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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 34- No More Robsten. Really.


I'm feeling melancholy today.
And isn't that silly?
All these glorious VF pictures...
All these glorious Japan pictures...
and here I sit...
feeling kinda sad.

This is my last post that will mention
(The word... not the couple...heh)
I hate the word now.
It only brings negativity to mind.
I want to think good, positive things
when I think about Rob and Kristen...
I don't want to be reminded
about the selfish fans out there...
who want to choose who Robert hangs around with.
Who want to trash and insult someone...
who Rob obviously cares very deeply for.

When I think about being for ROBSTEN...
It's not for me.
I mean...
I don't get anything out of the fact
that I believe Rob and Kristen are in a relationship.
I just look at Robert...
who so honestly wears his tender heart
on his sleeve...
And how can I NOT want them to be together?
How can I not want Rob to be happy?
I think Kristen makes him happy.
Its all there.
Right in front of us.
Right on his beautiful face
every time he looks at Kristen.
How can you not see it?

And I even understand if you don't get it.
I do.
But just do a couple of things ...

1. Please stop pretending to like Kristen...
to just turn around and slyly cut her down.

"I love Kristen, if she would just comb her hair!"

You know what I mean?
Own up to disliking her.
It happens.

2. You don't have to like Kristen.
But you don't have to be so fucking nasty about it.
And admit that you are jealous of her.
Come on.
You can do it.
I'm jealous of her, too!
Of course I am!
She's young, gorgeous, talented...
and hanging with Robert Pattinson.
She almost begs you to be jealous!

3. Please stop saying
"I don't care".
You obviously do.
A lot.
Or you wouldn't keep telling everyone
that you don't care.
Over and over again.
Its the whole
'I think doth protest too much' kinda thing.
You care.
I care.
It's OK.

4. Please remember this is only a blog.
A silly little blog.
It's just my thoughts.
It's nothing personal against anyone.
I'm not attacking you.
Just writing down my thoughts...
in hopes of someday...
My overwhelming addiction to
Robert Pattinson.

As Dr. Phil would say...

"How's that workin' for ya?"

Not so good.

Bye for now.


Del said...

*sigh* I wish people were more open minded like you. Jealousy is an evil thing, I wish people would get over themselves and stop acting so nasty towards people they don't even know and have HONESTLY done nothing wrong to anyone.

Luv your posts btw...

Nicole said...

I'll just be honest...the 'Robsten' moniker never really appealed to me either. I rarely use it. For me, they're Rob and Kristen or R/K.

So kudos to you for standing against that. :)

Rachevonb said...

i agree 100% i love them both..tho rob a lil bit more...lol

Anonymous said...

I love you, bb. You always seem to write EXACTLY what I'm thinking except much more eloquently than I could ever express. It's been a rough week so far, hopefully tomorrow will be much, much better! ;)

Mizzle said...

I just adore you, sweetheart. Excellent blog.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you. I don't know what's wrong with people. I adore Kristen, she's great. I adored her before Twilight even came about. People will think and say what they want,but people need to be more openminded and put themselves in the shoes of others, or just shut the hell up. She is beautiful, talented, and very intelligent. Frankly I know more about her than I do Rob. But these two are wonderful together and clearly make each other happy. Hopefully when all this Twilight Saga movies are over with, these 2 will be left alone to be with each other in their own eyes and not in the eyes of others.
Thanks for your view, I enjoyed it.

debbi said...

Rose, I just want to thank you for keeping up your blog and making me feel just a little less insane for being wrapped up in all of this. It's nice to know someone else thinks and feels the same way. I was feeling melancholy today too. The uproar over the VF article preview left me bothered. But then I see the UNFUCKING-BELIEVABLE Harpers Bazaar outtakes and my world is right again. There are no words. It's the perfect balance to the shit storm that was yesterday. I don't care what anyone, any article says - there is something between those 2. Period. As you always say, pictures speak louder than words.

