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Monday, November 2, 2009

Day 33- Vanity Fair and Robert

*deep breath*
I'm not sure I will be coherent enough
to write anything today.
I can't sleep.
I can't eat.
I can't stop myself from staring at Rob.
Why do these pictures make me want to cry?
Tears of absolute JOY!
How can this keep happening?
There are so many VF pics...
I only put up a few.
I can only handle so much, you know?

I suppose I should address the VF article.
I was disappointed.
Mostly because I read most of the quotes... before.
THIS is the big deal reveal?
Like I have so often said...
I take every written word with a grain of salt.
The good, the bad and the indifferent.
Even ones that I would love to believe...
I kinda have to shrug and move along.

This is what *I* know.
When Rob was done shooting in NYC
and got back to LA...
Who was the first person he went to?
It was Kristen.
He spent the days leading up to going
back to Vancouver...
With Kristen.
He wasn't forced to.
And throughout the whole Eclipse shoot...
Who was in Rob's company...
again and again?
Yeah... it was Kristen.
They were always together.
And until Kristen flew to Brazil
and Rob flew to Japan...
They were together.
I can only conclude...
That they like being with each other.
The depths of their relationship
belong to them...
But its pretty clear to me...
That there IS a relationship.
You don't spend all your time
with someone...
that you don't want to be with.
And it's pretty clear to me...
That Rob and Kristen
want to be together.

(Actions speak louder than Words)

My head hurts.
My stomach hurts.
My heart hurts.
I'm just a big ol walking pile of pain.

You might wonder why I keep torturing myself with Robert...
if all he seems to invoke is endless suffering.
Addiction is all about the torture.
I'm always wondering where I'm going to get my
next hit of Robert.
And when I get my fix?
I fucking overdose on it.
I keep getting hit again and again...
And I take it.
I love it.
I welcome it.
Sweet, sweet agony of Robert Pattinson.
Hit me again, baby.
I can take it.

I'm going to stop now.
I'm like...
clenching my jaw looking at these pictures.
That can't be good.
Yeah... like staring at these pictures
is healthy?
I have to close my eyes...
and count to 10...
Deep breaths.
The only problem with that?
All I see when I close my eyes...
is Robert.

I'm doomed.

Bye for now.


maria said...

I know hon, it so hurts to watch him but you can't help yourself..it's too much and not enough all at the same time..
as for the interview, I was very dissapointed at the drinking comments, I didn't like that ch implied that he was drunk all the time, that was not ok..
as for his relationship with Kristen, I too am convinced that they are together, although I was shocked when I read this, I thought he denied it..but ok, let's not forget that the interview was taken in June people, so so so many things have happened since June..now that the promotion has started I think (hope) we will have our answer..
God he is too beautiful...

May said...

Once again, you said it best,bb. You dont spend 24/7 with your buddy in his hotel room,while you have TWO perfectly good places to stay. Especially after you spent almost 2 months with the said person. You just dont.
IMO,when it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it can only be one thing and no damn spin that VF is trying to put on the events can change that.The only good thing about that interview so far are those mouthwatering pics of Rob. ;p

Anonymous said...

Never a doubt in my mind. They are together.

Del said...

It's another Win/Lose situation here... The pics are a definitely WIN, the article as of now... is hinting at a major Loss in my eyes. *sigh*... God I hope things look up for him :/

Anonymous said...

I know in my heart that they are together but this article was a big disappointment. Not only does it make Rob look really awful with a serious drinking problem, it also sounds like he denied Kristen which is so wrong. I really care about Kristen and I don't like the fact that she seems to be the one that is being played by Rob, which I know she isn't but this is the illusion that the article is giving. The pictures are nice but the article itself was such an utter let down. My heart is hurting today.

Anonymous said...

agreed was hoping he would come clean and at least admit something!@ would CathHar really say that? im not like the preview at all- i mean gees he is 23 VF what did you expect??

Snowqueen said...

They say (VF) they cleared up rumors?! I'm not so sure about it (anyone sees what he wants to see anyway): it seems to me that Rob didn't say the rumours are false and that's an assumption of the writer... Rob speaks only about mags. IMO, he avoided the question, if there was any... as always they both do.
CH always shows a great esteem for Rob, it seems odd she said he was always drunk... it wouldn't be so nice.
Ah... and Rob is gorgeous, by the way... :)

debbi said...

