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Sunday, November 8, 2009

D39- Hugging Kristen. Plotting New Moon.



*HEAVY sigh*

Rob smiling.
Rose melt.
Rose loves Rob.
BIG time.
Rose isn't sure why she is typing in the 3rd person.
Rose is scary.
Rob does this to Rose.
Rose is doomed.
Oh well.

Couple of things.

1. Kristen=Gorgeous.

Just had to say it. Again.
And I'm loving all the positive feedback
she is getting after the interviews.


FINALLY people are giving her
the benefit of the doubt.
Even those who don't like the Stew...
are admitting that she did well...
Looked phenomenal.
and I'm so proud of her.
So happy for her.
I just want to hug her.

2. I've been plotting when I will go see New Moon.
I'm not a midnight showing kinda gal.
Not that I wouldn't LOVE to see it then.


Sitting in a theater with screaming banshees?


Besides the fact that going to jail
for smacking teen girls senseless...
Is not exactly what I want to be doing.
I was in this same position a year ago...
Debating the pros and cons of
when to go see Twilight.
I waited 2 days to see it.
And it was horrific listening to everyone else
go ON and on about it.


I was discussing this very dilemma
with my bestie Trixie.
(heart you BFT... FOREVER)
And she brought up the fact
that if I went on Friday morning...
I should be pretty safe from the swarms
of tweeny screamy girls.
I mean... it IS a school day.
I guess I'm just not very good
with crowds.
Especially crowds of scary fangurls...
who will scream every time
Rob is onscreen...
And I will miss hearing his sexy voice...
and I will be distracted from his beautiful face...
And then...


Who the hell knows what I am capable of
when it comes to
Robert Pattinson?

So Friday morning it is.
And just in case the blog
kinda stops after that?
It might mean I don't have
internet access in jail.

Just a thought.

Bye for now.


Daniele said...

You're lucky. Friday is a holiday in Brazil, so there's no way I can escape the crazy bitches and watch my bbs in peace.
I will someday own a movie theater. Trust.

Anonymous said...

Come on Rose!You're a clever girl!Do you still think that R/K are a couple?Many people have backed off.I guess it isn't a love story after all.

imloco2 said...

I know what you mean. I'm going Friday too and I think the movie tavern (that serves food while you watch) is the perfect place for the first time. Surely the screaming teens won't be at that theater on a Friday afternoon? We'll see. If you need bail money let us know. On second thought I might need bail money. LOL

Boy, they are singing KStew's praises these days. It's so good to hear. Her and Rob are both doing great. Still have butterflies in the tummy thinking of the talk shows though. *g*

Rose said...

To Anon @11:39

Do you even read my blog? Or do you just come here to shit on Rob/Kristen? Yes. I still believe in R/K. I just am sick of the constant bickering that doesn't go anywhere.
Does it really matter what ANY of us think? I'll answer that one for you... No. Rob and Kristen want to 'keep something for themselves.'... I get it. Don't you?

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose,

Once again, LOVE your blog... religiously read it daily... Your comments about when to see a movie, I tell you it was like you were inside my head while I was having the exact same conversation with myself. I too came up with the exact conclusion... Love you, keep writing! Amazing job! (I say this because, it would be exactly what I would write, if I were half as clever!)

brwns said...

I've already started a bail-fund for myself because smacking those squealing "teen-beat" girls just seems inevitable....Ummmm yeah I'm not much of a crowd person either...Just hoping all those girls that couldn't go the night before aren't gonna cut school and go that next morning....I'll have all the local school Narks on speed dial! Oh who am I kidding? If a little Grandma starts talking while Rob is on screen.. I'm still gonna knock some heads!.....I'm so doomed I might as well start practicing my mug shot....

Anonymous said...

hey rose, love your blog :) i too am a believer of our beloved Rob and Kris :)
i too have the same dilemma on when to watch---me and my friends are willing to splurge on an upscale movie theater just to avoid the screams, i'll be watching on the first week since my brother's girlfriend made the mistake of watching twilight on the second week thinking that the frenzy would come down---however she had to contend with the tweens saying the lines of the movie outloud...