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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 45- Rob Is Smitten With Kristen

45 days of adoring Kristen.
Just a few more days to go.
But you know what?
I always adore her.
I guess I was just trying to prove a point
counting up to the days until
New Moon.
Just trying to show that its not hard
to love Kristen Stewart.
Even when I could easily dislike her...
for obvious reasons...

1. She's drop dead gorgeous.
2. She looks good in anything...
even trash bags.
3. Rob.
Need I say more?
4. She gets to be Bella.
With Rob.
5. Robsten.
However you look at it?
Rob is totally into her.
6. And Rob.
And Rob.

Good thing I'm not a jealous kinda person.
I see how happy Kristen makes Rob...
I mean, seriously...
Have you SEEN the huge smiles the boy
has been wearing lately?
Doesn't he look like a man in love?
Yes he does.
And Kristen?
So much calmer.
So much more relaxed...
So much more smiley and happy.
Love will do that to a person.

Isn't it nice to see
Rob and Kristen showing more affection
in public?
The touching.
The looks.
So intimate...
You almost want to turn away...
But most of all...
It's Rob.
Happy Rob.
Smiley, goofy
Gloriously smitten Rob.

Love is good.

Bye for now.


Annie said...

I'll admit a few pangs of jealousy but otherwise I totally agree.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose,
after reading your blog for a while now I just wanted to let you know that I love your blog! It is awesome!
So now you´ve got one more fan from germany! ;-) Even so right now I´m in the US....


Anonymous said...

So I've been following your blog for a while now and have really enjoyed all that you've said!! Love Rob!! Love Kristen!! Thanks for everything you do!!

loveactually said...

Oh Rose..you said it.

"Love is good." It sure is and it's not only good but absolutely BEAUTIFUL when it's the love between RK.

It's so heart-warming to watch the way they look at each other and the way their faces light up.

I would love for them to truly be natural in public..no guards or barriers. I hope it's coming soon.

SunnySRZ said...

Munich pics posting in the last hour show them more relaxed - and smitten, love, just wonderful. The looks between them no words they just draw you in... Love your blog and you say exactly what I feel - thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi,Rose!I love your blog so much.Have you noticed how much are outing themselves Rob and Kristen lately?They're so flirty all the time.

Anonymous said...

Rose, I heart you. You have the ability to put into words our thoughts and heartfelt fascination to this couple. Thanks so much!!!

Anonymous said...

"So much more smiley and happy.
Love will do that to a person."

Could i say more than u've already said???

Why is RK romance so special!!!? "We live in such a cynical world looking at them offscreen kinda rebuilds hope for genuine love&romance. *

Rose, u rock!!!

Anonymous said...

First of all I love your blog and agree with your sentiments 100%! Yes these two are so smitten with each other that you could almost touch it. Kristen is just glowing and has never looked more beautiful and Rob...what can I say,the man is almost levitating with happiness. So beautiful to watch and witness.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you, Rose. Rob is just plain GIDDY (and a little goofy in love) these days! You can feel the energy between Rob and Kristen, and it feels more at ease than before.

Seeing these two together reminds me of the unparalleled joy of young love. I envy them and hope they savor each moment together. Just watching them, I get the sense that there's a sense of belonging and a true connection.

Anonymous said...

who isnt smitten with Kristen? shes HOT!