I'm going to reserve final judgement until the magazine with the full interview hits newsstands, but I have to say that right now, I'm disappointed with how the VF article is shaping up - and NOT just because it claims to have a Robsten denial. From the excerpts previewed, it seems to be painting Rob as just a paranoid, insecure slob that drinks too much and cares too little. Devoted Rob fans who are familiar with all his amazing video interviews (his best promotional medium, IMO) know better, but the average audience will not. As for the "romance rumors" - I used to think that if Rob admitted to a relationship with Kristen, the fallout would be bad, but I'm starting to think that denying (or the perception of denying) might be worse. For some he's coming off as a manipulator for not flat out denying the relationship sooner. For others, he's a liar and they can't understand why he just doesn't say he won't discuss his personal life like Kristen does. It does make it seem like he's the one playing Kristen, because at least she makes personal questions off limits where he puts her in a "just friends" category. Not good for him, either way.

I'm not fanatical or in denial, but I have a hard time with articles that can be spun in different ways. If either one of them comes out with a direct denial in a taped interview, I will accept that. Will I be confused, given what we've seen over the past few months? Yes. But I'd like to believe that they're not liars, even if it's just to manage the media frenzy. You look terribly foolish when the truth comes out. So in the meantime, I'll wait and see. There's a lot of promotion coming up.

Cat said...

srsly, VF is trying to prove my point when I say that Rob is going to be the death of me.... and they are torturing me now. the piano pictures.... gahhhhh, the pillow talk pics.... UHHHHHHHHHHHH. I would print that picture on my pillow but i dont think the hubby would appreciate it....*sigh*

Anonymous said...

Rose,today i was so disappointed that i cried.I confess that.I'm a loser,pathetic,hopeless romantic woman,but Rob's denial made me cry.VF is a legit magazine not a tabloid and these quotes were new.Rob's team were aware of this interview and they knew what it was gonna be written.THERE WERE NEVER IN LOVE,JUST FRIENDS.I want to cry even when i'm typing it.It hurts too much.Were all so wrong?So delusional?Rob said that he's just friends and that he admires her.What more do i want to stop believing?Today it was a really bad day for me.I hope tomorrow i'll be better and move on.And of course stop being romantic.

Rose said...

First off... Let me just say THANK YOU to all the kind comments on the blog. You don't know what they mean to me!

Second. Anon @11:05am?
If all it takes is some recycled quotes to make you doubt Rob and Kristen? I'm guessing you weren't really rooting for them in the first place.

It's OK, you know.
To each their own.

All I have to say is...

I don't think Rob and Kristen's feelings for each other can be denied for much longer.


Anonymous said...

I don't think the quotes are recycled.The interview took place at cc09 and at New York.If they're false,why Rob or his team didn't do something?Why his rep didn't make a statement?

Rose said...

I'm not saying the quotes are false.
I'm saying that I've read them before...
And they didn't change a thing for me the first time I read them...
They aren't changing a thing now.
I don't see the life altering interview that I was led to believe existed.

I'm not going to argue semantics with you. You and I don't agree.
It happens.

kristin said...

Thanks Rose, nice to read something from someone who doesn't believe half the stuff that is printed. If all it takes is one article to cause people to not believe or who now dislike Rob because they think he is a drinking slob.....well too bad for them.
The hype has been insane - anything to get hits and an audience - so sad

loveactually said...

Thanks for your thoughts Rose.

I really don't have alot to say today (surprise lol)....except I love Rob and Kristen both and I love you for standing your ground in all of this.

Anonymous said...

I'm so with you in this!nobody spens 24/7 with someone if they don'y wan't, and if spend allof you free times (and busy times to) with that person, 'm sorry byt you are not just friend! is way more than that!by the way i loooovee you blog!

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your blog today. I'm a Nonsten *stop!don't throw stonesyet* and I do consider myself to be rational, but I just don't see it, and that's my opinion. Anyhoo, I didn't post here to start an argument, however I do feel the need to say that I do not believe the quotes from VF are recycled. They were during ComiCon and his return to NY - July 09 and I've never seen these before, let alone believe that VF would interview him and then recycle content from other journalists/interviewers. That being said, I do think that what Catherine Hardwicke is quoted as saying about Rob is entirely in poor taste. She's always been sorta whacky but I find it inexcusable that she singled him out like some drunken hobo playing his guitar for coins on the street. I am sure that other cast members drank after an all day shoot and we Brits can handle our liquor. Shame on you Wicke!

