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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Defending Kristen Stewart... Again

Here I sit... the day before Thanksgiving... and not feeling very thankful.
It seems the more 'real' the relationship between Rob and Kristen becomes...
The more the insults and put downs have come out about Kristen.
And sometimes about Robert...

We've heard it all before...
She's toxic.
She's bitter.
She's ungrateful.
She's a cheater.
She's a liar.
She's a lesbian.
She's ugly.
She's fat. (Yes... some people have actually said that!)
The list goes on and on...

Kristen has said in interview after interview that
she doesn't want to talk about her relationship with Robert.
She wants to keep her personal life... her own.
Is that wrong?
So what if she talked about Oregano?
That's hardly the same thing is it?
Surely you cannot compare her and the stumpy spice
and their relationship with the whirlwind that is Robert Pattinson?
Do you really fucking BLAME her for not wanting to discuss it?
Can you fucking imagine how often and how much she is asked about it?
Can you imagine how often she would be talking just about that?
Can you fucking understand why
she just wants to keep what is hers... HERS?

And then... It's totally cool for Rob to have supposedly
had a fling with Emilie de Ravin
over the summer... even though she is (still) married...
even though it was pretty fucking obvious that outside of the movie set...
Rob and Emilie were incredibly platonic.
I swear Rob went out of his way to not be pictured in
close proximity with her off set.
Why is it OK for Rob to be a manwhore with a married woman...
Yet he and Kristen got all kinds of slack for supposedly

cheating on Oregano?
Double standard much?

And I have nothing against Emilie.
I'm sure she is very pleasant in her vanilla mediocrity.
(Let's face it, she pales in comparison to the fierceness that is Kristen)
But when people poked fun at her on Twitter

all hell broke loose.
And yes... some people were asking for her to die...
which is obviously wrong... and very extreme....
But thing is?
People fucking attack Kristen night and day.
They say the most vulgar, rude things about her.
Some people talk about finding her and beating her up (no shit)...
But that somehow is OK?
It goes with the 'territory'?
She asks for it?
That's what she gets for hanging with Rob?

I don't get it.
The double standard.
The harsh light that so many people dissect Kristen under...
Why it is OK to trash her relentlessly again and again...
But when someone stands up for her?
We are somehow throwing "Robsten" in their faces?

I'm not. I don't have to.
The pictures tell the story... they don't need my words.
I'm just defending Kristen's right to be with who she wants to be with.
To have a relationship with someone... and not allow the media...
And the haters out there to try and destroy it.
To destroy her.

It's yours, Kristen.
Keep it safe.
Keep yourself safe.
Enjoy your time with him...
Smile... Make him smile.
And be thankful this Thanksgiving.
You have a lot to be thankful for...

Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

So bringing Emilie into it now? Comparing Kristen (most probably just mentally) cheating on Angarano with Emilie De Ravin's supposed fling Rob had?

Can you REACH more? How dare you accuse Emilie and Rob when there hasn't even been 1 picture of them together.

You guys are all out of your minds. You think Kristen needs your babbling protection?

And who are these people attacking Kristen? I visit all the main blogs and nobody ever attacks her.

It's just small time bloggers like you that wake up thinking they have to write something about Robsten, have to defend Kristen.

Seriously, I can't believe you brought Emilie, her husband and Rob and tried to sling mud on them.

Shame on you...

Anonymous said...

Thank you I adore your blogs. Kris seems like an amazing person who loves the fans just not the paps. I'm so sick of the hate that is thrown at her for no reason other than people are jealous of her relationship with Rob. You can see how much they care/love/admire/respect each other. I am glad she is trying to keep their relationship to themselves once its out there things would only get woarst with rumors and gossip.

Thank you

maggie said...

i agree 100%, it feel like if everyone keeps asking them if their together it might drive a wedge between them if they are together. people should have the same respect they would want in a relationship for kristen and rob, just let them have this one thing for themselves and in time maybe they'll let us in.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 1 from Anon 2 please learn how to read and then maybe you can properly understand what she was trying to write. Kris doesn't get much hate are you for real, she is being thrown to the wolves (so to speak) all the time. They are trying to get through this crazyness together as a couple they are lucky to have one another to lean on.

Anonymous said...

