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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Friday, November 6, 2009

D37- It's All About Robert... and Kristen.

I'm in one of my moods again.
Robert Pattinson has made me a moody bitch!
OK... to be fair...
I've always kinda leaned that way
Robert just brings out the finer details.

So... I've been thinking. A lot.
It's something I do way too much of.
And when I do it?
It's always about things that I shouldn't think so much about.
I over-think. Constantly.
There is so much bullshit zinging around my head.
Let's see if I can focus for a moment...

1. I watched East of Eden the other night.
James Dean.
It was the first time I had watched one of his movies
since the inevitable comparison to Rob.
There are similarities... obviously.
The hair.
The brooding.
The intensity of their acting.
Rob is way longer and leaner...
James Dean was kinda on the short side...
Maybe a bit more like Oregano (heh)
But one thing I did notice outside of all that...
Was how they both show so much emotion
with just their face.
You see it all right there...
Their eyes betray everything they are feeling.
Now I'm thinking about Rob's eyes.

2. I realized yesterday that "Twilight"
has been sitting in my DVD player
since the day I got it.
Oh sure, it has been taken out now and again
when we have watched other movies...
But it somehow always finds its way back there.
Like its home.
Everytime I open the player...
It's there.
Everytime I want to watch "Twilight"
all I have to do is click play.
Rob is at my fingertips.
"I don't have the strength to stay away from you..."
So I don't.

3. Isn't Kristen positively, absolutely GORGEOUS here?
So Bella.
Kristen has amazing eyes.
They are icey green... and sultry.
But when she puts in the brown contacts...
She looks so innocent.
So Bella.

4. I'm finding it really hard to contain
my excitement for New Moon
every time a TV spot comes on.
I get all giddy.
And if I'm alone...
I kinda squeeeeee
and then I hit rewind
and watch it again.
Maybe 2 or 3 (hundred) more times...
Theres something about watching it
on the big TV screen.
Makes it more real somehow.
Can't imagine what it will be like
to watch on a movie screen?
I. Will. Lose. My. Mind.
I know what you all are thinking.

"Who is Rose trying to kid?
She's already lost her mind!"

I just wish I could finish the job.
14 days?
Will I make it?

It's a slippery slope, my friends.
And I'm going down face first...
and flying fast.

Bye for now


Anonymous said...

mmmmmm I love both of their eyes... (r/k)...everything is very revealing in them. So much depth in there. Its like swimming deep and surrendering to the drowning.

I willing dive in too :)!!! Meet you below (LOL)

MNTwilightMom said...

Well Rose...
You're pretty mellow today I must say! That's NOT a BAD THING, so please don't take that wrong...please!

Great minds think alike and I know I don't know you on a "Personal Level", I feel like I know you Mind to Mind. We think alike, I believe that is why I'm attracted to your Blog. It's like reading my thoughts only it's written for me already! (Does that make sence?)

I look @ my Calendar and I see the days counting down...I have the numbers on each day counting down to the 19th of November...I have 13More days and I'm in the same boat as you...will I make it!! I have ALL the trailers on my computer, Fan-Made Trailers and the commercials that they have released and I torture myself and watch them over and over again. I stare at his picture's until my eyes hurt and believe me that is possible.... I listen to put-downs from my kid's and talk to my Twi-Family on Twitter to make sure I haven't gone completely insane...but I think I'm already gone! Yup..pretty sure I'm already there.... I have teh TV scchedule for everybody...That weekis gonna SUCK HARD CORE...That week is just going to be complete torture, seeing everybody on TV, especially ROB on TV. I can't wait, but on the same hand if I could put my head through the TV and just touch him it would make my whole year...HELL with that it would just complete me!!! Ok I'm rambling...I better stop... Once again thanks for the great blog Post....

Jessica said...

I really like read your blog post. Im from Argentina and let me say you: I don´t think you are losing your mind. The truth is the world is so fuckup and that still there exist things that make us happy has nothing wrong. Don´t care if were one song, one film, one picture or one book. In my case, see a picture of robsten makes me smile.. So what?
The truth is I really love twilight saga because make me happy and I don´t regret to say it.Thanks for your blog post. Forgive my bad english. Kisses for you!

loveactually said...

Another great post Rose!

I LOVE old movies.James in East of Eden was perfection. I know we don't have alot to go on with his shortened career but EOE was his best performance. Heartbreaking.

There are things about Rob's expression that remind me of James but all in all I think Rob has a uniqueness about him that James didn't have. Yet their humility is one in the same.

I'm right there with you..counting down the days to NM.

Have a wonderful weekend!

imloco2 said...

I confess that I’m getting the tingles whenever I see the Volvo commercials. (Yes, I’m that bad) But when Edward comes around the car and starts walking towards...me, er, the camera, my heart gives a little ‘thud’. Silly, but true. ;)

Anonymous said...

My name is Avery (not Anon)

Dear Rose,

I will write in a style that is like yours, because I admire your blog so much. :)

I love Rob and Kris.

I love Rob even more now, for how he loves Kristen.

He is doing what SHE wants.

I'm pretty sure of it.

If Kristen wanted to shout it from the rooftops.

Rob would be right there with her shouting the loudest.

If Kristen wanted to describe when she fell for Rob and what she loves about him to all the world.

He'd beat her to it, and do the same.

That's what now makes me a teeny tiny bit sad, and anxious despite the certainty of Robsten's existence.

Though I love that Rob is giving Kristen what she wants which is not talking.

Am I the only one who worries that Rob is not getting what he wants?

What if Rob wants more than anything to talk?

To speak of his love.

Not in detail.

Not telling every private thing.

But just saying, yes she is mine.

I am hers.


Was I mistaken?

I thought I heard Rob talking about his personal life last year.

Was I mistaken?

I thought I heard Rob crushing and telling the media Kris had a boyfriend.

Was I mistaken?

I thought I heard Rob say he asked Kristen to marry him?

Was I mistaken?

I thought I heard Rob volunteer that Kris would say yes to his proposal.

Was I mistaken?

I thought I heard Rob answer the question, 'Could you fall in love with Kristen Stewart?' by saying...

"Oh yeah!! She's AMAZING."

He's got a fragile ego, says Kris.

He's insecure, she says, AGAIN.

She's more self-assured than I am, he says.

She's strong, he says.

Prove your strong Kristen.

Be strong for Robert Kristen, let him have what he wants.

Live your life, not caring what anyone thinks.

You say you want to keep something for yourself.

How is saying, 'We are together, now enough!' going to get you any MORE grief than what you're already getting by saying...

'Fkc Off! I don't have to tell you anything.'

Will it stop the papz from the hunt? Er. NO.

Be strong Kristen.

Say it loudly, proudly, then say fck off - and live your life, nor caring what anyone thinks but Rob.

I guarantee...

It's probably what he wants, too.

Cat said...

Erm, all i have to say is have you seen the one answer interview from MTV where Rob talks about pregnancy rumors... who am I kidding, of course you have...

anyways, at the end where he says hes hiding it in his arm pit and her scrunches his face into a little growl almost...

that face.

made me pee myself.

I love Rob.

Anonymous said...

^^ what does this mean? can you link? hiding what in his arm pit? I don't get it.