Tanya said...

I have to go by what I see. For the last 7 months these two have been inseparable whenever possible. When they couldn't be together [last summer], they looked pretty miserable.

"If they aren't together, then why are they ALWAYS together?"

Keep doing what you do Rose, we're right there alongside you, wishing only the best for Rob and Kristen.

Rachel said...

Rose, another perfect blog.
I think my level of robsession is moving up a notch with these new pics. The one behind the car with a cig in his mouth, breathtaking.

I do think they are together, but they are both so private I am not sure the "world" will ever know what happened. I can't see Kristen doing a tell all in OK mag.....

love the blog, you seem to say my thoughts out loud.

Anonymous said...

If this interview occurred in June then, maybe although Rob and Kris were embarking on this new romantic relationship, they just had not wanted to put any labels on it at the time. Especiallly if Kris was just coming out of a long term relationship. Rose, you are right, these two are what they are to each other and there is no denying the depth of there attraction. They mean a lot to each other and can label that relationship as they wish.

Anonymous said...

This VF interview does not dissuade me from the fact that these two are IN LOVE with each other. I can SEE it with my own two eyes - there is something very deep there. I still believe in Robsten. I believe that they have been instructed to deny their relationsip until after New Moon comes out. Let's hope that they will be free to admit it very soon!

Constance said...

Yes they are obviously together to me. I rely on the way the look together, love them both but they aren't that good of actors that I believe they are faking it. I also rely on things I have seen like the complete freak out Nikki did back in the spring and the body language of Ashley, Taylor and Kristen when Rob started to talk about love at CC09. The paragraph that is supposed to be a denial in the VF article splices the writers opinion and unrelated quotes from RP and KS in a dishonest manner. I am surprised that people have questioned Robs behavior, a guy who has been workaholic for a year and a half and not VFs credibility and motives. VF is owned by Conde Naste the same company that owns QG which started the "rob smells" rumor last year. No matter, Rob and Kris hold the cards now and have the power to make VF look like the liars they are if they choose to. BTW Catherine H owes Rob a public apology.

Anonymous said...

At this moment this article don’t set well with me…it sounds like Kristen just being played by him JMO.

imloco2 said...

It does hurt doesn't it? I think I actually gasped...out loud...at some of the pics. I'm thinking a nice coffee table photo book with nothing but Rob in it would be great. Maybe throw in some Kristen. I think even the pics of Rob would be lonely without her. *g*

So far the VF interview is not phasing me. I'm just gonna sit back and see what happens. There are too many interviews, talk shows and mags yet to come to focus just on VF.

And I have a theory that VF knew HB was coming out the same month so they threw some logs on the fire to make people talk about them and Not HB. And it's worked pretty well so far. Now HB is tweeting about coming out on Wednesday. I think basically we're seeing magazine wars with Rob and Kris caught in the crossfire. Bastards.

Anonymous said...

First of all, despite what anyone says, and all R&K's kinda/sorta denials, body language says everything...it is pretty obvious. Secondly, if YOU were K, wouldn't YOU lay claim to this man? I am not the type to have EVER gone ga-ga over a celeb, but I LOVE this man....and I am 37, no spring chicken!! SO I just wanted to tell you Rose, you totally crack me up reading this because you always say what I am thinking, even though I have to keep my secret "obsession" from my family!LOL
Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I still believe they are together. I mean it is so obvious when you see them together all the time - caught going back to their hotel together etc., and when you see how they looked at each other at Comic Con. Plus it doesn't make sense for him to finally deny they are together to one magazine. If they aren't together, why haven't their reps been denying their relationship all along??

Vampsus said...

Rob and Kris are a unit.
The words in VF are invisible
to me because of the pics.
I def have the hots for
this young man. No one else
even comes close.
Rose: Heart you for the
righteous blog.
Dayum he's hot.
When I hear him speak, it's worse.
But, please, please hand him a mic,
'cause it hurts so good!