
as Rob and Kristen are...
You would naturally 'assume' they are a couple.
But this isn't the normal world, is it?
This is the fucking Twilight Universe.
Nothing is easy.
Nothing is predictable.
Nothing is what you expect it to be.

So you just shrug your shoulders...
Roll your eyes.
And look forward to the next
Rob (and Kristen) sighting.

You know it's coming...

Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

Love reading your blogs, agree that Kris had an amazing connection with both Taylor and Rob. I am having withdrawls but i'm kind of glad about it. They both deserve this. ;)

Anonymous said...

Great post as usual. I was skeptical as well of Taylor pulling off a convincing chemistry with Kristen. They both did an amazing job and it's a credit to Kristen as an actress to have such great chemistry with both her co-stars. Yes, any other couple, there would be no doubt they were together, but as Kristen once said, the way Rob's fans "covet" him obviously prevents them from believing he could actually be in love with someone other than them!

Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right, it's great that they're finally getting some quality time together without being hounded. I just laugh at the few remaining doubters now, maybe instead of waiting for one or both to say "Yes we are a couple" before they accept the obvious,they should try listening to what they DO say. I've lost count of the number of comments times they've said something about each other that they couldn't possibly know unless they were basically living together.Open your ears and eyes,doubters!!!

Anonymous said...

if this were a normal world so many more people would just be different. if this were a normal world people wouldn't be so against a beautiful thing called love....a wonderful, magical thing that kristen and rob share. if this were a normal world people would notice the smile that forms in him when kristen is around. if this were a normal world people wouldn't be like this. they would love and accept the decisions that he has made, and also be there for him and the woman he will most likely grow old with because we all know what they have is real...and no matter what happens thats what i will believe. thank u truly for ur blog. i read it daily. and understand completely.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you,Rosie.Tay was great in New Moon.I never liked Jacob in the books,but Taylor made me like him.Kudos to him.He did a wonderful job.

By the way did you see an old pic of Rob and NR from last year?She's all over him and it seems like she's touching his crotch!I mean,come on,girl!Behave yourself!As much i don't want to admit that there was never anything between R and her,just because i don't like her,pics like that prove that at least they hooked up some times.I wonder how Kristen got with Rob after he was with her Best friend?What do you think,Rose?

Carlie said...

hey rose I love you ur blog is amazing yes tay pulled it off and did a great job I have much respect for him as an actor now kris is just wonderful for being able to have the same intensity with both R/T but we all know her true love is her king our robert
I do hope that they spend a restful holiday together in london with rob's family they've earned a long break I also hope that we dont get a single pic so that they dont have to run from the paps we will see them soon enough working hard for us so let em be wishing them all the best

carlie said...

I'm not sure who is left out there that doesn't believe in robsten I mean of coure they are soulmates they sre like made for each other doubters and haters are just jelaous of the love that they share and/or want rob for them seleves witch will never happen so they should just give it a rest and be happy for them already
abt the NR thing I think that r just hooked up with her one time to make K jelaous when she was still with mike and not paying him any mind but all of that is over now so it doesnt matter much any more thats just my two cents :)

Anonymous said...

like every day: a wonderful post :) I finally saw 'New Moon' tonight and can say, you're absolutely right, Tay did a great job and really, NM belongs to Tay and Kris. I really enjoyed the Robsten-Scenes, but I was more fascinated of the Tay-Scenes with Bella, but actually I'm Team Edward LOL... Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I'm looking forward to your next post :)