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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Is Kristen Spending Christmas in London?

"Now I got that feeling once again.
I can't explain, you would not understand.
This is not how I am.
I have become... comfortably numb."

I can't seem to shake this...
It's kinda like I'm in this fog.
I'm trying to figure out where I am...
but it's so thick, so dense...
I can't really see.
Strange... yes?

So New Moon is online.
Not a surprise.
I know a lot of people get offended by the online thing.
It doesn't stop me from wanting to watch it.
I already paid to see it.
I will pay to see it again (and again)
(oh yeah... and again)
I will buy the DVD.
But anyway...
I have access to watching
a poor copy of New Moon...
And I even started to watch it.
So... after Robert struts on over to Kristen...
(that part really makes me incoherent)
I watch this shitty copy...
and then it freezes.
And I'm OK with that.
And that blows my mind.
Because when Twilight came out...
I couldn't get enough of it.
I watched that lousy copy online...
over and over again.
I would go to the theater to see Twilight
and then come home to watch it
on my computer...
I was obsessed.
I had to watch Robert.
HAD to.
This time?
I don't feel that need.
WTF Rose?

It could just be that I'm fucking raw
from all the hype.
That's kinda the fog that I'm stumbling through.
I'm trying to find Robert.
Has my obsession...
My intoxication...
reached its zenith?
I don't know.

I'm going to see New Moon
again on Monday.
Have to see it on the "Ultra" screen...
Have to see Edward...
But I guess only time will tell.
Will I find my way back?

Oh and.
This is going to be serious Robert withdrawal now.
He talked about spending Christmas
with his family in London.
Will Kristen be with him?
You know how couples work...
You have to trade off on spending the holidays with family.
Thanksgiving in LA with Kristen's family.
Christmas in London
With Rob's family.

It will be most interesting to see
where Kristen and Rob turn up in the future...

I look forward to the 'down' time...
but when pictures do show up?
I know I won't be disappointed.

Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

How can you be so sure that they're gonna spend holidays together?What if the photos that will come will show Rob at London and Kristen at LA?I have a bad feeling about this and i trust my insticts.Never fails.

Anonymous said...

Did you date when you were 19? or 23? Did you go to your bf/gf's parents' place when you were that age? You guys are seriously reaching. These people are SO young and you all project your "perfect relationship" dreams on them.

Anonymous said...

Oh Rose, i'm w/u.They'r going to spend all holidays TOGETHER, i have a feeling too and i trust my instincts too and it never fails either.When a lot of people were freaking out about R or K denying their relaysh i believed my instincts and i was right, there was no denial.Why can't they spend holidays together? what's the big deal? IMO they r going to spend their time TOGETHER as much as possible bc next year their job schedule will be tight.I hope they appreciate all the f* second.
Thx Rose, love your blog, your words, your thoughts...Lets just support our fave couple. ;)

Vampsus said...

Rose: Hang onto the dream
and enjoy it with me and
numerous other fans who are sailing on your same ship.
I've seen New Moon once
in the presence of raving mad
high schoolers and 8th graders. They had fun, but it was a less than perfect atmosphere for me.
People on his board claim that the movie improves with a 2nd viewing....it ages well, like fine wine!
I'm going tonight to find out.
A bit of the magic was missing, and some scene changes were
not exactly smooth.
The Cullens were different, and will take some getting used to. I'm following Rob and Kris
for the long haul,
and I trust them.
He's singing right now,
"just hold on...." Rose, love you.

loveactually said...

Hey Rose!!
I've seen NM twice now and I just love it. I love the overall better and bigger feel to the movie but most of all I'm thrilled that it remained so true to the book. And my gosh Kristen's portrayal of Bella..where do I even begin? After seeing this movie my admiration for KStew has grown and I didn't think that was possible. I feel like she is so slighted in the media and Taylor and Rob get all the attention and adoration from the fans...clearly New Moon is Kristen's movie. Not Taylor's. She carried this movie and we the viewers took the emotional roller coaster ride with her. Don't get me wrong I have a new likeness for Taylor. He was good and he and Kristen had the perfect chemistry to bring the friendship and tenderness of Jacob and Bella to life. He really made the character of Jacob his own.

Of course the lack of Rob/Edward leaves me feeling like something was missing...the little interaction Bella/Edward had on screen still captured that same old magic that only Rob/Kristen can breathe into these characters. And although I missed Edward I wouldn't change a thing because this movie so honored the book. And the ending definitely leaves me aching for Eclipse. Thankfully the wait is not long.

I'm so glad that Rob/Kristen get to have some time off..boy have they earned it. However Rob and Kristen spend their holidays I have no doubt they will enjoy themselves. ;)

Oh and have faith...Remember Me will no doubt breath life right back into your obsession.

Anonymous said...

I have a question do you think about where your friends(real life friends) are going to spend their Christmas/Thanksgiving holidays? I highly doubt it.

Don't you think it's unhealthy to think about where an alleged couple is going to spend their holidays? How can you care so much about 2 people you don't know? I can understand the Robsession or the obsession with Kristen but obesssion with couple? Seriously? Do you also think about what they whisper to each other when having sex? I'm scared to hear the answer...

I bet you don't even know where your son/daughter/best friend is going to spend his/her thanksgiving this year...

Cat said...

Aww.... rose, dont worry, by the time eclipse comes out you will get the giddy feeling again. I think its b/c there isnt much of edward in new moon.... more edward in the next movie will help.

But i do agree. Iv kind of felt the same. I think it is being burnt out on all the twilight craze... last year wasnt so bad b/c there werent as many fans, we got to bask in the sunlight w/ no interruptions... it was like our twilight world was our own little secret.... and now everyone knows it. and its caused a major cloud.


not burnt out on rob. Im extremely giddy for remember me. Cant wait to see him in a different movie. :)

Im happy he's getting away from the spotlight for a while. Im sure his family has missed him.

