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Friday, November 13, 2009

Day 44- Is Rob Possessive of Kristen?

Random thoughts.

1. I was wr.. wron...
I was wrong.
I said it.
Typed it.
I kinda reread yesterdays post...
And I facetiously commented on how
I thought it strange that a picture of
Rob and Kristen holding hands
(well, it really looks like shes holding his thumb... kinda sexy)
could make someone not go see Rob's movies...
Or basically stop being a fan.
And then I thought about it...
and ya know...
who the fuck am I to say how upset people
can get over Rob and Kristen being together?

I get it.

Some people have a lot of emotion wrapped up
in Robert Pattinson.
And they feel let down.
And just might not want to have anything
to do with him right now.
I mean...
That's not ME...
But I do understand.
'I don't want to be... a monster.'

2. Catherine Hardwicke.
Lots of thoughts about her.
Most of them are not very nice.
There was an article in Time Magazine...
(I know... right?)
Where she spews all about
Rob and Kristen's relationship.
And while most of what she is saying
isn't any great surprise...
She is sharing intimate information
that Kristen may have told her.
And for what?
CH is basically fucking Kristen over...
in a bullshit attempt to get attention.
That's fucked up.
Kinda like what she did to Twilight.

Shut up.
Your time is over.
Stop pulling a 'Nikki'
and glomming onto people who will get you noticed...
It really doesn't work very well.
Right Nikki?
Heh. Sorry... couldn't resist.
Go away CH.
And stop talking about other peoples business.
Not cool... dude.

3. Robert and Kristen.
I'm not sure what to say here.
kinda feeling like saying...

'sitting in a tree... k-i-s-s-i-n-g'

but we haven't seen that... yet.
We have seen them intimately holding hands.
And at the fan event in Madrid?
Robert was going all Edward on Kristen.
(which is so fucking sexyhot... btw)
He couldn't stop looking at her...
not that I blame him...

She looked GORGEOUS!!!
Loved her from head to toe.
But I digress...

The most Edward like move that Rob did?
His hand sliding gently around her waist.
Like in every picture.
He looked possessive of her.
And I fucking loved it.
One of my favorite Edward qualities...
and now Rob is channeling his inner Edward.

And when Robert was asked what was the
best part about being a vampire?
"You get to date girls like Kristen Stewart."
And there ya go

4. Congratulations are in order...

A. To my beloved Trixie...
who received her 2 Rob autographs in the mail.
Yes... he wrote your name.
Yes... he actually had to THINK your name...
And now you are forever under his spell.
And isn't it fucking great that
Rob is STILL taking the time to sign pictures for fans?
THIS is one of the many reasons
why we love him so...

B. To Kelly and Suz...
For winning tickets to see Rob
on the Regis and Kelly show!!!
If I didn't love you... I would hate you!
So awesomely cool!
Up close and personal with Robert.
I will be looking for you on TV:)

5. A week from now...
a lot of you will have already seen
New Moon.
I hope to be counted among you.
I hope I last that long.
All the interviews...
Pictures and videos...
are overwhelming.


I really need another word for overwhelming.

*amazing, astounding, breathtaking,
crushing, devastating, exciting,
eye-opening, mind boggling, overcoming,
paralyzing, shattering, staggering,

Is it just me...
or do every one of those words
describe Rob??


When you look up Overwhelming
in the dictionary...
They should just put a picture
of Rob next to the word!
Everyone would get it.

Right now...
I'm all shattered and stunned.
Tomorrow I might be
Paralyzed and crushed.

Sounds fun, huh?

Bye for now.


Pattefron said...
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Pattefron said...

fucking awesome post as always.
I always love reading you're little posts. They cheer me up no end.
And yano, most of the time i agree with every single thing you say

Mama Cougar said...

I am thinking we should be besties.

Mama Cougar
The Cougar's Den

Anonymous said...

Love your posts and comments - the best anywhere. I think Rob is possessive too. Lucky Kristen. That walking hormone, playing a sex god in movies, in love with her and worried about losing her is HAWT!
I hope they learn to cope with the media attention so it doesn't destroy their relationship. Heath Ledger said in an interview once when he was asked about his girlfriend, "I'm here to talk about my film and you're asking me about my life." Well said and it shut the interviewer right up. Kristen might want to use that sometime. Rob, though, I think wants to stand on top of the Empire State Building and shout to the world, "SHE'S MINE!!! SHE'S ALL MINE!!!" The interview this week where he was asked about his friendship with his leading lady and all he could so was sputter and stutter was so endearing. He's just so out there with whatever is the truth (such as being a screamer LOL - priceless), that he has to work at lying about not being a couple. Love him. Love her too. They bring out the best in each other.

Tanya said...

You are adorable, Rose. Thank you for your posts - you hit exactly all the right notes, from happy to indignant.

And yes, I can feel for those who are unhappy w/ R/K's being together... but luckily I'm not one of them. So yesyesyes, I loved Rob channeling Edward's possessiveness yesterday... Also loved [lovedloved] Kristen's ease with him keeping close to her.

They're in a good place, yes? Yes!

Great w/e to you -

Anonymous said...

Dear Rose,if you see Madrid's photos better,you'll see that Rob's hand isn't exactly at Kristen's waist,but much higher(lol).And that "the best thing about Edward is that you can go out with girls like Kristen was sweet and adoring.
As for CH,i only want to say that she's pathetic and a fame whore.End of story.

Anonymous said...

I'm always reading your blog, but I've written a few times, what you think is what many of us share, I hope you continue with these great post, I read you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

you are simply divine and lovely all the way around. you are spot on as always <3

Suz said...

I am so honored! Thanks for the shout out. I cannot wrap by brain around it.. I am just not thinking about it. (yeah right)

Please just pray I can keep my shizz together or national fucking television!

I love you Rose. I wish ... you know what I wish..



M said...

Excellent post, as always! Possessive Rob.... Yummy!