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Friday, November 27, 2009

3 Words- Rob and Kristen

Rob and Kristen.
3 simple words.

I like to write about them...
Well first of all... I like them.
Together and apart.
But I have to admit that I enjoy the reaction
that writing 3 words creates...
Rob and Kristen.

I have previously alluded that I thought
Rob and Kristen
Would be spending Christmas together
in London.
The reaction was intense.
I got some hate mail.
I received some interesting comments.
All because I have suggested that
2 people
(Rob and Kristen)
who seem to always be together...
Would continue that trend.

And the fact of the matter is this...
Rob and Kristen
hang out together... a lot.
Hotels. Dinners. Concerts.
Airport tarmacs ;)
If Robert was with any other girl that much?
You can be sure that the romance rumors
would be all over the place.
And with good reason.
But since it is always
Rob and Kristen...
People seem to scoff at their connection.
And whether
Rob and Kristen
are dating... or not
(OK, you know they are)
They are close.
VERY close.
And yeah...
I think Rob would love to show
Kristen his city.
I think Kristen wants to be with Rob.
I think Rob wants to be with Kristen.

It is beyond want...
It is reality.
They are always together.
Why wouldn't that extend to spending
Christmas in London?

I suppose it is a matter of schedules and commitments
But I'm thinking that if
Rob and Kristen
can be together in London...
That's where they will be.
I hope they enjoy their down time...
and each other.

Rob and Kristen.

Bye for now


Carlie said...

I love it I agree with everything you said of course they will spend christmas together in london and we all know they spent thanksgiving together in L.A. at the Stewart family home yesterday
who ever has a problem with that has issues and we don't like them any way just saying lol :)

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what upset some people so much about what you said either. They will be spending at least part of the holiday in London together.That's why they spent Thanksgiving in LA with Kristen's family,we all know it's difficult keeping both families happy, even worse when they're on different continets :)

Anonymous said...

Carlie just said, what I was hoing to say :D I totally agree with you and I'm really sure that those two will spend Christmas together...and New Year...and all their time :D There are people who don't understand our 'passion' to those two, but I'm glad to see that I'm not alone in my opinion about those two. I'm glad you share your thoughts (which are the same as mine lol) with the world.

Keep on,

Anonymous said...

I love Robsten, they're perfect for each other. Why Rob fans wouldn't want that is beyond me. Let him be happy, and if Kristen makes him happy than they should want her in his life. There's no one else he should be with than her, as a couple they are perfect for each other. I wouldn't be surprised if they got married down the line, I would like that ;)

Poli said...

Once again, my dear, you spoke (actually wrote) what was on our minds! I absolutely love your blog.
What i don´t understand is, if people know you´re pro Rob and Kristen, and they don´t like what you have to say about them...why they keep comming back to YOUR blog? I just don´t get it!
Love you and can´t wait for your next post.

kristine.hills said...

Jeez, how i love being here.ROB and KRISTEN 3 lovely words.OMG i tottaly agree w/u, what is so difficult to believe they are TOGETHER, IN LOVE? I think even if i were blind i could feel(and almost touch it)their chemistry, their closeness,all love they share.People who are still in denial about it are bitter and lonely(they've nver had some kind of love or feeling) they r all losers.Rose my darling, i'm a huge fan of yours, u r always making my days(sigh).I hope R/K all the happiness and LOVE that there can be in this world, they deserve all the best in their lives.I don't blame K if she doesn't go public about their relaysh, she has Rob's love, Rob has hers,so it is what really matters. Dear, i couldn't agrre more w/u THEY SPEND ALL THEIR FREE TIME TOGETHER and they are going to London for Christmas.All i can say is GOD bless K/R forever. Rose don't get upset about the losers, they don't even deserve it. Love your thoughts.XOXO

BellaRoma said...

I love everything you have to say/write and your way of expressing yourself. Kudos to you!

Robsten forever said...

I absolutly love you!, next to Kristen and rob of course, but you just said exactly how i felt!!! i feel this all the time the feeling never goes away, and its so nice to read someone else that agrees and embraces these two wounderful people as much as i do!!! Thank you and keep writing please!!!!!!

Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

Just so you know…you´re fantastic!! I love your blog!
And…did you see the pictures that came out from Rob and Nikki?? Ok I know that they are pictures from a year ago or so…but made me so…I don’t even know what the word is. Just check them out for yourself. http://community.livejournal.com/lion_lamb/6344376

Anonymous said...

People need to chillax. If you people just takes the time to look closer and enlarge the pics, they can see that Nikki is holding a cell phone and NOT grabbing his crotch.

Btw, love love your blog Rose. Happy Holidays