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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 48- Dreamy KPattz Love

I was going to write a *warning*
But you know what?
I'm pretty sure anyone who comes here
and reads this blog...
Knows what they are getting into.
I make no secret about how I feel about
Kristen Stewart...
My need to defend and protect her.
I make no secret about my obsessive adoration
of Robert Pattinson.
And most of all...
I make no secret that I love the idea
of Rob and Kristen.
(Forever and ever...)

No more warnings.

Yes. Robert Pattinson looks fucking dreamy.
Of course he does.
It's not like he can take off the dreamy.
He's pretty much stuck with it.
It's just sometimes he is even dreamier
than other times...
Even though...
He's always dreamy.
It's all a matter of degrees of dreamy.
Sick of the word yet?

We didn't get any photos on the red carpet
of Rob and Kristen together.
I didn't see Rob pose with any of the cast.
But there were plenty of them together...
At the after party.
Kristen looked a bit tired...
Or maybe she was just tired of posing for pictures...
and having people shout her name...
and having people push and pull her
to where they wanted her to be...
I'm tired just writing that.
Rob really seems to get pushed and shoved around too...
it's rather disheartening to watch.
And I'm sorry...
but that Nick manager guy?
He bugs me. Big time.
Not only is he within inches of Rob
at all times...
He always manages to get his smarmy face
in a lot of the pics of Rob.
Step back Nick... No one cares about you.

Ah... Kristen.
The Belle of the Ball.
She looks beautiful.
And I love the dress.

She was on Conan O'Brien last night as well.
I was so happy for her.
She was cute and funny...
She had drawn an ink tattoo of Bella on her hand.
She posed for funny pictures with
Judd Apatow and his cardboard kids.
(who says she doesn't have a sense of humor??)
And Conan was sweet and funny with her.
I love Conan.
He was a good choice for a talk show for her to do.
And considering that after she left his show...
she had to go to the premiere of New Moon...
She did brilliantly.
Love her.

Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

Well Rose, i got VERY disppointed bc we had no pic of K/R on the red carpet.Why? bc they were gorgeous like a prine/princess, a beautiful dream...sigh and no one miserable pic.argh!!! And then pic of R/K n T (the third wheel).OMG! Why not?!They r E/B,they are the story of the book, bc as KStew said J was a lie in B's life...I'm still sad, very very sad.
Yesterday i read that u were worried about if R n Emilieblahblahblah were going to take pic together, and i confess, so was I.Thx God it didn't happened, but we have pic of R n Dakota(but we don't mind, she's K's bff)and i like her too.
I hope when this tsunami is over we can have GOOD/GREAT news about K/R, no,i'm not talking about PDA, but something nice to see...Laughs...Love them and i know they don't owe us nothing, and i'm glad with just 'holding hands/hanging out things...
Bye for now too...
THX,love u r small and HUGE(in words n feelings) blogs!!!


Anonymous said...

This story is getting beyond ridiculous and juvenile.Kristen was all over Tay yesterday,too much love there.And not a single pic of the trifest,or them and CW,or the whole cast?It's a shame!

Anonymous said...

The WORST THING, there's a pic of Rob n costars Remember me:

I'm so frustated...how's that possible???I felt like it was a waste of my time watching that s...t of premiere, honestly...

Anonymous said...

suckmmit doing plain & simple.at lest we got cute comment from rob about The Stew "She is a pretty good cook! She cooks a mean spam." who the hell eat spam anyway...i guess rob anything Stew cook...lol

Anonymous said...

*eat anything.

spellbound said...

Maybe Rob was referring to the mantra "If he's not pounding me, he's pounding spam!" :O hmmmmm, I really hope not. I would like to think he hasn't heard that one! lol...btw, I eat spam!...occasionally...

Anonymous said...

they are so cute together :)