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Monday, November 23, 2009

Is Rob Eating Turkey in L.A.?

So many thoughts.
Where do I start?

1. Watching pirated copies of New Moon is bad.
You must go to the theater and see it.
A lot.
Be G.O.O.D.

2. I'm going to see New Moon again in a couple of hours.
I've seen it twice.
Will the 3rd time be a charm?
Will my obsession come back full force?
Do I want it to?

3. I was hanging out with friends yesterday...
(Yes, I do have some)
And a New Moon commercial came on the TV...
My friend looked at me and asked...
"So... have you seen New Moon, yet?"
I told her yes.
She seemed surprised that I had...
"You did? Already?? Wow"
I neglected to tell her that I was going again today.
And probably at least once a week (more?)
for the foreseeable future.
Yeah, I kept that nugget to myself.

4. Kristen Stewart.
Spending Thanksgiving with family in L.A.
Robert Pattinson.
Spending Thanksgiving in L.A.
1+1 = 2
There's no way around it...
it all adds up.

And do I care passionately where Rob and Kristen
spend their holidays?
Not really. But I read stuff... I think about what I read.
Sometimes I post about my thoughts.
It's a vicious cycle, isn't it?

5. Will New Moon sustain me through Pattinson withdrawal?
Will the upcoming Remember Me take off the edge?
Will there be pictures of Robert and Kristen making out?
Will Rob find another baseball hat to wear?
Will Kristen keep knotting her t-shirts?
Will New Moon topple Titanic?
Will Rose ever get off the computer
so she can get ready to see New Moon again?
These are the questions we want answered.
And soon.

Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

Rob is still in NY.Pics are all over the internet.He was dining at a japanese restaurant.People said that Kristen was with him.No pics,though!I think Kristen is in LA.

Anonymous said...

I bet she is still in New York....she always sneaks out the back of places. If she was in LA we would know because the LA paparazzi would have gotten pictures of her at the airport.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose,

Can I just say, that I adore you... Yes, I really do... I think that we may be similar people. Whenever I read your blog, I often feel like you've gotten in my head and read my thoughts and wrote about them...It is really quite spooky. I saw new moon for the 3rd time yesterday...(only one time has been documented by anyone who knows me)... the other two time are on the sly, pathetic? I don't think so, just devoted. I adore you, thank you! Bye!

Anonymous said...

I read at a blog that Rob's friend TomStu has an apartment at NY.What if Rob is staying there?What if he has a place there,too?What if it comes out that he and Kristen aren't together?How if tomorrow we'll have pics of her at LA and his at NY?How can we all be so sure that they're together?I'm sorry,but i do a reality check lately.I don't believe gossip sites,or mags and people who tweet every imagination they have!

loveactually said...

Happy Monday Rose! Big hugs to you!

Enjoy New Moon again today. It does get better with every viewing.

Anonymous said...

I saw a video where Kristen and Robert arrived separately at the Japanese Restaurant Sunday night.

ManfaMae said...

I know Kristen said on one of the talk shows that she was going to be back home for Thanksgiving (baking pies), but where did you see that Rob was going to LA for Thanksgiving?

Anonymous said...

its going to be hard for me not seeing them as frequently during these next few months till Eclipse, but i hope they have great Holidays together :D

ryan mallett said...

New Moon is an incredible movie and Kristen and Robert give amazing acting performances. I cant wait for the next installment!

meg said...

It's all over the internet now on many different sites that Rob and Kristen dined together at the Japanese rest. last night, the restaurant even tweeted about it and patrons said they were there. They were also together Thurs, Fri and Sat.nights. Big spread on People.com about their cozy w/e together along with some PDA. And TomStu does NOT have a NYC apt. Some people like the anon. above need to get brains. Rob and Kristen are VERY together and VERY happy. Of course he is spending Thanksgiving w/the Stewarts. PS Rose, LOVE your blog, you're the best! I'm another Rob fan that LOVES Kristen. She is so good for him.

imloco2 said...

Anon - So... if you actually SEE Rob and Kristen at LAX together Tonight, will that convince you he's in LA? With Kris? LOL http://www.popsugar.com/6366889

Looking forward to the answers to those questions Rose. :)

Anonymous said...

In LAX pics…did they wearing the same kind of t-shirt with different color or what? Rob’s grayish & stwie’s white… anyways its cute >.<
hope stwie bake him lots of apple pies & stuff that boy up…he looks too skinny!!!

Anonymous said...

Rose LOL @ #3!!! That will be me too...hiding how many times I see the film.

Love your thoughts...as always xxoo