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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day 35- Kristen, Robert and Me

I'm really not sure where to start.
I guess the beginning is a good place... yes?
Yesterday was a HUGE day in the Twilight Bubble.
A real Doozie. A SupercalifragilisticexpialiDOOZIE
Am I getting across how fucking BIG it all was??

All of these beautiful, gorgeous pictures
of Rob and Kristen were leaked.

Harpers Bazaar's pictures. And they were stunning.
The sad part of it all...
was I couldn't really just sit back and enjoy them.

I had to deal with drama.
I had to deal with the constant buzz of Rob/Kristen hate.
I had to deal with misunderstandings.
Kinda took the fun out of it, ya know?

When I look at the HB pics...
I feel like I am intruding on
something intensely personal.
So many of the pictures are like those taken
in a silly photobooth...
Where two people are crammed close together...
Giggling and smiling and making faces at the camera.
Close together.
There aren't very many pictures where Robert and Kristen
aren't touching in some way.

Beautiful, delicious pictures.

The VF and HB articles?

I've read them both.
I'm not in the mood to nitpick the details...

At this point I feel its been picked to fucking death...
But I will say this...
I don't understand why anyone would cling to the VF
like it was some sort of beacon of hope for Nonsten.

I just didn't see any denial...
I just saw where Rob said him and Kristen were "good friends".
Cool. We already knew that.

Did ANYone really think Rob and/or Kristen
were going
to actually come out in a
magazine and declare their love?

The HB article said they were 'very close.'

Um... yeah... already knew that, too.

Constantly being in each others company.

Snuggling at concerts.
Hanging out in hotels.

Yeah... I guess that makes them pretty 'close'

To top off what an incredible shitty day yesterday...

I also got some really nice
(if nice is being stabbed repeatedly with an ice pick)
So so sweet. Lovely people.

Here's just some of the love:

Rose, why are you such a stupid bitch? What kind of lies are you going to say about the Vanity Fair interview? Rob denied being in a relationship with Kristen! Choke on it, bitch! Rob is just FRIENDS with the mullet. I hope now you can shut up about your delusional dreams about Robsten. It never happened and it never will.

Dear friend. How nice of you to write to me.
The only person who seems to be choking...
is you...
On your bitter vile.
I'm sorry if I didn't see Rob deny anything.

I don't recall reading where he said
"Kristen and I are not in a relationship"

Maybe I missed it. It's possible, I suppose.
Thanks again for writing... it totally made my day.

Dear Rose.
Would you please stop saying that the reason we don't like Kristen is because of jealousy? I'm not jealous of that ugly skanky mess. Just because we don't like her and don't kiss her ass like you do, doesn't mean I'm jealous of her. I just don't see why anyone likes her. She's a moody, inconsiderate bitch. That is reason enough to dislike her. So please shut up about it.

Dear Person who was kinda polite while hating on me.
My posts are meant for people who have a sense of humor.

And some common sense.
And who understand the concept of SARCASM.

Do you really expect me to believe
you aren't jealous of Kristen Stewart?

Maybe its not the reason you dislike her.

But come on, you know you are jealous.
She's hanging with Robert Pattinson in hotel rooms...

She's kissing on him and touching him...

She's playing Bella to Rob's Edward.
Rob most obviously adores her...

And that doesn't make you jealous?
Not even a little bit?

Either you are void of all emotion...

Or a liar.

Please don't come to my blog and tell me to shut up.

So that's it.
This post caps off what was a most unusual day

(there's a song there somewhere...)
I dealt with a bit of hate... but that's OK.

All I have to do is look at the HB pictures...
They make me smile.

Bye for now.


twirat said...

aww - we still love you Rose. And Robsten = love!

Haterz to the left! <---

Anonymous said...

Umm, has the person from the 2nd email actually MET and hung out with Kristen or something that she can call her an "ugly skanky mess"/"moody"/and "inconsiderate"? Yeah, she's not showing ANY jealousy whatsoever... *rolls eyes*

I love both Rob & Kristen, whether together or not both are genuine people.

Tanya said...

Oh Rose, lush, rich, stunning photos of two people in love. It is personal, but they wanted to share it... with us.

That's what I concentrate on - and ignore the bullshit.

Lotsa love today, it's a gift from them and you too -

Anonymous said...

the haters are s**t. i heart u Rose! the HB photoshoot are stunning,some of those pics looked like candid a.k.a those are themself not being told by the photographer.

KStewDevotee or Elle said...

Dear Rose, I wish I had something mean to say to you but I don't think I ever will. Lurve you bunches! Amazing post as always you are my slayer.

