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Monday, November 16, 2009

Day 47- New Moon Week Begins!

Loving Kristen Stewart.
(no kidding??)
Her sense of style.
And the hair???
I mean... the grown out Joan Jett...
is totally working for her.
I think I might actually like it better
Than the long Bella hair.
Let's just say she looks great
no matter how she wears her hair.
How can she lose?
That beautiful face remains the same.
Kristen is on the Tonight Show w/ Conan
Don't fucking miss it.

OK. Some more random thoughts

1. New Moon Week.
I can't believe it's here.
There are TV appearances galore!
It's almost more than I can stand.
(and I can stands a lot)
One of my fave interviews ever
was Rob on Leno last year...
I'm so excited to be able to add to that...
Sorry... that doesn't come close
to describing how I really feel...
But it will do for now.
I've cleansed the DVR...
it's almost empty...
waiting to be filled.

2. Is it wrong that I want to go to
Burger King and order their NEW MOON meal?
I want the Edward water bottle.
Big time.
Yeah, OK...
and maybe I like those little hamburger thingys?
Well, I've never had them...
but I might.
They come with some Edward.
Everything is better with Edward.

3. I keep getting blindsided on Twitter.
I respond to someones Tweet...
and then all of a sudden...
my Tweets are personal attacks.
Um... no.
I don't do twitter to attack people.
In fact...
I'm pretty sure I wasn't even aware
that you were there...
I don't scope out the Twitterverse...
I don't keep track of where the 140+ people
I follow are at any given time.
I twitter tweetly about Rob and Kristen.
No fucking surprise.
What you see is what you get.

4. It's probably better if there isn't
a number 4, today.
I might say something...
and not regret it later.

5. Bye for now.

*Watch Kristen on Conan.
That is all.*


Cat said...

oh, the things I would do with that tongue... yurmmy.

Im in love with Kristens style also... She can rock the little black dress like no one Iv ever seen before. And I love her hair. Even though she claims not to own it... and that her movie roles own it. lol. She just amazes me.

Okay, so I went to a football party this weekend. And it sucked, not cause of football itself. I lurve football... but because I was forced to watch teams I didnt care about... anyways... to the point of my story. us "moms" were in our own room and we all got on the topic of twilight... yes all moms are closet twilight fans... Iv come to terms, lol.

anyways. They started dissing the stew... and I got defensive... and then I felt a little of what k-stew felt, because every time I tried to defend her, I just got shot down with the things she's quoted, or her awkwardness I couldnt win, its like they kept tabs on every little thing she did just for moments like these... and Im sorry, when your in Lurve with someone you just ignore those things and well, how do i put this.. you just LURVE. And it got to the point were I just stopped talking... before I took my snecker off and rammed it up there ars. and I just realized what it felt like to be her for a moment when it came to criticizing her for anything. b/c no matter what you say its going to be picked apart. and no wonder people think she doesnt care.. because she doesnt take the time to retaliate. I mean, I gave up after 15 minutes and the whole room was taking my words and slashing them against me... multiply that by a few billion and see how that works for ya. So instead, I thought what would the stew do...

and I collected myself, and walked upstairs to the living room and pulled out my phone and played bubble breaker for the rest of the night (lol, that games addicting) I watched my son (who is 2) sit at the piano and play with the keys... hmm... future robward maybe *wink*

sorry this is so long... I usually dont type this much.

LURVE YOU, and yes I am the Cat who formally introduced myself on twitter today ;)

rita said...

NO. Please God, no! Not Burger King! I cannot go there. I hate the big plastic head king perv and have made a public (as in, my husband knows and will remind me) vow to NEVER go to BK again.

However......he's out of town....maybe lunch tomorrow?

Seriously, a Robward water bottle?

Anonymous said...

Hey Cat,don't get upset, we love Kstew, no matter these losers say about her.They hate K bc she has brain,she scares bc she too intelligent.As Kellan said he wouldn't date her bc she's too much independent and spicy".LOL
That's why i admire K, she's unique (as her boyfriend-Rob- said).
And Rose don't get sad, u r completely right twitter is for intelligent and nice people, and i love to read your comments there too.I don't have one but i follow u and Kstewartnews, 2 r my fave.