OzM said...

Hi Rose,
I am so over the whole speculation. It’s emotionally draining when people are trying to over analyse everything about K & R together. Adoring Rob is emotionally draining enough in itself.

I find myself indifferent to liking Kristen when I don’t personally know her. I do admit that I didn’t like Kristen acting in Twilight but I’m hopeful that it was more CH directing style then Kristen acting.

I too have my bouts of jealously not so much towards Kristen but any lucky bitch that will get to be in a relationship with Rob, however the wasted emotion of jealousy definitely kills my Rob mojo so I like to take the fuck it road & just focus on the man and all his talent.

I hope your heart is holding up OK Rose can’t wait to hear what you have to say on NM, that’s if your poor heart lives through it lol!

BTW Rose your banner!!! My GOD that picture and THOSE eyes!!! Have you ever seen a more beautiful color?


Anonymous said...

Rose, I've just discovered your blog! I feel the same way you do, I love Rob and Kristen equally, they are so wonderful together and they are finally going to admit that they are together! I really believe it's coming very soon! Did you see the HB photoshoot pics??? The love between these two just oozes out from every photo!! Chin up!

Anonymous said...

Rob do wears his heart on his sleeve…check out the HP pics!!! photoshoots for magazine or not pls don’t tell me that they r not in love.pls don't tell me you can they fake their expressions cuz they r mother fucking actors!!!

Anonymous said...

i nearly DIED looking at these:


i LOVE LOVE LOVE them soooo

hope you do too - all of you!


spellbound said...

God, I'm so glad to have my thoughts put into words because obviously I'm incapable of doing it! I feel exactly as you said you feel. Being perfectly honest here, I've always liked Rob's personality more than Kristen's, at least their public persona's. I don't dislike her though. And since this spring, around April/May, when I decided in my own mind that they were actually together I have liked her alot more & can honestly say now I love her too, right along with Rob. Like you said, how could I not want them together when she so obviously makes Rob happy? I just want him happy & I know I'll never have him. I'm too old for one thing, even if I was acting in a movie with him. So am I jealous? Well I guess in one way. I envy her. I would love to be in her shoes of course! Who wouldn't??? But hateful, spiteful, unreasonable jealousy? NO. I get so angry when someone does that! Those "fans" don't really care about Rob, they only care about themselves. I'm so happy that he seems to have found someone to share his life with, at least for now. I always worried about him working all the time & being homesick & lonely. I don't worry so much now. And I think Kristen must be a very special person to have earned Rob's love & respect like she has. I trust his judgement completely. So I will love Kristen right along with Rob, as long as she treats him good & doesn't hurt him. If he's happy, so am I.

Anonymous said...

rose, I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on the hb photos, they are out right now. :)

rAndom fAngirl said...

see the epic love, Rose.

Cat said...

Ok this may be a tab bit long.... yup... fair warning :)

I love Kristen... and here is why:

1. She def. doesnt give 2 shits about what anyone thinks about her. To a point. Its hard to not take personal jabs to heart... we all do. But What i love are the pics of her out in public with uncombed hair... why you ask... b/c im a 22 year old who does the exact same shit.... and when Im in the store with my greasy hair in a messy lop sided bun on top of my head I just smile and say to myself "kstew does it, and she knows shes gonna get pictures taken... so I can do it also." Bitch is fierce and I lurve her.

2. she makes me happy. I dont know why... she just does. I get her humor when people take it as rudeness... and I laugh my fucking ass off.

3. Well duh... she makes rob smile... and when rob smiles I swoon... of course I love the person responsible of making me swoon... its all connected... lol.

i could keep going... but uhh... im tired... and my dreams are calling me. so erm... dont feel like explaining my reasons... esp. cause with all the reason i state people who hate will always try and speak louder... and frankly... i just dont have the energy to fight over something that isnt gonna change in my mind no matter what anyone says...

I LOVE THE STEW... shes my bitch.