Brittany said...

Screw the haters, Rose.
Those people have nothing better to do that to comment on a blog about hate? Ugh please. Robert is a great person from what we see & Kristen is a beautiful person as well.
Love them both!
Haters KYS!

Anonymous said...

Great post as usual - you write so beautifully!

Anonymous said...

Rose you are so right about everything, Robsten, the interviews...! and I really love to read your blog. Those haters out there... it's like you said; there just jealous. And btw , why would they even care and take the time to write something about someone they are 'apparently' disliking and not being jealous off..; *smirk* haha right.
Keep doing what your doing! It's like 99.9% --> We love you !!

and that other 0.1% just ignore them! We and YOU are so much better then them!

Bigg Kiss ~ Lindsay

Shayna said...

Fuck the Haters! Some people will never be happy unless their hatin on Robsten, jealousy perhaps? Who knows but who REALLY who cares? Thanks Rose.

Anonymous said...

Awww Rose..i think your a total sweetie..so sorry you have to put up with hate like that just for defending Kristen..but you know what..i bet Rob would love you for it..just like me..wonderful post as always.

showme said...

I love you Rose. I'm so so sorry your day yesterday was so shitty. I'll make it up to you another day and make you blindly happy :)

And fuck those emails. Obviously those people are missing some brain cells.

And ITA w everything you said, as per usual.

Love, Jittzpattzing

Snowqueen said...

I can't understand how someone can hate a person that don't even know. Moreover, I can't understand people hating KS that looks like a beautiful, interesting person and great actress.

I want to tell you something else, anyway.

Why I definitely think that they are together/in love, after these amazing photo shoot and interview?
Not (only) because they look at each other in a way that melts hearts. Not (only) because their smiles touch their eyes when they are together.
Not (only) because it's obvious that they know each other very well. Not (only) because they always say nice things about each other.
Not (only) because Kristen calls him "Flippy"!
Not (only) because Kristen, asked about men clothes, said something about Rob's pant.

No, I think that they are together because the interviewer did a very coupl-ISH interview.
I think that if they weren't in love/together they wouldn't accept this kind of interview.
Moreover, the first question was: "Who is the most romantic?". I think that if they weren't in love they wouldn't answer to that kind of question. Kristen would have said something like: "Man, are you f@cking kidding me?!"

Just my opinion of course.

Sorry if I made mistakes, english is not my native language.

Anonymous said...

Wow... what bitter, miserable lives these people must live if they feel the need to hurl insults at a beautiful, confident, self-assured and intelligent woman like Kristen (and you, for that matter!).

Sure, she's a little awkward in interviews, but not everyone in the world is adept at thinking on their feet when in the spotlight -- she and I actually have that in common. When I'm asked a question and I feel put on the spot, I stutter, start to give an answer, think of something else that's relevant, back up, start again and then think of something else. It doesn't mean she's stupid, a bitch, snobbish or anything even remotely close... it means her brain actually works faster than her mouth does and it results in difficulty communicating clearly because you're trying to keep up with the thoughts while trying to form an answer (she'll learn to slow down and form an answer before speaking in time, it takes practice, but she'll get there). If anything, that interview awkwardness only elevates her in my opinion... it goes to show she has depth and character, she's not some bubbleheaded pretty face that's just going to spout off the talking points given to her by the PR gurus.

These haters are obviously SEVERELY lacking in life experience and maturity for them to think they have the first clue about anything to do with Rob or Kristen based on what they read in magazines or on the internet... and they obviously have no lives at all to spend time trying to cut someone else down for having a different opinion. Not to mention that if they ever HAD experienced real love for themselves, they'd be able to spot the same signs we all see going on between Rob and Kristen (so cute) :-).

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, gracias, gracias,you always made my day

Anonymous said...


I really appreciate how you keep it "real" and to the point in your blog {Calling a SPADE a SPADE!:)}
That takes guts and I can appreciate that immensly!

You gave me a realization I was not able to pin down on my own over my emotions that stirred when I looked at those HB photos yesterday. I was so hot and bothered and most of all...ENVIOUS and I couldn't quite get over it!LOL.
You said it above... "When I look at the HB pics...I feel like I am intruding on something intensely personal.
So many of the pictures are like those taken in a silly photobooth...
Where two people are crammed close together...Giggling and smiling and making faces at the camera.
Close together."

True intamacy (friends or lovers who cares....they're a breath of fresh air to watch!) It so in your face and it bares you to the core!
I don't have that closeness presently and neither do those HATERS who wrote to you (thats obvious!), what a shame to be bitter over it and tear ppl down. Waste of time truly.

