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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 43- Rob and Kristen Don't Owe You. Really.

You might as well

So purty.
So very very purty.

As usual... I'm trying to stay positive.
It's so hard to do lately.
All these beautiful VF outtakes.
All the interviews and pics of Rob and Kristen
New Moon coming out in a week...

And still...
Such hostility.
Such negativity.

Kinda bizarre.

I don't get the ANGRY thing. I really don't.
Rob and Kristen are holding hands?
"I can't see the movie now... this has ruined it for me"
"Rob is such a liar! Why can't he just tell us the truth?"
"Kristen cheated on Michael with Rob... they are both cheaters!"
What does it matter to you whose hands he's holding?
It's not going to be yours.
Who are you to judge how they handle their relationships?
I mean...
It's pretty obvious that I find the fact that Rob and Kristen
enjoy each others company (incredibly) wonderful.
Why? Because Rob has been crushing on Kristen for a long time.
She makes him H.A.P.P.Y.
But if he didn't hang with Kristen...
would I hate on him????
NO! Never.
I'm so perplexed by all the animosity
and bitterness being thrown at Rob...
because he forgot to ask permission to hang out with someone...
because he hasn't come forward and announced
his true feelings for Kristen to the public.
Just because people want to know...
doesn't mean he has to tell anyone... anything.

The feelings of entitlement some people have.
The right to dictate someone else's life?

All the nastiness that is being spewed out
all over the internet.
At Kristen... which I expected.
Jealousy is an powerful motivator.
But at Rob? For what? Not dating you?
Not seeing your face in the crowd?
People are basically mad at Rob and Kristen for living their life...
the way they want to live it.
And you thought the Paparazzi were intrusive?
They've got nothing on the
Fringe Lunatics
that call themselves


Bye for now.

*My thoughts. My opinions.
This is about that 5% (am I being too hopeful?)
of people who call themselves 'fans'
but just can't wait to slice and dice
Robert and Kristen.
Nothing they do is good enough.
So you shouldn't be offended by this post...
You think I was talking about you.
And in that case...
You fucking scare me...
and why are you reading this?*


Dizz said...

Adore you, as usual. AWESOME post.:)

May said...

As always, you make my day with your post,Rose. :D

"What does it matter to you whose hands he's holding?
It's not going to be yours.
Who are you to judge how they handle their relationships?"

OMG Haters are such pathetic, little bitches, who should just STFU, cover in the corner and cry their little jealous hearts out. They don`t know the definition of the word "FAN". *eyeroll*

Trixie said...


You are simply the BEST.


End of Story.

<3 you BFT!!!!

Anonymous said...

Rose,you're so right!Some people are worse than paps.They think they own Rob and Kristen and they want them to act like they think they should do.They want Rob to come out and yell how much he loves Kristen or else they think he's playing double sides.For me these people are sick and they scare me to death.
Nonstens and Rob's lunies fans spew so much hate on Kristen.I've read so many times that they're bearding that's why they don't come out officially,because Kristen is lesbian and the studio wants to cover her.That she's a cheater,a liar and many more.You've read all these.Actually,i feel pitty for those people.They must lead very miserable lives.Spewing poison,probably makes them feel important.

Anonymous said...

I think this Robsten crap is out of control.People think that Rob and Kristen are the leadings of a soap opera.They forget that they're two very young kids who are trying to make it through all this craziness and scrutiny.I'm so glad that they don't speak about their privacy,because people are ridiculous.I just saw that in Madrid,at the fan event,someone asked them to kiss and they look so akward.If i could,i would slap this idot person.One other crazy at Paris,gave Rob a robsten t-shirt.Whoa!There are so many retards out there.When this promo tour will be over?

LadyArt said...

...how very true, yes, sometimes I was seriously worried about how much this hype would influence these two young persons, but the last interviews I heard were fantastic. Kristen made a statement, she said that regarding the long time she has been spending together with Rob and Tailor, and the intensity on set, they will remain her best friends for the rest of her life... and I think this is true.
How many hours did they spend on fashion foto shooting sets, how often did they kiss until the kiss was right? How can you kiss somebody so intensely and feel the other person so close without becoming either totally fed up or... as it seems to be in this case, very close... closer than with anybody before... and this is what Kristen said.

So, I am looking forward to New Moon, and I am sure we will be rewarded ...

...does anybody know any secrets about Eclipse?

Their timing is well planned - OMG - they are really doing a great job, and it is a hard job (Japan, Paris, Madrid, etc. etc. + jetlag)
I admire them very much!!!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts...

shybloodlover said...

Love your views on Rob and Kristen's 'fans' - so true!
I would love and admire Rob or Kris whether they're together or not, some people just don't know how to be happy for other peoples happiness.
I feel bad for all those negative 'fans' out there, I really do.

Anonymous said...

Rose, you should do a post on how Rob got in a little touchy feely today in Madrid, with Kris in that sheer dress. also I heard he touched her heiney in london. tee hee. Love them I bet they are MAD for each other.

imloco2 said...

Amen, sister! I'm hoping the haters are just a very teeny tiny itsy bitsy vocal group of wing nuts. You can't really call them fans. There are many many more who are pretty normal even if they don't always agree. I'm holding on to that thought. ;)

Cat said...


fullmoonfading said...

As usual Rose, you vocalize what many of us sane (all things being relative) fans think & feel. I feel like Im blogging vicariously through you. LoL *sigh* saves me time to lose my mind over the pics of Rob..& Kristen, having the tears run down the sides of my face 'cuz I'm not blinking & my eyes are beginning to burn. (I knowI'm not alone in this!) Thanks Rose! The haters can go stuff themselves & wallow in their pathetic lives or growTFU & deal! I was really surprised & sickened by the fringe lunatics (love that description btw) I came across while visiting the RM set & that I've seen comments by online. Very sad. Maybe some day they'll get over themselves? Here's hoping!

Please sign the petition for Ellen to ask Rob about the Stoli Shirt on her show Nov 20th (taping Nov. 17th)!