Cat said...

wow... people freaked out about the title of your blog.... lol. did they even read it????

you only mentioned the holidays @ the very end. no biggie people.

and no, we may not question were all our friends will be this holiday... but i do know one thing.

We are all pretty curious were Kristen and Rob will be....

and I think thats all Rose was trying to state....

loveactually said...

Rose...I just have to say...I agree with Cat. I think the title of today's blog got some hearts/adrenaline pumping.

Oh..there is so much I could say right now but I usually don't "go there" and will continue to follow that rule. ;)

Keep on keeping on Rose!

Carlie said...

Rose I love your blog and all ur thoughts and feelings I have a lot of them too
first i just want to say that everyone who freaked out over ur title needs to stfu
i do wonder how they will spend their holiday and no i dont know where my real life friends will be yes I do think about what they whisper to each other and who ever said that im sure is a loser who cant even get any one to shag her fat ass and thats why ur jelaous
sorry for the outbust that just needed to be said Im right there with you on the haze boat I journal everyday and since I've come from the midnight premire of Nm I havent felt the need to write a single thing like I dont know what I feel I still Love rob even more after seeing NM and we need to start a remember me countdown I feel like a part of me is missing knowing that he will be away from us for so long but im glad he is getting a well deserved break whoever said that kris carried the movie was spot on I have a new respect for tay now but this was kristens show all by her self and boy did she shine i've seen it twice now and i plan to again I cant bring my self to watch the crappy youtube ones it feels kinda sad for a reason ai dont know why or how to explain you'll feel better soon hun go out side enjoy something else for a bit then come home to us ur twilight family its always better when you've been a way b/c then u miss it and know why you love/need it so much _Carlie

Anonymous said...

i hope they spend the Holiday together, if not Thanksgiving, they should spend Christmas or New Years together.. theyve known each other over 2 years now and prbably been together for 1 so they should be staying together for the Holidays by now

imloco2 said...

Nope, don't know what my friends plans for Christmas are and don't care. It is fun speculating on where Kris and Rob will be. Like it's fun trying to guess what part they'll take next or when we'll see them next. I figure if nobody cared about any of that then their careers would be in trouble since nobody would care period.

I've often thought about the whole leave them alone, don't talk about them, don't look at pics, don't read about them...and with just a few exceptions I've decided that if people didn't want to see pictures, didn't buy magazines and didn't speculate, didn't care, then we've effectively killed their career, at least the super star kind. If they want to be unknowns auditioning for their next parts in low budget indie movies then I think we can opt for that. If not, then lets all just enjoy watching for their next move and speculating where they'll be for Christmas. :)

Personally, if they are together in London, great, if they're together in LA, great, if they are separated by circumstances then that's okay too, although I'm sure they'd rather be together.

Also, I totally understand the bit of disappointment once the total obsession starts to wane a little. It's so very exciting while it lasts, but like relationships, it usually can't be like that forever. And that said, while I'm loving the Twilight movies and still am enamored of Edward and Bella, I am rapidly growing excited about Remember Me. It might not be what I usually go to see, but see it I will. Not only do I want to see Rob in a non Edward role, I want it to do really well. It's important for his career for it to do at least fairly well and show the suits he can open non Twi movie.

Anonymous said...

the Robsten haters/deniers can suck on it

Anonymous said...

Rob and Kris will be together during the holidays, and of course much like with the handholding pics, the hater nonstens will freak the fck OUT! ...and I for one, will be laughing my asss off at them, just like I did when the KOL concert pics broke, the handholding airport pics broke, and all this weekend when Rob & Kris hit the town in NYC together with tweets blowing up about their PDA. LOL Get ready Robsten fans, we're all going to be in for one side-splitting laugh out loud time because around the holidays we'll be hearing all sorts of delusional crap from the deniers: 'B-b-but, g-g-g-good f-f-friends eat Thanksgiving dinner and share X-Mas m-mornings together all the t-t-time (sob!)!' LOL Look haters, make no mistake, these two will be together at Thanksgiving and on Christmas, and when the clock strikes midnight 6 days later (in the UK time zone) they'll welcome in the New Year with a big lusty smooch.

Anonymous said...

Haha, that would be awesome if K and R will spend their time together. I'm so looking forward if this would be true, but it's always possible, I say to myself. Those two were going through everything together and managed everything together, that it really could be true... it would be wonderful for them and their families =)

Keep on keeping, Rose.


Anonymous said...

Kristen prefers Christmas with her family in LA and Rob prefers Christmas in London with his family and being far from each other is not a problem as long as they are with their family. They are not an ordinary couple as you would think that they should be. They are celebrities and they are very private too specially Kristen so I don't think that she would want to fly to London and fly back alone after the holiday cause Rob has to stay for his new movies. There are lots of ways for them to communicate even everyday not necessarily be always together. They are so young too and they might not so intense as we thought they should be. Each relationship is different from the other and they probably had a good arrangement at their own convenient.

Anonymous said...

I truly hope they spend their holidays far away from each other...Rob deserves better than Kristen. Whatever happens Rob have a drink for me and as for Kristen she's not old enough to drink legally but anything legal has never stop her so Kristen have a puff of whatever your smoking...lol

Anonymous said...

I think they probably spent xmas with their own families and hopefully spent New Years together. Like their saying on the pic here. http://robstenation.blogspot.com/2010/01/proof-of-robsten-in-london.html

shellamaysilva said...

hi ..it's true rob spend christmas with kristen...see the link below it include real pis of them with robs family...but first log in to you facebook account