I love genuine ppl and that is WHY I (and a good portion of the world) love Kristen & Rob! Other ppl need to move their focus onto the fucking HILLS if they want a good dose of BullShit.

loveactually said...

Dear Rose-
I <3 you. I really do. You have continually supported both Rob and Kristen in all of this. I think you're just the kind of fan Rob needs to see him through. You don't selectively support his friends or those close to him such as TomStu, Sam , Bobby etc...you support ALL of Rob's friends and in this case even his sweetheart. No matter how much hate is directed your way..you never wavered. That speaks volumes to me about the kind of person you are.
Thank you for not letting these hate filled messages keep you from expressing yourself.

HB...what is there really to say. The pics and interview are fantastic...beyond fantastic..just beautiful. The timing was perfect considering the VF interview painted Rob a certain way fueling the single, drinking, messy RPattz..also throwing in the snippet about how he and EDR got "friendly" on set. Interesting that as soon as Rob set up shop in VC he and Kristen go and do this HB shoot and joint interview. Absolute perfection. HB shows everything that needs to be conveyed..getting the point across while still keeping what little privacy they have.

Beyond classy on both R and K's part.

Keep on keeping on Rose. New Moon is just around the corner.

May said...

Rose, your love is our love. JSYK,we adore your to pieces and you are so made of awesome. Haters to the left!!! ;p

Oh and this is nonstens/haters after they saw HB outtakes. -> http://bit.ly/190tqK LMFAO

Cat said...

I love you... that is all.

imloco2 said...

I don't even know what to say about the haters. I actually can get why they might not like Kristen. What I can't get is the vile hateful things they spew about her and anyone who supports her. It's not...normal. So I gotta believe it's just connected to Rob and their 'love' for him. (sure sounds like jealousy) Of course if they really loved him they'd at least try to accept Kristen since she IS the chosen one. *g* It sucks you have to put up with this shit, but I guess that's the risk you take. Fortunately you have plenty of supporters as well. (Me! Me!)

As for VF vs HB... VF was more like a primer to "Meet Rob Pattinson". Problem is, most of us know all this already. And the way they slanted it is still not the best although not as bad as first believed. HB on the other hand has given us something we never get to see. A look at Rob and Kris where they're playful, intimate and we find out little personal little things that I never thought I'd be allowed to see. EPIC

Anonymous said...

big smile on my face rite now…b4 this I maybe not really believe in rob & kristen couply, but after reading the HB interview…yup! robsten..kpattz or wut ever you want to call it is case close to me.
*still wonder why the other Roblove fans club blog don’t put the HB interview yet...maybe the HB interview wee bit scandalos to them.

MNTwilightMom said...


Regardless of what people write to you or what the F#$CK they choose to say you they are NO BETTER THAN THE "PAZZI" that chases Rob & Kristen all god's creation to just get a glimpse of them doing something that "WE Already Know about!" We all know that we LOVE THEM TOGETHER! WE ALL know that they belong together. I mean who can't see that, especially with those pictures that were just released...come, on! A blind man could feel the passion, the tension (love/friendship) that they have for each other....it's crazy! But NOT a a BAD WAY! If anything these picture's just showed US more proof that they are more "In TUNE" to each other than any of us could ever imagine or even fathone. Anybody who can or would even deny that is just plain ignorant and I'll be the first to tell them! So please YOU just keep on writing and WE will stand behind you 100%...Forget about all those "Trash talkers" they don't know Jackshit!! If you ever have any doudts, just go back and read these comments from your faithful twiligthers who stand behind and always will!

Anonymous said...

Read the entry and the comments. And a few things stand out imo.

First the way you describe the close-ups photos. As personal, like we're intruding in some private moment, photos that lovers would take in a photobooth. These pics of Rob and Kristen are my favorite because of all this :)

Secondly, Snowqueen's comment. I totally agree. Especially about what you said here: 'the first question was: '"Who is the most romantic?". I think that if they weren't in love they wouldn't answer to that kind of question. Kristen would have said something like: "Man, are you f@cking kidding me?!". That is such a very clear indication to me that they are a couple that I don't understand how anyone (any hater) wouln't get it. Also, the whole interview screams 'couple', especially in how the questions are all about how well they know each other.

Lastly, I don't go to the sites I know are full of nonstens/haters anymore. I can't stand insincere people and petty jealousy. But I can't imagine how it must feel to get them come in YOUR 'home' and hate on you too!!!! That really sucks. Can't these people stick to their own 'homes'?!