Rose i absolutely adore you..you tell it exactly like it is..Kristen is attacked everyday by someone..it is so ugly and vile and if we dare to defend her we are crazy obsessed Robsten fans..ok whatever..double standard much..because if we dare so much as even hint at the fact EDR pales in comparison to Kristen we are butchered for it..the haters/nonstens need to just accept Robs choice and move along..what they dont understand is their hatred for Kristen probably makes him all that much more protective of her..their game is backfiring on them.

Anonymous said...

Emilie was divorced shortly before shooting RM. I don't think it's a stretch to accuse her of a crush on Rob, look at the pictures of her with him at the NM premiere. There is a video of when they were filming RM where she walked by him and he practically ignored her, as did his entourage. There's no attraction there. Kristen can't be in the same vicinity without Rob competing for her attention. Completely adorable.
However, Rob and Emilie do have a movie to promote. Emilie is no more a threat to Kristen than I am. He is absolutely, completely, irrevocably in love with Kristen. It shows in every picture and he has never once said anything but. It's been hilarious watching him deny their relationship on this press tour. He is a great actor but he isn't a good liar :>
As for Kristen - people who hate her must just be jealous. She's beautiful (and even more so now that her and Rob's relationship has gone physical, she now glows), sexy, talented, and has the hottest guy on the planet madly in love with her. She's awesome. Kristen, if you read this, you go girl!

Anonymous said...

To the first poster... Do you have any reading comprehension skills? Rose did not accuse Rob of having a fling with Emilie. She's stating the fact that many of the Kristen haters are the ones throwing this rumor out there. We all know he and Emilie had nothing more than a platonic relationship but it's the Kristen haters who are pushing this Rob and anything with a vagina. And for your information, Kristen is bashed by almost every site that mentions Rob. Try Robsessed, Rob's IMDB page, Perez Hilton, Ted's AT, and all the gossip sites who post pics of them together. It's well known how much she is hated just because she happens to be dating with a guy that millions of women fantasize about. It's women like those that make all women look pathetic and sad.

Rose said...

Wow. Anon @12:20 seriously?

I'm not the one who has brought Emilie into this... give me a break.
Go back and read the post again.
Try to comprehend what I am saying.
And then get back to me.
Don't bother...
It's all moot anyway.

Purple83 said...

love you Rose, you're right...Kris gets a looooooooooooot of flames...sometimes all this hate and general animosity towards her gets to me as well :/

Gozde said...

Anonymous number whatever, as one of the owners of Robsessed I'd like you to clear up when/where/how we ever bash Kristen. Seriously...These accusations make me so mad.

Love you Rose :)

Lula! said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Rose!

I wanna print out and laminate that pic of Kristen...she's totally telling the world that she's #1, and I agree! Plus--her eye makeup is so angsty delicious that I want to French her full on the mouth. In a non-lesbian kind of way.

Rose said...

Goz! It's amazing how people perceive what is written, isn't it?
I hope they weren't accusing you of bashing Kristen... You have always been team Switzerland on ROBsessed when it comes to Kristen!

Love you back, Goz <3

Gozde said...

It's really quite crazy, this reminds me why I disabled anonymous posters ;(

Happy Thanksgiving baby! I'm going back to bed, reading this spiked my fever, lol :))

Love ya!

Rose said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Sweets!

Feel better soon!

<3 you!!

Anonymous said...

Love this blog :)

Didn't KS say that she did not want to talk about her private life b/c she learnt her lesson when she DID talk about MA, and then regretted it. Sorry I cannot remember where I read that.

Once bitten twice shy.

Also, who knows if she cheated? Maybe she was cheated on, maybe she was broken up with.

We will never know.

<3 BPE (missing Rob in LDN x)

Anonymous said...

if a was a friend of kristen, i would sending this to her.it's amazing and i agree 100%!she is amazing and make rob sooo happy!

Anonymous said...

Fuck the Robsten haters!.... and lol at the "stumpy spice" thats his nick name from now on

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your thoughts, they are perfect. You speak the truth and the haters are just losers who are anything but Kristen fans. I support Kristen and Rob's decision not to talk about their relationship, it is theirs and it is none of our business. Rob is a major star (Oregano was virtual unknown) plus they were a lot younger. I strongly believe Kris wants it private to protect Rob from talk and to help him keep his start status. Seems chicks would rather he be single? Makes no sense but whatever. One day they will be able to be free with their relationship, but until than they deserve their privacy.
Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

How do I love thee, Rose? Let me count the ways. You speak truth.
Anon @ 12:20 PM is the perfect example of just what you are talking about. Hating on something she knows little about.

Rob and Kristen are great. Imperfect (like everyone else), but great! Kristen has to be fierce to put up with the kind of ridiculous hate she gets from girls. I don't understand the hater mentality. I also don't know Emilie's work so I can't speak on that but she looks like she and Rob will have some chemistry on screen.

Small time bloggers unite! I've missed you and hope to visit more often! ♥

Nanc said...

Rose - I've really enjoyed reading your Blog, I've never left a comment but felt compelled to today. I was really worried that Rob & Kris were being negatively affected by all of the ignorant comments made by delusional and foolish "fans" not to mention the idiotic papzz . After seeing them the last two weeks, I think they have figured out a way just to "consider the source".
There will always be fools in the world, you just can't ask their opinion or let their opinion affect you. It doesn't feel very satisfying, I know, but you really cannot reason with a fool, they have no reasoning powers, kind of like a drunk. Just hate to see you affected for even one second from their ignorance. You know the truth, we all know the truth, they probably never will.
Keep up the great work!!!

sparkle for twilight said...

This is the first time I've been to your blog and it's great! I love people that defend Kristen, I really don't understand what's not to like. I mean, there's only so much we can assume about someone we don't actually know, but in the very least she just seems like a real person, so when people say she's fake or whatever, that's what I don't get. Then again I'm a fan, love her!

OzM said...

A Happy Thanksgiving to you Rose <3

I admit that I don’t care much for Kristen but nothing gets to me more than the HATERS! I can’t believe how many people like to piss on the parade when it comes to anything to do with the saga Kristen included. Why can’t people just ignore something they don’t like?

Despite all the haters out there and huge loss of privacy for both R &K they really do have allot to be thankful for. They are both young and beautiful, have solid family and friend, loved and adored by millions of people all over the world, enough money to escape to have the privacy they want and each other. It really couldn’t get much better don’t you think? Oh yes it can ...... the haters can all FUCK OFF and hate on something else.

From an Aussie girl to all my US peeps Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose and Gozde. I don't think that anon poster that mentioned the blog sites meant that the authors themselves are the ones bashing Kristen. It's the women who comment on those sites. They are awful, especially on Ted's sites and Letters to Twilight. Well at least on Ted's site there are a lot of Rob/Kristen supporters and they tend to defend her and Rob from the bashing. Not so much at LTT. Those cougars there are pretty disgusting sometimes. If you're going to stay neutral on Robsten then stop the hate otherwise you look pretty ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Hi this is the first time I've ever commented on this blog and actually read it. You have got such a point, I'm not a big Robert fan (He doesen't appeal to me that much, sorry!) but I am a huge Kristen fan. I know how you feel, one of the people i met in a bar continously talked trash about her, even saying she would 'kill' her if she ever sees her. I had alcohol on me, and the anger blinded me. It turned into a fight, and I punched her in the face. It really pisses the fuck out of me when people judge her in any single flaw she has. To them Rob can do no wrong. It's fucking frustrating. But i bet Robert will never be dishonest to Kristen. He loves her. You can tell.

Poli said...

Once again Rose, you spoke the truth. Kristen is amazing and i am a huge fan of hers. She and Rob are absolutely fantastic together. It warms my heart look at them. I bet Kristen´s haters are just jealous, because let´s face it: she is part of his life (as a friend, or as girlfriend, or both) and they´re not.
Keep the great work!

Anonymous said...

Rose it's incredible isn't it? Poor Kristen love her (and I do) or dislike her (how can you hate someone you don't know), she doesn't deserve the things that are said about her.

Thanks Rose for making me see the positives in Kristen xxoo

PS it never ceases to amaze me how people do not read things properly on the internet...people get so angry about the wrong thing!

john wall said...

Kristen plays a lot of teen angst roles, similar to the 1980's movies like Sixteen Candles and Breakfast Club. I think she is very talented, but needs to branch out into new roles.